Friday, September 03, 2010

Jan Brewer Debate Gaffe Shows Brewer Is Not Executive Material

To say that Arizona Republican Governor Janet Brewer blew it in her debate performance is an understatement. By now you know Brewer totally flubbed her opening statement in her debate against Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, but in case you don't the video is an introduction to her.

This space has been extremely critical of Governor Brewer and suspected that she was far too impatient because she was not a quick study and so-fueled by a dangerous mix of racism and power-lust that she was not executive material.

it would be easy to cause her to make a misstep in a discussion. But to this degree was unexpected.

What obviously happened is that Governor Brewer forgot her talking points, and could not come up with an original thought. Arizona has her as Governor?

Governor Brewer was, in part, the focus of my video on Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law:

Arizona can right this amazing wrong of a Governor by voting for Terry Goddard in November.

Stay tuned.

CNN News On YouTube at

Now, you can get up to the minute videos posted by CNN News on YouTube at

In seeking a way to add a news information widget that was informative, entertaining, respected, and space saving, WidgetBox, which produces the Zennie Abraham Widget (currently at 426 installs), once again provided the basis for a novel approach. The CNN News video widget.

The CNN News video widget was created specifically for the blog. It's located in the upper left area of the blog and just above the pages section. Visitors can now see three kinds of videos: Zennie62 on YouTube videos on news, videos, and pop-culture, videos installed for blog posts by Zennie Abraham or bloggers, and CNN News videos.

What's great about CNN News is that it's an established brand that's well-respected and frankly without the hyper conservative-cut that's come to dominate cable news. While I have been critical of specific CNN shows and some contributors for being racist, the basic respect for the CNN brand has never wavered.  I will continue to push my friends at CNN in the future.

CNN iReport Relationship

As the CNN iReport Initiative is a favorite of this space, and this blogger has been on CNN nationally several times, it was only right to include CNN in this major addition to the blog.

CNN News is an established name that signals international news coverage - just what we want for the changes coming to We welcome CNN News to, as our effort to expand beyond just me, Zennie Abraham, continues to move forward.

Harold Ford Jr., A Democrat, Pumps GOP's Sarah Palin For President

Harold Ford Jr. 
This space never has had anything negative to blog about Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. until today. His statement about Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was so grating the television set was turned off.

Ford said that Palin was going to run for President and that she was "formidable." That was when this space wondered if Ford was being paid by a Republican operative.

Sarah Palin has so many errors and mistakes that will be tossed back at her in the middle of a presidential campaign it would be embarrassing. Ford saying she was "formidable" just gives hope to her foolish faithful. There's not much more to say there.

But there is more to say about Ford claiming he's a Democrat but, and beyond Sarah Palin, sounding like he's a Republican when on NBC's Morning Joe. Instead of talking about what's wrong with Republicans and The Tea Party, he goes all Fox News on us and talks about what's right with Republicans.

Now I know Ford's trying to get paid by someone with the GOP. The best move for Ford is to get out of the Democratic Party.

USC Football: Lake Kiffin A Twitter Trend After 49 36 Win Over Hawaii

Lane Kiffin
USC Football started the first lost season after its NCAA Football punishment of a season where they can't go to a bowl game (here's why) with a win: 49 to 36 over Hawaii. For USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin it could not have been fun to sit through.

Not only did Coach Kiffin's team give up 588 yards to Hawaii, but it showed how the book this space presented on beating USC works in practice. Oh, and because of that and a lot of things, including that the game was on ESPN nationally, Lane Kiffin's a Twitter Trend this morning.

USC Is In Trouble

In the past, USC would not have allowed a team like the Hawaii Warriors to run up 588 yards of total offense, because their defensive pass rush would have been enough to stuff their passing game. But the talent spread is so wide in college football today, and the Internet-fuled trading of ideas for game plans so constant, USC will suffer.

Given that USC has a new scheme under Kiffin, and Hawaii an established one, USC should have had a larger win margin. But what happened is this: the way to beat USC is to spread their defense and throw, short mostly, and often. Hawaii used an offense that had elements of the Piedmont High School A-11, and spread systems, with the Run-And-Shoot, and frustrated the USC's Defense.

Here's the bad news: that's not the only time USC will see that approach all year long. The only way the Trojans can expect to win is to outscore their opponent and have Quarterback Matt Barkley throw five touchdowns a game as he did last night; the USC Defense, unless Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin falls in love with Zone Blitzing, is going to be gassed at the end of every game.

Lane Kiffin Is Hated Man; Not Here

Because of his actions with the Oakland Raiders and The Tennessee Volunteers, Lane Kiffin is described on Twitter as the most hated man in college football. Not here.

I have to profess that I enjoy watching Lane Kiffin's offense at USC and how his thinking has evolved. He's demonstrated a great fluidity in his use of formations, like the outpost-and-settlement formation he used to get a sure two-point conversion last night. There will be more about his offense in this space as the season rolls on.

But this just in: USC will not beat Cal.