Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Redskins Fans Want Donovan McNabb, Not Beck Or Grossman has an interesting blog post titled "Donovan McNabb weighs in on QB talk," where QB challenger John Beck has already penciled himself in as the NFL 2011 Season starter, saying 'he sees himself as the number one QB' even though he's not taken a snap since 2007.

And Rex Grossman, known for coming up with timely interceptions and fumbles to lose games that matter, was quoted as saying he will "definitely" be the starter.

But according to this hard-core Washington Redskins fans this blogger talked to at the 2011 NFL Draft, Donovan McNabb's their man for 2011. Here's the Redskins fan interview video, made after the 2011 NFL Draft Red Carpet:

Frankly, and I agree with the fans I talked to, the Redskins problem is Head Coach Mike Shanahan. He needs to make a commitment to McNabb, and stick with it. What's not right, is that Grossman had a "brain-up" on McNabb, only because he played in Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan's offensive system the year before in Houston.

If Mike and Kyle are really truly good coaches, they can work with a sure-fire NFL Hall-Of-Famer in Donovan McNabb.

And if they can't then it's time for new coaches.

Hepatitis C African Americans, and INCIVEK

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes swelling and infection of the liver, and is particularly active within the African American Community, and at a level called "chronic," representing 22 percent of all known carriers in America.

How this infection spreads by simple blood-to-blood contact and is difficult, if in some cases impossible to detect early on.

Hepatitis C impacts an estimated 270 million to 300 million people Worldwide, 30,000 people in Santa Clara County and 12,000 people in San Francisco, and 2,400 new cases were reported in 2010.

An exciting new drug called INCIVEK, made by Vertex, is said to be the breakthrough drug of the future, today. Moreover, Vertex claims INCIVEK beats the current 40 percent to 45 percent cure rate; patients have a whopping 80 percent cure rate in clinical trials done thus far. But with all this, it's not a vaccine, and it's not yet approved by the FDA, but it reportedly increases the chance that someone undergoing treatment for HVC will be cured by the end of treatment.

This is an interesting - hell, exciting - new development that this blogger will be following in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.
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Steve Mariucci at NFL Draft
Steve Mariucci at NFL Draft
Sam, Stephanie,and Courtney - masters of Bay To Breakers PR and media
Sam, Stephanie,and Courtney - masters of Bay To Breakers PR and media