Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nevada Caucus Lawsuit Dumped By Judge; Caucus Will Go On Saturday

In a big win for the Cullinary Workers Union 226 and Senator Barack Obama, and a huge loss for the Nevada Teachers Union and Senator Hillary Clinton, a Nevada Federal Judge issued an order allowing the "casino-based" caucuses to go ahead this Saturday as planned and designed, according to Don Lemon on CNN this morning.

If you have followed this case, you know that after the Cullinary Workers elected to endorse Senator Barack Obama a week ago, the Nevada Teachers Union, which has Clinton supporters in it, filed a lawsuit to block the caucus because they felt it was biased in favor of casino workers and others who had to work on Saturday could not get there. But the problem is that teachers do not work on Saturday.

Moreover, the lawsuit was obviously politically motivated as all of the presidential campaigns agreed to it early on.

But as the Cullinary Workers are mostly minority, the lawsuit was seen as an attack on them and showed the Clinton's as being more concerned with winning an election than the needs of minority workers. Moreover, even though the Clinton's claimed no involvement in the lawsuit, this testy exchange between President Clinton and a KGO San Francisco reporter showed how much they cared about it.

For more on why the Court did not support the lawsuit, see this great DailyKos diary.

Apple MacBook Air At MacWorld San Francisco

This is one of many videos I made at this week's MacWorld San Francisco at Moscone Center, where the star this year is the MacBook Air computer. It's a very, very thin device that only costs $1,799. But according to Mickey Settler, a Mac expert who appears in the video, it has some design flaws that make it less than desirable for current Mac users contemplating a switch.