Friday, November 13, 2009

Moon water? with NASA LCROSS, watch for Moon colonization in future

Water on the Moon! Until today, the NASA and the American Space Program had suffered under a decades long trend of accidents and budget cuts, but as of today, interest in NASA and the budget for projects will see a brighter light of day.

That's my prediction.

Fans of the Space Program have been hoping for this kind of discovery, and while it was expected and annouced today by the NASA LCROSS team, the implications of finding water on the Moon are vast. First, why did it get there? Second, and the real first question, is there life on the Moon but perhaps in a form we missed encountering.

It's time for a manned, or "personned" return to the Moon, with the objective of colonization? Yes. In fact, NASA wants to put a person on the Moon by 2020, but here's my bet that the whole schedule's moved up a bit.

Stay tuned.