Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Season 12: Kirstie Alley Over Hot Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson made her debut on Dancing With The Stars Season 12, but even with her great legs and moves, wasn't hot enough to earn the points needed to overcome her competitor, the rapper Romeo.

And while some wondered if 60 year old Kirstie Alley (in photo) was good enough to even dance on Dancing With The Stars, they're applauding now, because from all online accounts, she was terrific. Even hotter than any of Hugh Hefner's playmates, at least in dancing acumen.

Alley lit up Twitter:

chemicallycalm‎ I'm surprised, Kirstie Alley did a really good job.
Twitter - 1 minute ago

MikelsMindsEye‎ Kirstie Alley's 60??? I need to cut her a little slack...she looks great. #DWTS

ksblack‎ Still processing Wendy Williams' performance on DWTS. Kirstie Alley was HOT!
Twitter - seconds ago

Hef was in the audience, and alongside former Colts Wide Receiver and Kendra's husband, Hank Bassett, was cheering for Wilkinson. And it looked, for a while, as if she would light up the scoreboard as well as the television screen, but a few missteps with her partner Louis Van Amstel, led the judges to give them all sixes for a total of 18 points.

"Stars" judge Len Goodman had the sound bite of the show when he told Kendra, "You had my attention, if not always for the right reasons." The judges, Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Goodman, all commented on Wilkinson's technical failings. In all it was enough to put her a point behind Romeo.

With his sexy partner Chelsie Hightower, who was back for the fifth time on "Dancing," Romeo Miller, aka Lil' Romeo, also the son of rapper Master P, burned up the floor, producing a dance that was part lovemaking, part romantic, and all fun. The two were so energetic they caused Tonioli to gush that he was "moving with" them all over, and leaned right into Goodman in the process. For their efforts, and minus some issues with footwork, they earned a 19.

But Kirstie Alley was the surprise. The actress, who said she "moved like a white girl" in the preview segment, showed she learned a thing to three, and with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, scored a 23, just behind Ralph ("The Karate Kid") Macchio, who with his dancing mate Karina Smirnoff, turned in the evenings' best performance: a 24 out of 30.

All dancers survive - for now. The eliminations start March 29th.

A New Zennie62 Blog Under Construction

A new Zennie62 blog is under construction, and about 60 percent complete, but well enough along the way to show you and ask you to check it out.

It's called and you can see it here: . It reflects a switch from Blogger to Wordpress for this flagship blog of the 96 blogs in the network, and also a switch from "free" to a paid hosted server environment.

I had the idea for a while, but Executive Editor Nikky Raney, who prefers Blogger, was understandably resistant. But after Google focused more on "original content" as a factor in Google News submissions, and because we were producing original content, and Google wasn't favoring Blogger blogs for Google News (even though was on it) I started to think about a switch.

Also, I'd taken the blog as far as it could go in template changes on the Blogger platform. The simple fact is Google has not installed a full permalink system on Blogger, so what we get are URLs that don't have all of the words in a blog title, if the title is longer than four words. So you have to do a "workaround" just to deal with that problem.

It's a huge problem because it means that one word which may cause you to get more traffic because it's in your URL is left out of Blogger's permalink design.

That can translate into thousands of dollars of lost potential ad revenue. Moreover, Wordpress does not have that problem; I think its something Google does deliberately to counter the wave of massive impact millions of well-optimized Blogger blogs would have on the media climate today.

There's a reason even Matt Cutts, Google's Engineering "public face" switched from Blogger to Wordpress a few years ago. I should have taken Matt's cue and did it then, but I was stubbornly married to the idea that I could push my Blogger blogs to new levels of performance. I did that, but now and with what I've learned, I want to apply that to this new, even more powerful blog under development.

Making this switch is not easy, but it's worth it. I feel like I'm building the new Enterprise.

It means learning a new programming language, PhP, "on the go." It means locating a good hosting service, finding the appropriate design theme, then one-by-one, installing the files from that theme into the server. It means re-coding some files to meet certain needs, particularly in the area of Google AdSense ads. It means working on a strategy to transfer the remaining blogs posts, after already moving over 7,000 posts to the new blog.

And it means working on a system to transfer links and URLs to the new blog so that a search allows a reader to come to the new blog, rather than the old one.

The Zennie62 Blogger blog will be used as "" and a place for YouTube video placement and for occasional blog posts pointing to activities at Zennie62Blog. Eventually, "" will point at the new blog, and be the "go to URL" for it. But I prefer to keep "Zennie62Blog" for SEO purposes.

The process of making the new blog from scratch has been exciting; I love the challenge of building new platforms.

First, Wordpress just may be the most powerful blog platform on the planet today (which is old news to some of you). Second, Google seems to have deliberately avoided making a Blogger that completes with Wordpress in the area of SEO. Even before my focus on it, the platform started to be listed on Google and generate comments for existing blog posts! Third, the new is already Google News ready, as I have found plugins specifically for that purpose, and installed them. will be positioned to compete with news blogs from to The Huffington Post and ProFootballTalk as well as Red State and the great liberal blogs at Banter Media. While that may seem like a tall order to some, let me inform you we have over 9,000 blog posts going back to 2005. We also have the 96 Blogger blogs to use to "point" at the new blog - those blogs will remain and with their own unique content.

We have the over 2,000 videos on what will be called the video network. And we have our social media and broadcasting base, including what stands at almost 30,000 Twitter Followers, with an objective of 1 million. That's the perfect foundation from which to build this new blog and explains why I assert we're in a great place to catch those blogs.

Finally, as Old Media continues to prove it's not capable of succeeding in the digital space, this is the best time to attack. To strike while the iron is hot. Blogs will rule media in the 21st Century, and with over 70,000 blogs made each day as of this writing, that forecast is becoming all the more true each day.

Stay tuned.

AT&T Buys T-Mobile reports that AT&T has bought T-Mobile for $39 billion.

PC Magazine

For T-Mobile customers (like myself) this could be a good thing, because AT&T has the iPhone as well as many other features that T-Mobile does not currently have. Many T-Mobile customers that have questions regarding this change, and it seems so strange that since T-Mobile is putting out commercials about 4G that it is about to be bought out by AT&T.

PC Magazine reports that this could be a huge in for AT&T - because AT&T would become the nation's largest carrier and get better coverage, 34 million more customers and an opponent is eliminated.

It also reports that T-Mobile's owner has been struggling and T-Mobile has been in the fourth place spot as a carrier.

This is unfortunate for T-Mobile employees who will be facing major lay offs.

The lack of choices will be unfortunate for the consumers because there will be less to choose from and not as much flexibility.

For those with questions read the PC Magazine post that answers questions for the specific consumers of T-Mobile and AT&T by clicking here.