Sunday, June 11, 2006

CNET - CNET Woman Has A Problem...

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After filming I looked for a seat and found one next to this brunette who turned out to be a reporter for CNET. Ha. She was talking to a balding older white guy to her left -- I was to her right -- and apparently peppering him with questions. Meanwhile Ted Tagami -- who I've known since high school and played a major role in Vloggercon -- came over to say something to her and recognized me.

Through all this, she never asked me one question -- and the guy to her left was someone she just met. The only reason I knew she worked for CNET is I asked her who she was representing. See, she had a pad and pen and was writing. At a vlogging conference, you come with a camcorder.

Regardless of my questions -- just two -- and Ted, she asked me nothing. And when I passed by her in the hallway later in the day, she turned as if to avoid me -- I kept walking. And what did I do? Nothing. Do I think she would not have done that if I were white?


Look, after a time on Earth, you can figure out what's going on with some people. It was insulting and a great example of how racism really is a mental illness. It kept her from being a good reporter. In my view she did a terrible job. I noticed she didn't even try to interview the Rocketboom people and they're huge! A good reporter never brings their hangups and race issues into a work situation. This woman did. CNET can do better.

Vloggercon - Scenes From Day One

This is a video I took on the Saturday before the start of Vloggercon. I'm in what could be called the event's "main room." Here's where some -- but not all -- of the sessions were held. As you can see all of the seats are not filled, people are filing in, and the sponsor tables are still half empty. Oh, what Vloggercon would be just that without vloggers: myself and someone who was "flying" over me. And the guy nodding to me is Bill Streeter, a well-known Vlogger. You'll see.
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Vloggercon - "Secrets Of Videoblogging" A New Book

At Vloggercon, Schlomo, one of the organizes of Vloggercon, gave me a copy of a neat book called "Secrets Of Videoblogging" This video's a brief introduction to the book and one of it's writers.
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