Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aaron Rodgers Terry Bradshaw-like Delivery Key to Passing Success

Aaron Rodgers

One reason for Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers passing success in the NFL 2010 Preseason and in 2009, has been his short, efficient release.

Unlike Denver Broncos Rookie Tim Tebow, who's still working to improve his delivery, Rodgers has had six years to work on his. The result is a form that's not unlike Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Here's Bradshaw below. Watch his throwing motion. The arm comes up to his shoulders, as the forearm is cocked back to just behind his head. Then his elbow comes forward before his forearm; then his forearm launches forward to release the ball.

Now, watch Aaron Rodgers against The Seattle Seahawks this preseason, and take note of his passing style:

It favorably compares to that of Bradshaw's in form. There's little wasted motion in getting the ball to its receiving target.

The Packers still have a long way to go defensively. They can get into shootouts, but this space questions their ability to come out of them on the winning end.

The preseason matters little.

Packers Aaron Rodgers Efficient; Peyton Manning Robbed By Officials

Aaron Rodgers
Preseason games are generally meaningless affairs, unless it's The Green Bay Packers vs. The Indianapolis Colts on ESPN Thursday (Monday) Night Football.

Then, the small value of the contest is overshadowed by Colts QB Manning's feud with NFL Officials and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers continued passing efficiency.

The Packers won 59 to 24, but the game was over when the head NFL Official decided to use his power to rob Indy Quarterback Peyton Manning of a game.

Aaron Rodgers finished the game with 21 of 29 for 195 yards and three touchdowns for a passer rating of 124.9. Over three preseason games, Rodgers has had 41 completions in 53 attempts for 470 yards, six touchdowns, and no interceptions. The former California Quarterback's passer rating is a blistering 141.23.

Colts Manning Robbed

While Rogers was enjoying the continuation of a blistering performance that may be a set-up for a regular season fall, Manning was involved in what became a personal battle with the NFL officiating crew.

The new NFL rules governing where the umpire stands - now behind the quarterback rather than near the football on the side of the defense - have effectively blunted any attempt at a hurry-up offense.

As expertly pointed out by the ESPN crew of Mike Terrico, John Gruden, and Ron Jaworski, Manning set out to test the new rule because it harmed the Colts' up-tempo offensive approach.

Constantly using check-with-me play calls at the line-of-scrimmage, Manning gave the officiating crew fits by forcing them to hurry up, get their act together, and have the ball in place and ready before he was ready.

More often than not, the Umpire and crew looked like a bunch of weekend warriors trying to keep-up with the pace of play. After a time, it was too much for them, and flags for "illegal snap" started to fly. The last one of two illegal snaps came just before an obviously flustered Peyton Manning fumbled the football away to the Packers, who returned it for a touchdown.

Game Score Not Reflecting Game Reality

That game-long feud between Manning and the NFL Officials negatively impacted Colts momentum and the team slowly gave up the game. After a time, a once competitive contest became a route, and Manning had proved his point.

NFL Needs To Give Umpires Pads

Rather than move the Umpire, the NFL should have the person wear football gear to reduce the chance of injury. In that way, Umpire could go back to the old and more efficient position on the defensive side yet worry less about play-related injury.

The Colts lost the game because of the officials and in a way seldom seen. The NFL needs to correct this problem in some way before the 2010 season starts. Otherwise, the issue will come up again and again and taint the quality of the game.

2010 Midterm Elections: Most Important Elections Of This Century

The current state of the US economy makes the 2010 Midterm Elections the most important election of this century. Every election has important issues, but this November will determine whether we return to the failed policies of the GOP or continue to dig America out of the mess created by the last Republican administration.

Voter turn out is generally higher in Presidential elections, yet with 80% of eligible adults registered in America, less than half are expected to cast a ballot this November.

In the US House of Representatives, the overall national vote by itself does not directly determine the election outcome since that vote is spread out over 435 districts. Many districts are highly competitive while others currently are not. Given the Democrats' majority status (257 seats), it is unlikely that Republicans in the next election will win the number of seats necessary for them to become the majority party.

Losing control of the Senate is not totally out of the question. To be sure, the White House plans to continue to shape the mood of voters by touting its accomplishments, blaming Republicans for unprecedented filibustering, and railing against the Bush failed policies. The question is, will that be enough to sway angry American voters in November.

