Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you're concerned about choice, don't jump the Democratic ship

Obama supporters have been developing strategies for appealing to ardent Clinton supporters to not jump the Democratic ship after the strident primary season that led to Obama's nomination. Most, and I would be pressed to say all, Clinton supporters are pro-choice and therein, perhaps, lies our best argument. In John McCain, they will find no safe harbor. For the best discussion I've seen to date on this issue, head over to The Carpetbagger Report and check out Why pro-choice Dems have nothing to like about John McCain. And if reproductive choice is of any import to you, use your vote in November wisely.

Bigotry On John McCain's Website: Hillary Clinton A "Bitch; Obama A "Muslim Fag"

AMERICAblog's John Aravosis uncovers major bigotry over at John McCain's website, including references to Senator Hillary Clinton as a "bitch", Senator Barack Obama as a "Muslim Fag" and America bringing 9/11 on itself.

Plus, the JedReport shows that other John McCain forums have Obama referred to using the "N" word.

This is not who we want representing America as President. Because John McCain and his staff allow this on their websites, you have to believe they agree with it.

Apple WWDC 08: iPhone SDK, OS X iPhone 2.0, iPhone 3G y MobileMe

Well, less than one year -- well, ok, a few months -- after I paid $400 cash for my iPhone, Apple and Steve Jobs announce the release of a new iPhone 3G that's faster and at half the price!

So what do I do with my current iPhone? Can I do a trade? And Mobile Me sounds promising as a way to make things easier in the mobile space.

DNCC Logo Launch Denver's Pepsi Center

DNCC Logo Launch, originally uploaded by DemConvention.

Here's a really cool photo of the logo that we will see on Pepsi Center and more often as we move closer to the 2008 DNC Convention, August 25th to August 28th, 2008.

We will be there and if you want to sponsor us -- please do -- click on the link tab "sponsor us" for more information or call 510-387-9809.

Pepsi Center: Site Of The 2008 Democratic Convetion

Pepsi Center, originally uploaded by Aaron Myers.

This is an entry we're going to get used to seeing in late August. It's for the Pepsi Center, the arena in Denver which plays host to the Denver Nuggets basketball ball team games and other events. But from August 25th to August 28th it will be the site of the historis 2008 Democratic Convention.

We will be there and if you want to sponsor us -- please do -- click on the link tab "sponsor us" for more information or call 510-387-9809.

Del Martin (87) and Phyllis Lyon (84) Lesbian Activists To Wed

According to SFist, Del Martin (87) and Phyllis Lyon (84), longtime Lesbian activists, will be the first to marry under California's new unbanning of Gay marriage.

The pair will redo their vows on June 16th, with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officiating their ceremony. We wish them well.

Bill O'Reilly Producer Porter Barry Ambushes PBS Bill Moyers Then Gets Ambushed

During the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform, Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly producer, Porter Barry ambushes PBS Bill Moyers to pepper him with questions regarding his political affiliations and his "refusal" to appear on O'Reily's show. Moyers disputes Fox's "facts."

In the process of the discussion, journalists surround Barry, then give him the same ambush treatment he gave to Bill Moyers.

As the video made by "The UpTake" will show, Barry can't take it when it's aimed at him. Also, I personally don't like Bill's "Jump The Shark" methods of late. It's obvious they need the ratings help. This stunt will not improve things.