Saturday, October 16, 2010

SF Giants 4, Philadelphia Phillies 3, Tim Lincecum, Cody Ross Get Win

The SF San Francisco Giants came out of MLB's version of a heavyweight championship fight with the NLCS Game 1 win against the Philadelphia Phillies Saturday night.

The baseball playoff was billed as a battle between star pitchers Tim Lincecum for the Giants and Roy Halliday for the Phillies, and both were expected to make the game a defensive battle.

Halliday came off a no-hit game against the Cincinnati Reds to open that division series. Lincecum opened the Braves division playoff series with a 14-strikeout performance.

Instead of defense, it was a lot of offense, with both Lincecum and Halladay pushed to the limits of their talents in an effort to get the win, and allowing a combined total of 16 hits. Thanks to Giants Outfielder Cody Ross' 2-run homerun, the Giants won 4-3.

According to ESPN, for Tim Lincecum, it's getting out in front of the Phillies. Tim said "It's tons of confidence, but I think it's more about winning Game 1 for us, setting the pace." And of Ross' home run in the third inning, Lincecum said "It was just enough to squeak by for us."

For a time, it looked like it would be Halladay and not Lincecum getting the win, as Lincecum allowed the first hit, while Halladay retired the first six Giants at bat. Then, the Giants turned it around in the third inning, grabbing the lead 1-0.

Then in the fifth inning, Ross hit one into the left field seats, and the Giants jumped out to a 2-1 lead. Eventually, the Giants would pull ahead to 4 to 1, but then the Phillies roared back on Chase Utley and Jayson Werth's two run home run off Lincecum in the seventh inning.

The Giants, under the relief pitching of Brian Wilson, held on to win and go up 1 nothing.

Giants Fighting For Right To Go To World Series

After winning the NLDS by beating the Atlanta Braves 4 games to 1, the SF Giants find themselves in a seven-game battle for the right to go to the World Series for the first time since 2002. Winning game one was a big step in that direction.

Oakland Mayor's Race: Joe Tuman, Matthai Kuruvali, Marcie Hodge

If you think the Oakland Mayor's Race can't get under the skin of some people who say they're not "getting involved," try looking at this photo of San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Matthai Kuruvali, who placed his head on the table of the board room at the San Francisco Chronicle as if he'd had enough of something.

 In the background is Oakland Mayoral Candidate Joe Tuman, who seems just calm and collected.

What's interesting is that Matthai Kuruvali tweeted on Twitter..

matthai matthai kuruvila - Just to be clear, I'm not on the ed board and I'm not involved in the decision, but I'll be there for the interview and will ask questions.

Yeah. Right. According to intern Ali Thanawalla, Matthai Kuruvali got into what Ali calls "a heated discussion" and a "funny moment" and Ai reports on both Flickr and on Twitter:

After a heated discussion with Oakland mayoral candidate Joe Tuman, writer Matthai had had enough. Funny moment.

While Matthai may claim he has no involvement in the Chronicle Editorial Board's decision, he's clearly working to influence it just by his body language. Moreover, some observe that Matthai has been hostile to the idea of any one of the candidates other than Don Perata and Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan and Jean Quan receiving any media attention.

Moreover, of all of the candidate photos Ali took, this was the only one he took of Matthai's reaction to Tuman.  Nothing of his reaction to the other candidates at the SF Chronicle Editorial Board meetings, specifically Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan and Former State Senator Don Perata.

Additonally, Matthai has been less than respectful of current Mayor Ron Dellums, even to the point of repeating what the Mayor asked him to do - be respectful - on Twitter as if he was mocking Mayor Dellums:

matthai matthai kuruvila
At same time, Dellums always talks about how being mayor is 24/7 job. I guess not when you're w/ your wife (his "senior adviser")
4 Aug Favorite Retweet Reply

matthai matthai kuruvila
I told Dellums he was mayor of Oakland & he ought to answer questions. Dellums: "I'm with my wife. Please, respect that, brother." 4 Aug

If you're going to treat people that way as a media person, it's better to be a blogger than a journalist. What this blogger can't stand is for journalists to use that badge to hide their real feelings. More on this soon. It must be reported that Marcie Hodge has something special: a lawn sign.

