Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton Song Of Choice? "Jack - U - Off" - Wonkette

Oh boy. This is a hoot. I saw this on Wonkette and had to post it in full.

Hill's Campaign Song Revealed!

Good choice, Hill! The American people are tired of the masturbator! Sing along with Hillary!

If your man ain’t no good Come on over 2 my neighborhood
We can jump in the sack and I’ll jack U off
Our Campaign Song [HillaryClinton.com]

Senator Barack Obama Outworks Senator Clinton in Senate - Stats Prove It

For all of those who pick at Senator Barack Obama for having little experience, he sure is a hard working Senator.

Since he entered the Senate in 2005, Barack Obama's sponsored 152 bills according to the Library of Congress , or about 76 each year. GovTrak says that his record of getting those bills out of committee is "average" but overall his record is miles ahead of his presidential challenger, Senator Hillary Clinton.

According to GovTrack, Senator Hillary Clinton has sponsored 308 bills since 2001, or about 44 each year. That breaks down to one sponsored bill every 8.29 days.

By contrast, Senator Barack Obama has a rate of one sponsored bill over every 4.8 days.

In other words, Senator Obama sponsors an average of one bill each week, where's Senator Clinton sponsors an average of one bill every two weeks.

When it comes to getting those pieces of legislation out of committee, again, Senator Obama tops Senator Clinton. Senator Obama's "out of committee" rate is considered "average" according to GovTrack, but Senator Hillary Clinton's rate is not just ranked as "poor" but "very poor."

This raises the question of how effective Senator Clinton will be as president if she's not successful in getting bills out of committee.

CNN Shows It's Anti-Obama Bias Again Today - Issues Don Lemon To Do Hit

CNN -- every working to downplay the shining star that is Senator Barack Obama along with the USA Today -- has shown it's anti-Obama bias again today. In a segment on the appearance of Senator Obama and Gov. Bill Richardson at the "Take Back America" rally, CNN devoted over 30 second to Richardson's more reasoned statements, while giving Senator Obama just 10 seconds and showing him in what were obviously closing statements of excitement.

Then, anchor Don Lemon is instructed to read a teleprompter which reports that Richardson crticized all the presidential candidates, "including Obama."

CNN's presidential coverage is just plain biased and terrible.

Shocking Boing 747 Beach Runway Landing

Taking a break from politics for one post, we have this spectacular landing of a 747 onto a runway placed right next to a beach where people walk and a major street. It's the most up-close and shocking video of its kind I've ever seen. The plane is just too close.