Thursday, March 25, 2010

Georgia Aquarium Planet Shark Tour in Atlanta, GA

The Georgia Aquarium and the Planet Shark exhibit are a must see if you're visiting Atlanta, GA. With the exception of the giant fish-shaped "G" that's visible from a distance in downtown Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium is rather unremarkable in its exterior design, but the interior more than makes up for it, as well as the story of how it came to be.

Now, what's this blogger doing at The Georgia Aquarium? Simple. Atlanta, Georgia has become a second home because my mother lives their and one of the obligations of being an only child is going back to keep my widowed mother company and give help around the house. Given the time spent in Atlanta, getting involved in the local culture was logical.

An internet marketer working with the Georgia Aquarium happened to issue a tweet from the Georgia Aquarium twitter account that a "Planet Shark blogger day" was to be held. I happened to see the tweet, signed up and asked permission to use my camcorder to make the video blog that's part of this blog entry.

Frankly, the Georgia Aquarium Planet Shark Tour video was coming out to be rather boring until Hanna literally happened by, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The experience started with a host in the video who at first didn't seem familiar with the idea of being video-blogger. The gentleman was trying to talk around the camcorder rather than to it. But after he realized it was a serious production, the host explained that The Georgia Aquarium was started via a $250 million investment by Atlanta resident Bernie Marcus, who established the Home Depot store chain.

The Georgia Aquarium is the World's largest with over 8.1 million gallons of water, and a perfect example of how well-heeled residents of The South have literally spent cities like Atlanta and Dallas into World-class status. With Dallas, it was the totally-privately-financed Dallas Arts District and the Dallas Symphony Hall at its center. With Atlanta, it was the creation of CNN by Ted Turner, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and now the Georgia Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium's promoting Planet Shark, a special exhibit built by Shark expert Rodney Fox. While you can read more about it at its website, what was interesting was the use of giant "website-like" display panels to show shark physiology. The best information was on how few humans were killed by sharks versus the large number of sharks killed by people - no word about the famous shark attacks on the crew of the USS Indianapolis. The overall set of displays, designed to combat the idea that sharks are dangerous man-eating monsters, is effective and entertaining.

Video use was restricted to a degree, so that curtained much of the story I wanted to tell, until I met Hanna.

Hanna's a volunteer tour guide at The Georgia Aquarium who was waiting for an elevator as I was leaving. I happened to ask her how much time I had until closing and she told me. Frankly, her voice was so clear and perfect for a video I asked her if I could film her and she agreed. The result was what one of my constant video watchers Alan Molsted called one of the best videos I've ever done.

Hanna led a journey into a must see part of The Georgia Aquarium: the tube-like glased-in walkway that travels through a 6.3 million water tank. During our tour we saw divers above us who, Hanna informed, were "our visitors." One can pay between $200 and $300 to be part of a guided scuba dive tour and swim with, but not touch, the whale sharks. All one has to do is visit the Georgia Aquarium website and sign up.

Our tour ended at another giant water tank that's visible via an equally giant glass wall that must be two-stories high. As the video shows, its a breath-taking site. It would have been unseen here were it not for Hanna. Moreover, whoever's in charge of marketing for The Georgia Aquarium should make Hanna the paid star of a video tour series. She's that good on camera. Additionally, there should be a blogger day for the whole facility, not just Planet Shark.

In closing, the Georgia Aquarium's an incredible place to visit, either alone, with friends, or especially with kids, who just get pure joy out of the experience. Most of the visitors were families with young children, and all well-behaved and having fun.

Check it out.

A fourth mistress of Jesse James is coming forward condoms may not be a priority but Gloria Allred as your lawyer is

Rumors go on and on about lots of  sex-texting, no underwear, no condoms but few women involved with this scandal and the Tiger Wood scandal seemed that concerned about having an affair, as much as getting publicity and like the newest Jesse James mistress about to emerge -- no. 4, getting the  "top tigress " Gloria Allred as her lawyer .   In these kinds of cases,  why would she need Gloria Allred unless ta da.... she, like many of Tiger Woods mistresses,  is thinking about Allred  negotiating  some big cashola.  No. 4 for JJ claims to have had a relationship for several years that just ended.  Yes,  Gloria Allred is your go to lawyer specializing in this new genre of celebrity sex-texters with serial mistresses.   Wow, times have changed.  Adultery is a big business!!!!!!!!