Marcie Hodge Has A Lawn Sign

While driving up Oakland Avenue away from Whole Foods and toward the 580 Freeway, a shocking image flashed by: a lawn sign for Oakland Mayoral Candidate Marcie Hodge. That well-placed sign, visible by thousands of people each day, is one indication of how the sheer number of candidates coupled with Ranked Choice Voting could combine to produce an unexpected outcome.

Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan leads in media endorsements while Former Senator Don Perata leads in television commercials. Meanwhile, Tuman's name recognition grows in the Oakland Mayor's Race. The end result and the wild card is just how much on-the-ground walking is being done by the candidates.

Stay tuned.

Kim Kardashian turns 30

Courtesy if People Magazine
On October 21, 2010 Kim Kardashian will turn 30. She had a big celebration on Friday, October 15 at Tao in Las Vegas.

Kardashian told People magazine that she is having mixed feelings about turning 30; especially since her family has been giving her a hard time about it.

Kardashian still looks as stunning and beautiful as ever - age is just a number.

Brett Favre Sex Scandal: Farve To Meet With NFL Commissioner Goodell

According to and NBC Sports reporter and NFL Network's Alex Flanagan via Twitter, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed rumors that he will meet with Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre in the wake of a blog story floated by that Farve allegedly sent racy texts, photos, and messages to New York Jets Sideline Reporer Jenn Starger when Farve was QB of the Jets two years ago. (Jay Mariotti blasts Favre and Randy Moss.)

Alex Flanagan tweeted:
NFL will meet with Brett favre tuesday regarding text message and photo situation

NFL Commissioner Goodell was at the Notre Dame game against Western Michigan because, according to Flanagan via Twitter, his niece attends Notre Dame, so he paid a visit.

On NBC's Notre Dame halftime show, Sports Illustrated's Peter King said that NFL Vice President Of Security Operations Milt Aldridge and the Commissioner would meet with Bret Favre in Minneapolis. Also, Goodell has not talked with Jenn Starger as of this writing. reports there's no indication of a penalty on Favre.

Black Bloggers Blast Obama For Gossip-Oriented Black Bloggers Summit

Mr. President, you forgot about us!
President Barack Obama and the generally Internet savvy Obama White House made a major misstep in the execution of what's called "The Black Bloggers Summit" held October 11th at The White House.

The trouble is - and yes, for this blogger it's whining, so let's get that out of the way - a number of prominent political bloggers who happen to be African American, or black if you prefer, were left off the list, including this blogger.

Instead, representatives from, City Limits, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Essence, Jack & Jill Politics, Concrete Loop, AOL Black Voices, Black America Web and MediaTakeOut, to name some of the bloggers, were invited. 

And guess what? crashed today under the weight of its new Internet traffic levels. Great way to get President Obama's message out there.  Geez.

As explained as

"Not a one of the bloggers represents a major news site or has connections to one, and people like the legendary Oliver Willis, or John Ridley, or for that matter, Zennie Abraham, er, me, weren't there. Hell, this blogger didn't even get an invitation. Yes, gossip is done here, but so is politics, and in large measure.

And for all of the effective blogging Zennie62 did when it was "Zennie's Zeitgeist" and one of 128 blogs credentialed for the Democratic National Convention? With all of the CNN iReport work this video blogger did at the DNC 2008? With all of the Obama Rapid Response work done to put Barack in the White House? For being on the websites of Mediaite, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer?

Just what brand of weed the White House is smoking is the question of the day."

That really is the question. A number of black bloggers are taking the White House to task for asking black gossip bloggers to come, and those representing obviously "black" blogs, rather than inviting bloggers who have larger reach with major news sites who happen to be black.

While some looked at the effort with tongue in cheek criticism, others, like Oliver Willis, a powerful political blogger who happens to be black, completely ignored it, and the UK (England!) DailyMail  used it to essentially lie about what happened - that one blog, Jack and Jill Politics, said it "refused to be pimped."

That was taken out of context by the DailyMail for political purposes. What Jack and Jill Politics blogger "The Christian Progressive Liberal" was explaining was that she was happy President Obama walked into the room, but blogged "if you want me at the dance, I better get something in RETURN. One can always be pimped – it is a whole different ballgame when you’re treated like you have the influence to change the course of events."

The problem is by not having a big black blogger tent, or a big blogger tent, President Obama created an Internet climate of criticism from those left out of the summit, and praise only from those allowed in to it. Moreover, the President allowed in group of bloggers who don't seem to know what "off the record" means. Opps.