Yesterday Ed Schultz, Progressive Radio talk show host and star of the Ed Show on MSNBC, urged Democrats to differentiate themselves and their platform in clear terms. “What I want to know is, if the base comes out and keeps you in the majority in the House and Senate, or maybe even gain some seats and goes against the experts...what are you going to do? Is it going to be the same? I think the base wants fire and brimstone.” Schultz went on to give a list of what he feels the Democratic base wants to hear from the left to encourage voter turnout:

In San Diego, there are 5 congressional districts with four incumbents seeking reelection. The most crucial votes will likely be the hotly contested Senate race pitting incumbent Barbara Boxer (D) against Republican challenger Carly Fiorina and the Governor's race between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. High unemployment and a nearly $20 billion budget gap continue to plague California this election cycle.

With millions of unemployed Americans hurting across the nation, the most vocal voter base may be the 99ers. (Those who have exhausted all UI benefits months ago and are hanging on by a thread) Millions of angry 99ers continue to lobby Washington for their Tier 5 benefits, which may or may not be addressed by Congress before the November elections.

Either way you look at it, the 2010 Midterm Elections are shaping up to be the most important election of this century.

Suzannah B. Troy calls the S.E.C to ask date Steve Rattner ruling

I called the S.E.C and was transferred to consumer affairs and advocacy -- my IPhone 4 kept cutting out but the woman answering the phone was kind and SANE so I had no problem finally leaving my name and number.  I left a detailed message and I wait for a call back.  Stay tuned....

I explained I am a blogger and activist and I cover a lot of issues re: Mike Bloomberg and corruption and  I read Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th over and over but the newspapers never give a date as to when the S.E.C. is going to actually rule on whether Steve Rattner is going to be banned three years or not.

If so this is highly unusual and sends a very powerful message.  For people who don't understand what is the S.E.C.  think of them as the police, the NYPD of  all kinds of trading on exchange -- stocks, bonds, etc.

Rattner is king Mike Bloomberg's money manager and he urged Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term because both Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg do not respect limits of any kinds and perhaps they and the Bloomberg gang had investments and real estate deals, etc. that would greatly benefit if king Mike was in office.

The issue for me also is that it was a conflict of interest for Steve Rattner to be involved in pension fund investments and in the Vanity Fair issue with Lady Gaga on the cover the article on  Ratter says that Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity from going to jail -- he got a 12 million dollar fine instead ---Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity because he found Rattner less than forth coming and the deal was no jail if he would speak up.  The S.E.C. found Rattner even less talkative pleading the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has run for mayor.

Right now people are not paying attention to this or the fact that Mike Bloomberg's appointed representes on the Charter Commission have give city council members a third term with out the people of New York voting on term limits again!

Democracy has been flushed down the toilet here in NYC by Mike Bloomberg again....last year denying us a referendum and now again preventing us from voting on term limits with an immediate impact of either yes or no but mystically the term limits vote won't be in the hands of New Yorkers again for quite awhile thanks to Mike Bloomberg and his friends and more and more people are saying Bloomberg and gang including 3rd term city council continues to throw democracy away for big hefty wheeling and dealings.   When Mike Bloomberg talks about the mosque by the WTC site and democracy it is hard to take him seriously because he has yet again pushed through 3rd terms for city council with out allowing New Yorkers a say and people are asking how great are his business dealings in Dubai and talk is he is expanding....

Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner are slick talkers -- Steve isn't lately pleading the 5th over and over to the S.E.C. but for most New Yorkers the word on the street is Mike Bloomberg and smoke and mirrors.

The question is will the S.E.C. clear away some smoke and forth some truth and accountability that will hurt Mike Bloomberg as much as Steve Rattner because Rattner manages billions of Mike Bloomberg's private empire and if he is busted by the S.E.C Mike will have to shift that money yet again.  Rattner shifted it out of Quadrangle because he thought Quadrangle would take the fall and not him. Steve Rattner was wrong.  If Rattner is wrong again the money will once again half to be shifted but Steve Rattner can't touch the money and handle it for 3 years if the S.E.C. bans him and the book he had ghost written bragging how he supposedly saved the auto industry might not make The New York Times best seller list or be plugged by The New York Daily News even though I have read and heard Steve Rattner is also good friends with owner of these papers and managed their money as well.

