Monday, May 25, 2009

Warning! Jay Glazer's Twiiter Account Is Not His: ProfootballTalk.Com

My friend from Super Bowl bid years past, and NFL Draft years present, Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is spreading the word that this Twitter account: does not belong to Glazer at all.

According to, the account is a fake, but even then Jay need not worry too much; the "Fake Glazer" Twitter page has only 76 followers as of this writing. A person of Jay's stature should have thousands of followers, even if the account's not his.

Owen Thomas Lands At KNTV Digital From Valleywag; Starts May 26th

Owen Thomas, who introduced me to the great libations at what was once Moose's in North Beach during the Valleywag Friday happy hours of a few positive GDP growth cycles back, then left the helm of that Gawker-run tech gossip site, has landed on his feet at KNTV Digital, according to "Broadcasting & Cable".

Reportedly, Thomas will manage the NBC Bay Area website,, but I'd guess absent the interesting, biting, and at times down right wild commentary that spared no one. 

Well, almost on one. He and the other Gawker staffers had this soft spot for Internet celebrity Julia Allison. But I digress.

Owen Thomas with Julia Allison Hanging On

The Friday meetups stopped well before Thomas depature, but knowing him I'm sure something close to what used to be will materialize. But I say "congratulations, Owen!" The next one's on me!

And on a personal note thanks for the tips!