I don't believe in cheating and lying.  A lot of men do not wear wedding rings and they do pass themselves off as single.  These men are to be avoided like the plague.  Even if a man and woman have an open agreement that cheating is acceptable I still say no thanks.

Cheating is common place and occurs more than one might think with both males and females globally and in some countries is accepted but not in America which still has a Puritan stance on adultery although again many Americans do cheat.  Pamela Druckerman has a book out on this topic which I am reading called Lust in Translation: Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee .  I am reading this book  because I have had married men hit on me and also because a long time ago I  had this nutty old woman accuse me of adultery with her decaying husband and besides the fact it was not true I could see how much drama and importance it added to her day. FYI, I tend to like younger men and go through a diatribe on how you have to be single.  I mean really single and that includes not living with someone.

Gays fight for the right for marriage and I support their right to be married but there are people like me that to date have avoided marriage for the simple reason marriages so rarely really work.  Apparently Sarah Silverman is like minded but far more extreme.

I do think about marriage.  It is hard not to in this society.   The pressure is to be married and you are definitely treated differently-- not in a good way --  as a single.   My favorite photo of an unconventional wedding is Mike Lichter's Just Married which is a biker photo that I happen to own. Sturgis (Dakotas) I do think about getting married with a pre-nup -- what's mine is mine and what's yours is your and marry asap to a guy with good health benefits because my pay out each month is way too high but other wise I don't see marriage anytime in the near future.

I do think if you want to make sure a married man does not cheat on you, the wife needs to tattoo or brand her tele no. on his forehead like 911 with instructions to call  or even better  LoJack his package but the odds are if your spouse was cheating before the marriage he is most likely not going to stop when he marries you.  Some women pretend they did not know or were clueless but it is hard to believe.  I am sure if Sandra Bullock really thought about it -- she had to see the red lights but she did not let herself process the information.  I never have seen adultery as just between two people.  I  believe the wife almost always knows.  Most likely there were warning signals before the marriage and sometimes the husband is cheating and it is not with a woman.   The Confession

There is no doubt that women cheat on their husbands as well and the husband can be devastated but in one example given in "Lust in Translation", he was devastated but he had cheated as well so there can be a double standard based on gender and as usual women are judged far more harshly than men.  In the case of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, their actions are so  extreme, mega-narcissists and they seem to have little understanding their children are the biggest casualties.   One big shift which I am suprised about is people are very angry and disgusted with the men  and instead of being perceived as super studs they are being looked at as super destructive, super slime with serious problems throwing away an awful lot that most people would be grateful for.

I won't say never but so far I have avoided marriage.

Note:  I am as usual extemely exhausted.  Besides some health issues I am addressing including "throat burn" aka acid reflux, I have a cold and I am too tired to proof but you get the jist of what I am saying.  I write and do my art, YouTubes that get to the heart and soul of what I am saying, you either get it or don't. 

I wrote this in response to a comment on my facebook:
It is not a coincidence -- the timing. Women tend to be very believing, very compassionate, very hopeful with bad guys and mostly they are very betrayed. If belief was a bank account filled with gold most of us that believed have been left feeling robbed. She had to have ignored the warning signs including his resume of two failed marriages, 3 kids with 2 women and the fact he was not involved with the kids until Sandra put the pressure on him to jointly parent them with her. I wanted Gabby to win but Sandra did and instead of basking in the glow she is basking in humiliation. I think he is so shut down and so used to being above it and in his own insulated world it was like  2  Jesses and one deeply resented her and one did really love her. But I am sure he is addicted to the high of each sexcapade and even falling in love. Predication - divorce and he will be married again is a few years. Sandra will remain unmarried.  Written by Suzannah B. Troy