Sunday, December 04, 2005

Toledo Ohio To "Host" Neo - Nazi "White Supremacists" March Again - Why?

I discovered this news on Fox Television. There's also a rather sick individual who has nothing better to do than write a blog entirely devoted to this matter. Anyone holding or participating in "white race" marches is certainly free to do so in America, but let's face it folks. The practice is sick.

The Neo-Nazis are not contributing anything good to America. The time they will spend doing this could be better invested in volunteering at the local humane society, or cooking meals to serve those who can't afford them, or writing a business plan to start a new company.

There's a reason people like Bill Gates go on to establish successful companies like Microsoft, while this group complains about -- nothing really. By contrast, the Bill Gates of the world are far too busy creating things to worry about what someone else looks like.

The Neo Nazi's want someone to give them something. They're too afraid to really get out in America, be a positive force in society, and really help make others happy. Why? Because they don't feel good about themselves.

People like this are dangerous to good humans like you and me. Their hate is so great that they would seek to threaten the very lives of others who don't look like them. The Toledo Police should arrest this group the very moment they make any kind of threat to anyone. As far as I'm concerned this organization is full of criminals. They should be watched at all times of the day and night.

Note. I've never been to Toledo, Ohio, and never plan to go. Moreover, any intelligent person should not waste their time visiting the city.

What does the Toledo Chamber of Commerce think of all this? Is the city's economy so great, it can stand this kind of crap?

According to this news report the very state of Ohio had the largest increase in unemployed workers of any state in America. Toledo has a near 7 percent rate of people out of work and at about $32,000 has a household income below the national average by about $10,000. It's 70 percent white and just over 20 percent black. So the city is mostly poor and Caucasian, which is why the Neo-Nazis are there, claiming "take your city back?"

It just goes to show you how stupid the Neo Nazis are to say to whites "take your city back" when Caucasians are the majority population. But one could never accuse the Neo Nazis of being logical in thought.

So it's no wonder Toledo's a haven for people who hate: they're unhappy with themselves and feel that someone else has what they don't have. (Well, I guess that's true if one considers self-esteem.) I do hope the normal people in that town -- black and white -- ban together and fix that city before it's too late.

The Toledo Regional Growth Partnership is attempting to "sell" that city as a great place for tech workers. They can't even dream of successfully doing that with Neo-Nazis running around. It's a proven fact that tech innovation happen in cities where everyone is welcome and a diverse society is not only expected, but wanted.

That's certainly not Toledo, Ohio. That city has to get with the program.