Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Twitter - Updates Reveal Folks Still In New Orleans

After checking out Twitter "tweets" from New Orleans a day ago, I decided to go back and see what New Orleans' Twitter users were writing after Hurricane Gustav hit land in Louisiana. 

Here's what I found...

Name Will
Location New Orleans
Recently At molly's on decatur. Quarter has no power, mollys has partial due to generator. 21 minutes ago

Molly's is a bar in the French Quarter. That means he was at least able to make it down there for a cocktail.  It also means that conditions aren't as bad as feared as of this writing. 

Name tracam
Location New Orleans
Recently We made it to Vero Beach. Got groceries, internet and CNN. Oh, and a few bottles of wine, chips and salsa. Let the future unfold. about 16 hours ago

Vero Beach is Florida.  About a five hour drive from New Orleans. 

Name wavyhairgirl
Location New Orleans, LA
Recently Tornado threat over apparently 19 minutes ago

Name aliciammyers
Location New Orleans
Recently So the worst is over? When can we come back? when will power be on? about 1 hour ago

Name eswanny
Location New Orleans
Recently And rather than provide information, the weather channel would prefer to show pictures of flying debris. Fail, weather channel... about 4 hours ago

Name amberdodd
Location New Orleans, LA
Recently Just walked around. Windy! Lots of trees/branches down. Ready for electricity now, thx. 6 minutes ago

Wow.  Amderdodd walked around.  So that confirms it's not as bad as three years ago. 

Name GraceWilson
Location New Orleans    Web
Recently The worst of the wind is over... the rain is light and misty.... I see where they say the levees are overtopping in the Upper 9... VIVA NOLA about 3 hours ago

Name LaJuneBaby
Location New Orleans, LA
Bio Sleepless in New Orleans
Recently Cooking out with friends....and playing the music LOUD!! No neighbors around so LET'S ROCK!!!! about 20 hours ago

There's more at Twitter.

Sarah Palin's Family Should Not Be Blogger's Focus

I have a simple standing rule that I will write about what the candidate does, but not what the elected officials family does.   What the family says is different, but even then the only words that matter are what the person says about the candidate's performance or actions.  John Edwards is a great example.

I wrote about his actions of infidelity and how it was unfair to his wife.  But the focus was John Edwards, and no one else to start.

Thus, I take issue with the look at what Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's family does.  They're not running for office; she is.  I do hope this frenetic pace of attention her family's getting passes quickly so we can go back to looking at Sarah Palin herself.

If you keep looking at her family, you will not know Palin's not ready for her 3 AM phone call.

John McCain Checks Out Sarah Palin's Butt In First Speech Friday - Video

Ok.  Now, I've seen everything, and I mean everything.  Here's the jedreport with the video to end all videos in this political season -- at least so far -- and shows Senator John McCain taking glances as the butt of Governor Sarah Palin as he's listening to her speak.  If you think I'm kidding, look at this photo:
Are you kidding me?  The video shows this over and over again, and not the same one.  But several times.  It looks like Senator McCain's about to burst with excitement.  At some points in the video, McCain's fingering his wedding finger as if to remind himself he's married.  
And so we see the real reason he picked Governor Palin: sex.  He's only met her once and from all of the Internet buzz about her problems and beyond the Trouper-Gate Scandal, it seems McCain's staff either did their homework and McCain ignored them or they did little home work at all.  
But look at this jedreport video for yourself: