Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peter F. Paul Is Running For President - Video

Remember Peter F. Paul, the businessman who's the plaintiff in the "Paul v. Clinton" lawsuit? Well, he's still involved in the fraud case, but he's apparently decided to run for President of The United States. I just got the information in an email; I'll keep you posted.

McCain Aide: Don't Have To Use Computers To Know Impact

Mark Soohoo of the McCain for President Campaign really stuck his foot in his mouth -- several times -- at this panel discussion as part of the Personal Democracy Forum 2008. Mark Soohoo says that one does not have to use a computer to understand the Internet. He also says that Senator McCain, is "aware of the Internet." But can he find it? Watch the video, where Tracy Russo of the Edwards campaign really takes Mark Soohoo to task for his comments.

I guess McCain's aware of all Internet traditions too!

President Bush Says Philippine-Americans Can Cook!

From the White House press website:

President Bush Meets with President Arroyo of the Philippines
Oval Office

Video (Windows)
White House News
10:25 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the Oval Office. We have just had a very constructive dialogue. First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that -- in which there's a lot of Philippine-Americans. They love America and they love their heritage. And I reminded the President that I am reminded of the great talent of the -- of our Philippine-Americans when I eat dinner at the White House. (Laughter.)

Wow. And I guess he's reminded of the talents of African Americans whenever he goes dancing at a White House function, too! Oh, and don't forget those industrious Chinese Americans, which he's reminded of when he wants Chinese food. Oh, brother!

Amber Lee Ettinger As Obama Girl v. Collete Nelson as "The McCain

Amber. Tired., originally uploaded by Barely Political.

This is a totally funny movie video by Barely Political and shows both Amber Lee Ettinger as Obama Girl and IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Collete Nelson as "The McCain She-Hulk".

To see what Collete Nelson looks like, click here.