Thursday, February 10, 2005

What's With All The Teachers Sleeping With Students??

Hey, will someone tell me why we have this rash of teachers bedding their students? I mean elementary school teachers, as I seriously doubt anyone really cares what professors and college students do. Well, OK. Maybe someone. But show me the last time someone was thrown in the slammer for that.

What's the deal here? Is it in the water, or has it been going on and only now noticed? Also, the women are not ugly ducklings, so forget that "They can't get a man" idea. Plus, some were married. Geez...

I mean check out this latest report I found on Google and is at CBS:

(CBS) A teacher in Tennessee has been accused of having sex with one of her students, who is 13.

The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler says Pamela Turner, 27, taught physical education, and was married to a high school basketball coach. But she's been charged with statutory rape.

Prosecutor Dale Potter says, "Some people don't look at it as serious, but if you reverse the roles and make it a male on a female, then everyone gets really upset, and it's considered really serious."

Potter adds Turner won't be given special treatment because she's a woman: "We intend to prosecute it as aggressively as we do our other sex cases."

Turner is free on a $50,000 bond. The school system has placed her on leave.

Of course, notes Syler, this is hardly the first time a teacher has been accused of having a physical relationship with a student.

Perhaps the most infamous case involved Mary Kay Letourneau, a Seattle teacher whose relationship with a sixth-grader, ultimately produced two children. Letourneau spent seven years behind bars.

Last December, Debra LaFave, a middle-school reading teacher in Florida, was charged having sex with a 14-year-old.

Her lawyer, John Fitzgibbons, asserts, "Debbie has some profound emotional issues that are not her fault." He plans an insanity defense when her trial comes up later this year.

"Three young, attractive teachers, all accused of sexual misconduct," Syler sums it up.

Say folks, is this going on a lot at school? Do tell here!!! And here's another question: Why is it always a female teacher? I've yet to see a case involving a male teacher.