Thursday, May 27, 2010

50 Cent drops 50 pounds & loses the tattoos By: Nikky Raney

50 Cent, 34, has removed all his tattoos and has gone from 214 to 160 pounds for his role inThings Fall Apart, where he plays a football player with cancer.

The movie was inspired by 50's friend who died of cancer. I understand that for movie roles stars change their body and do certain things to fit the role, but this just looks so sad. It does not look healthy (I know it isn't supposed to look healthy). 50 says not to worry, "I've been eating, I'll be back in shape in no time!"

I wonder how his fans will react this weekend when he is performing. He goes back on tour TOMORROW, and this news has just broken today. I am sure if he had just started performing without explaining his weight loss there would have been a lot of rumors and tabloid craze over this.

Tony Yayo told MTV News that 50 was very dedicated to his role (we can see that!) Yayo says:

"50 doesn't party, he doesn't drink.... 'Man, he has the three D's: desire, determination and [direction].' "

I think what is more shocking (at least to me) is that he got rid of his tattoos.

“I took ‘em off,” he said. “I’ve been on a few acting projects and they been making me get up… My call time is four hours before the regular acting talent because of the tattoos.”

I always picture 50 Cent has the buff man from "In Da Club" with those big muscles and tattoos. I remember he used to speak of his tattoos and how much they meant to him. It seems sad that he got rid of those tattoos for his career as an actor. I know there are a lot of other actors and actresses who would refuse to get rid of their tattoos. He says that it saved time in the make up chair working on covering up the tattoos.

But at least he didn't get rid of the GIANT "50 Cent" on his back!

Lloyd Banks, from G-Unit, says since he was with 50 so much he didn't notice the drastic change as much as others:

"I was around him everyday, so I didn't see it [the dramatic weight-loss transformation] as much as other people did, but when I seen the pictures, it's affected everything,..He's crazy, it was non-stop working, running 10 miles."

Well, even though 50 is a "rapper-turned-actor" I hope that he will be able to bring back the "rapper" side of him for this weekend's kick off of his tour. I am sure he won't disappoint any of his fans.

(I wonder what Eminem thinks of this!)

Post written by The Future of Journalism's Nikky Raney

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