Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Dies: Reported On Twitter By His Son (video)

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I got the word that amazing informercial pitchman Billy Mays (who was recently most famous for his ESPN commercials) died in a very different, but increasingly common way: Twitter.

I had just talked with my Mom, checked emails, and looked at my Twitter feed, when one follower wrote asking if she could post informercials from Mays since we were posting Michael Jackson information; not knowing Mays passed, I wrote "no", then happened to look at the "trending hastags" which tells one what subjects are the most popular posts on Twitter, and I saw "RIP Billy Mays".

I was shocked.

Then I saw his son, Billy Mays III's tweets, which read this way:

I'm thankful I got to talk to my dad last night. I miss him immensely already. But I feel him with me.about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

With the family. Um... Not quite sure what to say right now. All the support from you guys does help.about 3 hours ago from UberTwitter

On my way to the house. He's gone. I'm gonna be strong for him. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers everyone.about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter

@danielle97X it seems to be all too real at this point. Thank you.about 4 hours ago from txt

My dad didn't wake up this morning.. I'm sure you'll all hear about it. It hasn't yet hit me but it's about to.about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter

@bigjermmusic Good, keep pushin on songs dude.about 15 hours ago from txt

Finally signed up to for professional purposes.about 16 hours ago from web

So I went to check the elder Mays Twitter feed since I follow him, and saw the following, which I will post here as it may give some clues to what happened to him. The Associated Press reports no official cause of death as of this writing, but that he told his wife he hit his head on the plane landing in Tampa. Whatever took place, he didn't wake up today. Here are his last tweets:

Just had a close call landing in Tampa. The tires blew out upon landing. Stuck in the plane on the runway. You can always count on US Air.12:01 PM Jun 27th from txt

Getting ready to fly back to Tampa from Philly. Monday is the big day (HIP REPLACEMENT NO.3) Keep you posted.7:40 AM Jun 27th from txt

Just got done shootong a new product with my production company 4 Blind Mice.2:28 PM Jun 26th from txt

Just finished up a brand new oxi-clean show in Jersey. On my way to Princeton to meet with Arm and Hammer and then to Philly and then hi ...12:59 PM Jun 25th from txt

Just got done with the Tonight Show. Had a great time. The episode airs tonight7:21 PM Jun 23rd from txt

Just got to Conan's studio. About to go to the pre-pro meeting.3:47 PM Jun 23rd from txt

This is shocking. On the heels of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, all within the last six days. RIP Billy Mays. You're one of a kind and will be missed.

Somehow U.S. Senators Get Suckered into asking for Ecuador Chevron trial without "U.S. Meddling"

Considering the smelly deals going on in Ecuador, like the plaintiff paying off the court-ordered environmental economist to the tune of $200K, that four great U.S Senators - Democratic Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon, Richard Durbin of Illinois, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Patrick Leahy of Vermont - could be suckered into calling for a "clean trial" without "U.S. Meddling" is totally funny. What about Ecuador meddling? I guess that's ok. With this kind of crap, the real problems in Ecuador of government and legal corruption will never be solved.