Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Supports Revised FISA Bill Today

Upsetting Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Senator John McCain, who has to reach for the tired "flip-flop" strategy, Senator and Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama backed the passage of "FISA", The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, in the Senate today.

Developing story.

Julie Donaldson, Sports Reporter Testifies Ivan Lattimore Beat Her

Julie Donaldson, Sports Reporter Testifies Ivan Lattimore Beat Her

In an unfortunate and sad twist of events, Julie Donaldson, the famous New York Mets features producer and sports reporter who's Internet popularity rocketed with a video of her being doused with beer by celebrating NY Mets after they won the pennant in 2006 that became so popular one can't even find it anymore, has testified that her bofriend Ivan Lattimore bear her.

In a case of "What was she thinking", the Boston Globe reports:

Since she and Lattimore started dating, Donaldson said, there have been at least four violent episodes. The first, she said, occurred at the Super Bowl in Arizona and resulted in bruises on her arms. "I wore a long sleeve shirt and didn't tell anyone," she said.

The second attack was more serious, she said. After a Celtics game against the Miami Heat on March 30, Donaldson said that she lied to Lattimore about her whereabouts and that he was waiting for her when she returned to her apartment.

"He grabbed me by my hair and took my hands by my wrists and made me punch my face," she said, adding that she had to miss work the next day because of bruises on her face. A few months ago, she said, another fight ensued after a night of drinking at Sonsie on Newbury Street.

Why women -- some women -- chose guys like Ivan Lattimore is beyond me. He's a nut case.