Monday, April 28, 2008

Sex-Starved Women Out There? Really? Interesting

I mean what can I say other than that? I think the simple fact that the Global Economy has grown such that in America both women and men have to work their tails off just to make ends meet makes most women horny. Yes, even hornier than men.

What's wrong with that?

Well, not much, but then the article I link to refers to sex-starved wives! Yikes. Does that mean they're more likely to cheat?


Memo to America: MONEY TALKS (Cinco de B.O.!)

Memo to the Media:

Follow the money!

Nearly 1,500,000 Obama supporters have given to his campaign for the nomination of the Democratic party. The established media spins the question of "whether Obama is electable" because of his "loss" in PA though he closed the gap (which had been huge.) Let's note: Clinton's campaign is in serious debt while Obama's supporters continue to send in small donations - like the "$5 on 5/5, Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de B.O." concept.

Obama's Grassroots Fundraisers are hard at work, and money is coming from individual donors in small amounts - people who never donated before are stepping into the game. The unprecedented numbers tell the tale: more people are actively supporting this candidate than any other in history.

Memo to Obama: they get it.

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