Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mayor Nutter: Clinton-Backer Says Obama Will Be President

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter's backing Senator Hillary Clinton for president over Barack Obama. But that's not stopped him from predicting that Obama will be the 44th President of the United States. Read this from Ben Waxman's blog:

Nutter, Brady, Fattah, and Knox all appeared at a mayoral forum at Central High School in Philadelphia. They were asked to predict who the next president would be. Here is Nutter's answer:
The candidates also were asked to predict who would be the next U.S. president.
Taubenberger, who heads the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, named a fellow Republican, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Brady was next: Hillary Clinton. "The Democrat," Fattah said. Knox seconded that.

"I'll go out on a limb. Sen. [Barack] Obama," Nutter said, yielding to a crescendo of applause and whoops from the young audience at the mention of the Illinois Democrat.

With that kind of reaction, Nutter should consider a switch. But that would be hard to obtain because Obama supported Nutter's Mayoral challenger U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah in the race for Mayor of Philadelphia. Nutter won, obviously. But it's also apparent to Nutter that he's backing the wrong horse in this presidential race.

Obama Wins Texas | Clinton Lost Texas | Obama Gains 99 Delegates

The Texas Secretary of State is set to certify the official election results for the Democratic primary. As predicted, Barack Obama has beaten Hillary Clinton. While Clinton won the state's popular vote, Obama racked up more caucus support, so that, now that the final tally is in, the Lone Star state's delegate total reads: Obama - 99 delegates versus Clinton's 95 delegates. So, if someone from CNN, or Fox, or MSNBC, or CBS, or ABC says Clinton won Texas, you can email this to them and laugh heartily.

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Clinton Backer Geraldine Ferraro's History Of Racism - Ben Smith In The Politico

Give Ben Smith credit for digging up this bit of history on Geraldine Ferraro's love of racist comments from 1988 using a Lexis search:

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race," she said.

Really. The cite is an April 15, 1988 Washington Post story (byline: Howard Kurtz), available only on Nexis.

Here's the full context:

Placid of demeanor but pointed in his rhetoric, Jackson struck out repeatedly today against those who suggest his race has been an asset in the campaign. President Reagan suggested Tuesday that people don't ask Jackson tough questions because of his race. And former representative Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that because of his "radical" views, "if Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."

Asked about this at a campaign stop in Buffalo, Jackson at first seemed ready to pounce fiercely on his critics. But then he stopped, took a breath, and said quietly, "Millions of Americans have a point of view different from" Ferraro's.

Discussing the same point in Washington, Jackson said, "We campaigned across the South . . . without a single catcall or boo. It was not until we got North to New York that we began to hear this from Koch, President Reagan and then Mrs. Ferraro . . . . Some people are making hysteria while I'm making history."

I would say that Ferraro's making history again, er, "making hysteria" again, I should say.


Also on February 27th she appeared on John Gibson and said the same "Obama's Winning Because He's Not White!" crap. Wow.

Obama Wining In Mississippi By 16 Points

As of this writing, Senator Barack Obama's winning in Mississippi by 16 points, 57 to 41 percent on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. Obama's projected to win, so the only question is by how much. Stay tuned.

Ferraro: "They're Attacking Me Because I'm White!

One day after Clinton backer and former Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro said that Senator Barack Obama had the campaign advantage because he's Black, she's opened her obviously lively mouth again. Today, in the same publication where she gave the interview, Ferraro said "They're Attacking Me Because I'm White!"

The full text is here:

NEWSPAPER: But far from backing off from her initial remark, Ferraro defended it and elaborated on it.

FERRARO: "Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let's address reality and the problems we're facing in this world, you're accused of being racist, so you have to shut up," Ferraro said. "Racism works in two different directions. I really think they're attacking me because I'm white. How's that?"


Senator Clinton has said that Ferraro's comments were not welcome. But now, she's got a fresh set of stupid Ferraro comments to deal with. Of course, all of this just fires up the Obama supporters and Ferraro may have sealed the deal for Clinton's eventual loss by pissing of rank-and-file Dems.

Clinton Backer Geraldine Ferraro's Racism In Full National View

Geraldine Ferraro was one person that, as an even younger version of me, I looked up to. After today, I don't. What's unfortunatel about this election is just how many Democratic poiticians I respected who've turned out to have such racist views.

It's something that I should have expected given that for the first time a man of African-American decent in Barack Obama has the chance -- a real great chance -- to be the next, the 44th President of the United States. This prospect has caused those like Ferraro to show their real "colors".

This is what Ferraro said to the DailyBreeze in Southern California :

NEWSPAPER: When the subject turned to Obama, Clinton's rival for the Democratic Party nomination, Ferraro's comments took on a decidedly bitter edge.

FERRARO: "I think what America feels about a woman becoming president takes a very secondary place to Obama's campaign - to a kind of campaign that it would be hard for anyone to run against," she said. "For one thing, you have the press, which has been uniquely hard on her. It's been a very sexist media. Some just don't like her. The others have gotten caught up in the Obama campaign.

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," she continued. "And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept." Ferraro does not buy the notion of Obama as the great reconciler.

"I was reading an article that said young Republicans are out there campaigning for Obama because they believe he's going to be able to put an end to partisanship," Ferraro said, clearly annoyed. "Dear God! Anyone that has worked in the Congress knows that for over 200 years this country has had partisanship - that's the way our country is."

This is stupid. There were many "white men" in this position. I think of the excitement of Mario Cuomo's run. And what about John F. Kennedy. Let's see. JFK's a white man whom Obama's compared to.

Nuts. Totally awful how some Democrats -- ok, some white Democrats -- have revealed themselves to have such racist views.

McCain Advisors Lobbied For Airbus Deal Over Boeing

In a case of "WFT!?!" Senator John McCain's advisors lobbied for the Airbus $35 billion Air Force tanker contract over Boeing. That's an outrage and McCain should say "I'm sorry" to the people of Washington State.

Barack Obama: I Am Running for President of The United States

Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama, in a speech to Mississippi voters, gives the perfect comback to Senator Clinton's idea that he should be her VP running mate: I'm in the lead and running for President of The United States.

Sen. Chris Dodd Thinks Like My Mom: Split FL and Michigan Delegates

Two days ago my Mom, the most heroic person I know, Pat Yerger, said "Why not just split the delegates? Give half to Obama and half to Clinton and let's get on with it."

Well, I guess Senator Chris Dodd was listening, because that's what he suggests too!

Great minds think alike!