After all, a blogger who calls herself "HappyAboutThis" wasn't happy at all about the Obama Black Bloggers Summit:
"Tell anyone who reads that the site was invited to the White House for a policy briefing and discussion as part of its effort to “broaden online engagement” with the black community and it will be at least 5 minutes before you can continue the conversation due to the laughter that will ensue....Media Take Out and Young Black and Fabulous are known to print highly speculative and, in many cases, clearly false information about people in the public eye. Much of the content on Media Take Out’s web site is graphic and certainly not safe for viewing on your work computer. What could they possibly add to a conversation about Obama’s healthcare, education, and civil rights policies?"
What can we expect? They're gossip bloggers, right?

Stay tuned.

Obama Black Bloggers Summit Getting Panned For It's Gossip List

Mr. President, you forgot about us!

President Barack Obama held what the White House calls its first African American Online Summit on October 11th and for some wild reason invited a number of black gossip bloggers with, in total, little reach.

The effort, while laudable, brings up the question of how the Obama White House came to form the list, let alone if it understands how to measure effective reach.

Not a one of the bloggers represents a major news site or has connections to one, and people like the legendary Oliver Willis, or John Ridley, or for that matter, Zennie Abraham, er, me, weren't there. Hell, this blogger didn't even get an invitation. Yes, gossip is done here, but so is politics, and in large measure.

And for all of the effective blogging Zennie62 did when it was "Zennie's Zeitgeist" and one of 128 blogs credentialed for the Democratic National Convention? With all of the CNN iReport work this video blogger did at the DNC 2008? With all of the Obama Rapid Response work done to put Barack in the White House? For being on the websites of Mediaite, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer?

Just what brand of weed the White House is smoking is the question of the day.

That blogs like Young, Black, and Fabulous were at the White House is terrific news, as that blog has really stayed a course of getting out information on black celebrities and in a way that's consistently entertaining and un-offensive. But what about the political bloggers who are black, but don't have "black" blogs and because of that reach a larger audience but with an African American point of view?

Just what was the White House trying to achieve? If, as the White House webpage reads, the intent was to have...

"an in-depth briefing and discussion about how the Administration is approaching important issues such as jobs, the economy, health care, education, community investment, civil rights and civil liberties, and the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative."

It didn't do it with the right group to provide the Internet fire power necessary.

Stay tuned for part two on this at  The White House upset a lot of black bloggers, it seems. Site Crashes: Alicia Keys, Eddie Long Traffic

T.I. and Tiny On
The site is the sixth most popular search on Google Trends and thanks to posts on Alicia Keys, Bishop Eddie Long, and Rapper T.I.   Makes you want to visit the site, right?

Well, now you can't.  Apparently, as of this writing at 11:32 AM PDT,, a site that focuses on gossip about African American (black) celebrities, can't handle the sudden traffic load. A visit to the website brings this message:

Database Error!
Can't open file: './mediatak_stories/news_views.frm' (errno: 24)

Yikes. That means at the time it matters the most, can't take advantage of the Internet attention its created for itself. Is the problem fixed? Let's refresh the screen and find out...

It's taking a long time to load. In, fact, it's still loading as these last two sentences have been written. And it's still going. And still going. And the same problem appears.

The that's too bad, because when it's working, has some of the most provocative titles on the Internet. For example, "MTO EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce's PREGNANT!!! -™ 2010," or "OHHHH SNAP!!! There's A Nicki Minaj SEXTAPE!!! -", or "FALLING OUT!!! Jay Z UPSET With The Way LeBron Handled FREE AGENCY," grab eyeballs and curiosity.

But for to not be able to handle the traffic load is a major fail.

ESPN's Jay Mariotti Blasts Deadspin, Brett Farve and Randy Moss On Twitter

ESPN Personality Jay Mariotti's at it again, but this time using Twitter to do his column dirty
work...unpaid. The now former Chicago Sun Times and AOL Fanhouse columnist joined Twitter October 1st with an as yet unfulfilled promise to post his photograph. Apparently, Jay's so busy blasting people like Brett Farve and Randy Moss, and blogs like Deadspin, he never got around to it.

Or may be Mariotti's just technically challenged and doesn't know how to post his photo?

