Saturday, November 12, 2005

Someone Asked Me About My Match.Com Experience - This is What I Wrote...

"...Thanks for the reply.

As to Match and I, I've not really "used" it. I joined last year in February but then starting in the middle of last year my life took a turn. My step father's cancer condition worsened. I was flying to Atlanta each month and then the trips increased.

He died in March.

Then I had a dream that my father passed in January, so I tracked him down. He was indeed ill. I flew to Chicago about four times, and met my half sisters in June for the first time.

He passed just four weeks ago.

On top of all that, my Mom got breast cancer in January --- she beat it. But I was still flying to Atlanta to help her and just keep her company. She now works for the SBA in Houston on a termporary assignment to help people impacted by Katrina get loans. This at 71 years old.

Over this time I've lost friends because ...they were not friends. Where I was there for them, they were too self-absorbed.

So, I have been just plain trying to meet people who are better. Who have a better hearts. Not just via Match.

That written, I've not been "out" with anyone. I'm so emotionally sensitive that I busy myself with work, and most of the time just stay home or go to the gym -- a lot. I frankly can't remember a year where I've cried so much and so frequently.

I've also worked to spend more time with the people who've been my friends and who have shown they care..."

That's the honest truth. I'll also add that websites like tend to be used as appliances to search for fantasy relationships. In other words, I think it makes people less interested in trying to make their current relationships work.

In all of this, I do think it's important to have a strong relationship with God. In other words some spritual "grounding." I don't look down on people who may not believe in God, as that act in itself is not good.