Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mike Huckabee Drops Out Of The Race Tonight

I'm watching Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee give a speech that eventually will lead to his annoucing that he's dropping out of the Presidential Race according to the Associated Press. It's too bad because I thought in many ways he was a more compelling candidate than John McCain, who's the obvious Republican Presidential nominee at this point.

Well, he just is.

Congrats to McCain, but kudos to Huckabee for giving it his all.

Obama Ahead In Texas But With 2 Percent of The Vote

MSNBC's reporting that Obama's ahead and this is confirmed by a more reliable source, the webpage of the Texas Legislature. A review with just over 2 percent of the total votes reporting shows Obama actually increasing his lead by a percent, and is as of this writing about 11 percent ahead of her.

Right now, I'm at an Obama election party at Tosca, one of two I signed up to attend. And yes, I brought my video camera.

Super Tuesday Two - Early Returns Obama & McCain Wins Vermont

That's the report from a number of news sources but with 20 percent of the votes in, Barack Obama's projected to win Vermont, and John McCain has taken the state as well.

Campbell Brown's Legs: CNN Ratings Cure - Campbel Brown Should Wear Short Skirts

As it stands, CNN's getting clobbered by Fox News in the ratings, except for when CNN has debates and it's Super Tuesday coverage, but other than that, it's Fox all the way. Now, I personally don't like CNN's biased reporting, covered by the "idea" that they're the best political reporting team and all that crap, but if Dave Bohrman and the rest of the CNN producers get their act together they're on to something.

I think a good place to start is with Campbell Brown.

I mean have you seen her legs? And after she had her little one she's looking better than ever. Look, everyone knows CNN's biased and that's been quite obvious during this election with their constant pushing of Senator Clinton, who's not going to beat Senator Obama for the Democratic Primary. Why not just take off the venir of being unbiased and let it all hang out like Fox does.

Have fun. And while the fun's going, show Campbell Brown at her female best.

Look. NBC had no problem showing Campbell's legs as you can see here. And she didn't seem to have much of a problem with it either. Plus, if they bump up her pay and make her more of a focus, the ratings will skyrocket!

Brett Farve Annouces Retirement Today - NFL.com

The NFL's Official Website NFL.com has a great tribute to Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Farve, who announced his retirement today. More on this development later, but it opens the door for Cal's Aaron Rodgers to take over the offense. Rodgers was the Packers number one pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Slate Delegate Calculator Shows Obama Lead Even With Clinton Wins

The sheer power of Senator Barack Obama's eleven straight primary wins and its impact on the delegate race can be seen just by using Slate's Delegate Calculator. It's an online device where one can test how overall or specific state-by-state percentage wins effect the overall delegate race.

I've found that even if Senator Clinton were to win all of the remaining contests by an average of 10 percent for each state, including today's "Super Tuesday" primaries -- a total of 16 primaries and contests -- Senator Obama would still hold an overall lead in pledged delegates, but need 392 superdelegates to reach 2,025.

Right now, he has 208 Superdelegates.

Now, think about this. Even if Clinton WON each -- each state -- from now on and by an average of 10 percent, Obama would still have the lead in delegates 1,633 to 1,576.

That's why there's so much pressure for Clinton to get out of the race. There's no realistic scenario where Clinton could win all of the states and have the delegate lead. The only one is totally unrealistic and that's for Clinton to win 60 to 40 in all of the remaining states, including today. That means she would have to see a 20 point average win.

That's not going to happen.

Now what would happen if Senator Obama won each state by an average of 10 percent? (Something more likely than the Clinton example.) Then Obama would have 1,732 delegates, with Clinton at 1,477 delegates; Obama needs 293 Superdelegates; he has 208 now.

That means if 95 undeclared Superdelegates move to back Obama, it's over under this scenario.

Obama By Four?

OK. So what if Obama won by a four percent average in each primary and caucus, including today's events? Then Obama would need 323 Superdelegates; since he has 208 as of this writing, then 125 undeclared Superdelegates would have to back Obama.

According to MSNBC, Obama's campaign says they have 50 Superdelegates ready to back Obama. If they all sign up, that means he only needs 75 more to support him and it's over. This may be the most likely outcome of all. At least we should consider it a benchmark.

Fox News Ainsley Earhardt Likes Wearing Skirts; Showing Legs

In more proof that Fox News ratings prowess comes from their female hosts showing their legs , we have Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt proudly proclaiming that at Fox News women wear skirts because they're, well, women. She then says that they could wear pants but the male show hosts explain they like the skirts.

I'l bet they do. Here's the video:


Keith Olbermann Points To Clinton Fear-Mongering

Yep. IF you want to learn what crap the Clinton campaign's throwing at America on the eve of Super Tuesday Two, you've come to the right place. This is a video of Keith Olbermann's show featuring Rachel Medow of Air America Radio. They look at the Clinton 3:10 AM ad and pick it apart as "Something a person running for John McCain's Vice Presidential seat" would do.