USC AD Pat Haden Acts Like Wimp In Treatment of Reggie Bush

USC traded a warrior athletic director for a wimp. While some alums (ok, a lot of USC alums) didn't like Former USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett's bedside manner, there was no question where he stood: with USC.

By contrast, where new USC Athletic Director Pat Haden stands is not exactly with USC and all the players who made it what is it is, but with making USC and himself look good at the expense of the USC player when it suits him, in this case USC and New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush.

 That kind of behavior reveals that Haden is, in the opinion of this space, two-faced and spineless.

High school football players should take Haden's opportunistic behavior as a clue and avoid attending or playing for USC. You could be the one USC uses to gain millions in revenue, only to disown you when the weather of public opinion goes bad. Is that what you want?

As a Cal Alum it's fun to watch USC go through its problems, but we all know its meaningless if USC continues to beat the crap out of Cal on the gridiron. Reggie Bush was part of those at times lopsided wins against Cal that helped sell USC season tickets, hats, jerseys, and those silly "We are number one" finger hands. USC made millions of dollars from Reggie Bush, yet fails to stand behind him in his and its  darkest hour.

IF Bush Is To Return Heisman, USC Should Return Its Revenue

For Pat Haden to get on The Dan Patrick Show and trash Reggie Bush, basically asking him to give back the Heisman Trophy he so rightfully won, was shameful, horrible, and funny.  Shameful because of how USC's athletic business benefitted from Bush' performance. Horrible, because Former USC Head Coach and Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll gets off scot free, and is allowed to enjoy the fruits of his USC success with none of the headache that came with the Bush scandal. Funny, because both Hayden and Carroll are allowed to get away with this murder of Reggie Bush by the media.

Constant readers of this space who have a nervous twinge about race are certainly waiting for a mention of it. To appease them, of course it looks like Reggie Bush as the modern black slave who toiled for a university, apparently did what was asked of him (which is the rub) and is now being told by that same institution he can't even step on campus.

USC says its filing an appeal to the NCAA sanctions. Under Mike Garrett, that looked like a serious effort; under Pat Haden it looks like a joke.  For Haden, that appeal should be reflected in an expressed willingness to fight for all that is USC. Instead Pat Haden wants to look good for the public and throw Bush under the bus, which is like saying "We're not going to appeal to the NCAA and we were wrong. See how I'm treating Reggie? I'm trying to make up, NCAA!"

That's awful.

If Pat Haden had any spine at all, he left it on the playing field a long time ago.

Montana Fishburne Playboy Photo Test and Kim Kardashian Influence

Montana Fishburn
According to, Laurence Fishburn's daughter Montana Fishburne is really trying to get out from under the large shadow cast by her father and in a big way. First there was the porn film and then we have the Playboy Photo Test.

The photos, which were reportedly done before anyone knew about the sex tape she made, reportedly feature full frontal nudity. According to The New York Daily News, the photos did not meet Playboys standards for publication. (What were they?) claims Montana Fishburne is trying to follow Kim Kardashian's path to fame. But doesn't that mean she uses Twitter? If so, it's hard to figure out which Twitter account belongs to Montana Fishburn. It is TheRealChippyD or just plain old Montana Fishburn? If it's the former, her tweets are protected, which is very un-Kim Kardashian-like. If it's the latter, she'd better start tweeting more often than she does.

And on the matter of being Kim Kardashian-like, Montana Fishburne said this:

"I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid," Fishburne said in a press release." I'm hoping the same magic will work for me. I'm impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it."

No kidding. Still no word from her father Laurence Fishburne.

Stay tuned.

Elin Nordegren clueless Tiger Woods was cheating? by Suzannah B. Troy

Elin Nordegren says she had no idea that Tiger Woods was cheating. This is hard to believe considering rumors that he was a player before he even married her and that was allegedly not a  secret.   If I was interviewing her I would have asked her were than any clues before you married him of this kind of behavior?  Where you aware that he was a womanizer or sexually promiscuous?   I don't believe she was asked these questions.

Tiger Woods with the help of his friends and I use the word "friends" loosely because they all profit big time from his friendship and the kind word is "enablers"...yes, the kind word choice... yet Tiger Woods behavior was so outrageous including all the phone calls and texting it is hard to believe Elin Nordegren had no idea and did not see one red flag.