Mariotti After Domestic Violence

Jay Mariotti's resurfaces after being convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence against a female companion in Los Angeles, and after an argument at a Santa Monica night club that turned into a pushing, shoving, and hitting affair, with Jay allegedly doing all of that to the woman.  (And that must be noted, because in fairness to Jay, he explained he was just trying to get her home, apparently alcohol was involved.  The problem for Jay is the LAPD says there were cuts and bruises on her.)

Jay was jailed after the incident on August 21, 2010, and posted $50,000 bail to get out that day, Saturday. Mariotti escaped seven charges, including theft, and avoided jail time with a sentence of probation, and community service.

For a writer who made a good portion of his living skewering athletes who got into domestic violence disputes, it was a classic case of bad karma. Bloggers, writers, and twitterers, made fun of Jay Mariotti's situation and expressed joy that he was being jailed for the same crime he seemed to loath so much. AOL Fanhouse dropped him and ESPN, while not outright firing him, said it had "no plans to use him at this time," which implies they may use him at some time in the future. Even  ESPN's Around The Horn, Mariotti's television home for so many years, had a segment on him.

Jay Let's Loose On Twitter

Meanwhile, Jay discovers the joys of Twitter but has yet to be skewered for what he's tweeted, at least until now. When he's not professing his love for EastBound And Down, or explaining that he's rooting for the Reds and the Rangers in the MLB Playoffs, some of his tweets have a lot of nerve, considering he just missed being a convicted felon.

For example, Jay tweets...

Sherry Lansing being escorted to Table 2. We were banished to bar
6 Oct

Which apparently from his previous tweet happened at the Alley on the Grill in Beverly Hills for lunch. Perhaps it was because Jay's star status had dipped and they didn't want some celebrity who hit his girlfriend at their table? Just a guess.

Then Jay informs us that he uses the local Starbucks to write, and one can guess for Internet access, leaving this blogger to wonder if his home Internet service is working, he's lonely, or he just wants to scope out the ladies? Yikes!

Jay tweets that he loves Tom Petty, roots for Jim Thome, that the Twins are the "Great American Team," and that he bikes at sunrise toward Malibu. But what Jay doens't get is, because he's a celebrity with an unverified Twitter account, people are going to question if indeed he's him on Twitter:

Look, enough with the silliness. Of course, this is me. It's just odd to see more discourse about whether it's me or not, which creates a credibility problem for the entire Twitter experience.

Jay, the only credibility problem is your Twitter account's not verified - get it verified so we all know its you.

Jay Mariotti Blasts Deadspin, Brett Farve and Randy Moss

Here's where Jay's Twitter tweets get really interesting. On October 9th, when the Bret Favre and Jenn Starger "sexting" scandal broke thanks to the sports blog Deadspin and posting photos of what's said to be Bret's private, Mariotti blasted the blog on Twitter, going beyond the 140-character limit to do so:

Come on. Deadspin is not a sleazy blog? These jagoffs could take 10 showers a day and still not wipe off the grime. Bet their parents are real proud

Wow, that's some nerve considering what Jay's been convicted of, yeah? And that's not the only tweet on the matter. Because of Deadspin's actions in posting the photos of Bret Farve's private, Jay thinks the Internet should be regulated:

Sick media world when a Web site pays for pictures that it admits may not be Favre. The Internet must be regulated -- recklessly affecting too many lives.

"Recklessly affecting too many lives," is something Jay himself has been accused of doing with some of his columns, so he's the one who should know.

As if that's not enough, Mariotti then turns to Randy Moss and Bret Favre:

Randy Moss won't save Brett Favre. Brilliant purging by Belichick

In Jay's mind, Favre's done and Randy Moss was worth, eh, "purging"? Considering Jay was just "purged" by his girlfriend, that's the last thing he should tweet out in the open. But a man's got a right to his opinion.

Jay Mariotti's Back, Folks

What we can take from all of this is Jay Mariotti's back. Perhaps not bigger and better than ever, but he's back and using Twitter to blast his thoughts about people, places, and things. Fine, but Jay should learn to use his words a lot more carefully. Otherwise, he's going to become the Internet's whipping boy.

As for future opportunities, Jay should try for a spot on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. For some reason, it seems he would be a good fit for the show. At the very least, it would give him a chance to explain why the steak at Mastro's isn't better than at BOA in Santa Monica.