Monday, January 28, 2008

President Bush Gives Consumer Safety Job to Gail Charnley - Coal Industry Champion

Wow. This is a really controversial appointment. What was President Bush thinking in giving the consumer watchdog job to Gail Charnley, someone who protected firm that employ coal miners?

Clinton Snubs Obama In Greeting Ted Kennedy During State Of The Union

ALERT: AP's Laurie Kellman at center of fixed "snub" story - click here!

After a day which saw Senator Ted Kennedy endorse Senator Barack Obama for president, you'd think Senator Clinton would take time to avoid playing games with Senator Obama.

Not so.

Instead of directly congratulating Senator Obama, Senator Clinton reaches over and calls only to Ted Kennedy as if Barack wasn't even there! Insulted, and forced to give space to Ted Kennedy so he could reach Senator Clinton's hand Barack turned.

Frankly, I don't blame him. Senator Clinton can't be civil at all; she has to be "in-your-face" rude, which she was. Happy Hour At Mooses In SF - editor Owen Thomas graciously invited me to join him at Mooses for his firm's Friday Happy Hour. The star of this show was Laura Goldberg, the noted tech publicist who's currently with, and we were joined by the founder of Lunch 2.0 and some other colorful people.

Fun times!