With an guy in a position of power and with a high sex drive the only way to prevent him from cheating is to be with him all the time and or get a GPS for his well you fill in the words.  If you noticed your husband has a high sex drive and he is not spending time with you but is away a lot  wouldn't you ask him, hey honey what are you doing about your lusty  libidinal impulses even out of curiosity?  I don't believe Elin Nordegren is lying but I do believe she too was in denial not just Tiger Woods.   Tiger Woods was in denial that he would ever get caught.  Woods treated his many mistresses like sub-humans and he still does not get that or take responsibility for his lousy treatment.  But that being said, no one except those involved including Tiger Woods enablers could imagine how crazy out of control Tiger Woods was like a bad cheap XXX porn movie....unreal.

I do believe completely Elin NOrdegren has suffered greatly and the toll it took on her body and health.  I had a very different situation but very disturbing violating experience and I had all the same symptoms including hair loss, weight loss, insomnia and I am sure a lot of women experiencing traumatic events identify no cheating husband required to suffer those symptoms.

I don't think the global audience that consumes People Magazine and celebrity news will share my skepticism.  As I blogged yesterday, I do believe this People Magazine due out this Friday will outsell the Sandra Bullock People.    Most people will be very sympathetic to Elin Nordegren who went from an au pere to a mega-millionaire but I am not sure many women would want to trade places with her.  Elin Nordegren will come out on top and doing this was a smart and shrewd move on her part because people thought she would be silent as part of paid legal agreement like some of Tiger Woods mistresses.   Tiger Woods paid his mistresses for silence but not his wife so very shrewd and powerful.

The children are the victims and just because the parents are divorced doesn't mean this is the end for the kids but in fact this will haunt the kids always unless they are given a lot of therapy and tools to deal with the long term aftermath.

Sweet and touching quotes from Elin and Sam but I can't help feeling this will impact the children in long term ways.    I know one symptom of dealing with my parents crumbling marriage and divorce was serious weight gain.  How about 50 pounds so not a good sign that Sam offers her Mom food to comfort her....I am glad that both Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods will have to take parenting classes.  I wish they made parents take these classes before they have children.

Ashley Bell Wins Acclaim For The Last Exorcist

Ashley Bell stars in a movie that's getting a surprisingly high level of buzz and all because of her performance. Eli Roth's The Last Exorcist should be expected to do well at scaring people, but not such that it's already showing signs of becoming a cult classic hit.

Roth is known for making low-budget horror movies that gross multiples of their cost, and has done so repeatedly.

But given the buzz for Ashley Bell (her name is the number one most searched Google Trend as of this writing), The Last Exorcist looks to be a blockbuster.

The thing everyone's talking about is that Ashley Bell does her own stunts. Some of her work is evident in this trailer:

The last scene in the trailer is all Asley Bell. Reportedly no special effects were used.


Oakland Mayor's Race: Sierra Club Forum Has Excellent Turn Out

Don Perata's first Oakland Mayor's Race Forum
A full turn out for the Sierra Club Forum saw Former Senator Don Perata make his first appearance in an Oakland Mayoral Forum.

Thanks to New Media, this blogger learned that Larry Lionel Young Jr. was surprisingly polished candidate for someone who's campaign started late and is stil not really visible. Perhaps the TV cameras will help.

Marcy Hodge has to ask if she's really taking this who deal of running for Mayor of Oakland seriously beyond filing, because she did not participate in the forum.

One person observed that Don Perata was a "major thud," as was Joe Tuman, which is hard to believe, but apparently my source expected more detailed responses from both of them. Terrance Candell was said to have performed much better than my past criticism would imply for future forums.

Greg Harland was said to have done "OK," and thoughtful on environmental issues, though my source's view of Harland is entirely clouded by his dislike for Harland's position on cutting police salaries. Don Macleay was given higher marks for presentation than in past forums.

Unfortunately, Councilmember Jean Quan, again, attacked Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. For some reason, Jean has to publicly demonstrate some kind of annoyance with Rebecca that's goes beyond logic in a campaign.

I was also told that Arnie Fields was there "in body only," and that's about it. I'll have to take that up with Arnie directly.

Many of the candidates had their groupies; Kaplan's headed over to her sports policy talk event afterward, or at least many of them did.

In all, it was the first forum of the Oakland Mayor's Race to include Don Perata.  To which we say, "What took you so long."

Developing... Stay tuned.