Friday, January 23, 2009

Barack Oblogger: Cursed Purple Tickets (or, how I worked for two years to get Obama elected and then couldn't view the Inauguration)”

More at Barack Oblogger I can personally attest to the hard work and determination of Lonnee Hamilton, who's been a valued contributor to my blog network, and a tireless worker.

To learn that she was in the tunnel is saddening to me. Here's part of her account:

: “I'm one of those Obamaites some people hate. Since the day he announced his candidacy, I have been working full-bore to get this man elected. I've been a volunteer and a staff member. My family has been brought to the verge of economic collapse due to my dedication toward the campaign and its untold volunteer hours. Life has been put on hold, household repairs have gone undone, there has been tension in my relationship with an extremely supportive and patient spouse, who would have loved to see my passion for Obama put into a proper financial perspective. My two children have sold bumper stickers, buttons, and have put up with Mom blogging for Obama in her "spare time" for almost two years.

And you know what, there are thousands of people throughout the country who have worked as hard as I have, if not harder

And that's why my let-down about the Inauguration is that much greater. Because I was unlucky enough, along with thousands of other Obama volunteers, to have been given one of the "Purple Tickets of Doom."”

Obama Inauguration - 3rd street tunnel people sing Lean on Me - purple gate

There were stories of people trapped in the now infamous "Third Street" Tunnel. Here's a video that shows just how many people were in it, in this case, singing "Lean On Me" just to get through the ordeal. Here, it looks like the doors were eventually opened, because the crowd starts moving.