Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Vlog On Friends, Race, Depression, and Consideration

I created this "vlog" (video-blog) to deal with and talk about a problem I've had with certain friends.

Perhaps you've had the same problem where some of your, in my case, friends who are White (or the reverse or generally interracial) don't give you proper "consideration" in your friendship, where consideration is a kind of contract that all friendships have -- a contract of basic expectations of treatment.

In other words, while you call them, they don't call you, or if you are dealing with someone who's racist, they tell you that you "see racism" rather than coming to your aide.

Or they are your friends as long as they're able to take advantage of you or get information from you, but when they get around their friends, you suddenly don't exist.

I'd like to know your response to my video and your view.


TonyaTko's Sad About The State Of Race; I'm Not

I just read TonyaTko's blog where she's sad about the state of race. I think what she's talking about is racial self-hatred, and I do agree that it does seem to be alive and well. But I'm hopeful in that it's not as widespread in my experience and I feel that digital media can play a role in repairing the problem.

Lou Dobbs Lying About Obama and Lobbyists

I happen to have my tv on CNN, or turned it on, and saw Lou Dobbs talking about the role of lobbyists in the campaign. Then Lou launches into what is an incredible lie about Senator Barack Obama and lobbyists. The campaign has not taken money from Federal Lobbyists and now has caused the Democratic Party itself to do the same, and the Obama campaign has raised record levels of money in the process.

With all of this, Dobbs continues to spread lie after lie about Obama and is apparently too much of an intellectual coward to have an Obama representative on his show. If I were a guest, I'd eat Dobbs for lunch in a debate.

Southern Maryland Unite for Change Event

On June 28, 2008, the Barack Obama campaign organized over 4000 nationwide events to gather grassroots volunteers in an initial push toward the November election. With the primary election settled and the first Obama – Clinton joint appearance in Unity, NH, complete, it’s time to get the grassroots campaign back in swing and get the volunteers reenergized for what promises to be a contentious and exhausting five months. As Obama said when he addressed his campaign staff after the primary election, now that he has won the nod, we have no choice but to win the White House.

I was fortunate to attend Maryland’s largest Unite for Change event at the World of Wings (WOW) restaurant in Waldorf, MD. A crowd of 76 volunteers gathered at 5 pm to watch videos, listen to, and share their personal stories of why they support Obama’s candidacy. Hosted by Charles County Commissioner Reuben Collins, the event was attended by several local Democratic party officials, members of the Charles County Black Caucus, representatives from the Maryland Democratic party, and a representative from Sen. Ben Cardin’s office. Most exciting, however, were the volunteers, especially those who had never before volunteered on a political campaign.

After the dignitaries were introduced and the videos were watched, each person present was given the opportunity to say why they were there and why they support Obama’s candidacy. The reasons were as varied and as inclusive as the members present. Representing black, brown, white, teenage, and senior citizen, volunteers stood at the microphone and described being proud to support a leader who can put America back at the international table with dignity. They described the thrill of supporting a man who, while being America’s first African American candidate, transcends race. These volunteers got over their fear of speaking to strangers to describe the excitement of volunteering for a candidate who understands the needs of the middle class, will get us out of Iraq, and will serve as the people’s President. As one volunteer put it, working and voting for Barack Obama will be delivering the country to the American Dream instead of the American Nightmare.

Being with this group of volunteers was humbling. Many of those present put issues of race right on the table, clearly drawing out the symbolism of Obama’s candidacy and the need for healing that his election will hopefully facilitate. These are the conversations that we need to continue to have if we are to realize some of the dreams that Obama put forth in his challenging speech on race in March. My friend Zennie says that racism is a mental illness. Maybe Obama can be our collective psychiatrist.

I hope that the Unite for Change events all over the country were as productive and powerful as I felt ours was. I know that our volunteers left “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” If you attended one, I hope you did, too. If you’re late to this party and would like to find out more, please visit the official Barack Obama campaign site to find out how you can get involved. Whatever you do, vote. If you need to register, visit Rock the Vote to find out how.

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Pretty Face Messed By Mohawk Cut

P6280024, originally uploaded by LordMauro.

There's no other way to describe this photo. I can't figure out why this woman elected to mess up her wonderful face with that haircut?

I wonder what the reasoning of women who do this is. Do you know?