Monday, June 19, 2006

A380 Delayed Again; Scandal - Video Of A380 Landing

Better safe than crached. While the Airbus A380 may be losing money because of the delays, that's nothing compared to what would happen if one of them crashed due to negligence. They should be careful. Here's a video of an A380 comin into land at Perpignan.

EADS top exec on the defensive
Questions about Airbus A380 delay, stock sale loom

By August Cole, MarketWatch
Last Update: 3:00 AM ET Jun 17, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Airbus's former chief executive, Noel Forgeard, already on the defensive after the botched delivery of its next-generation flagship jet, is under further assault from customers, investors and even his employer.
EADS, the largest aerospace company in Europe and parent of Airbus is reportedly probing Forgeard's knowledge of electrical system development delays with the Airbus A380. Forgeard, now co-chief executive of EADS, told a radio station Friday that he was apprised of the situation in April.

And French financial regulators also disclosed Friday they have been looking into the trading of EADS (FR:005730: news, chart, profile) shares for weeks, and will be looking at the latest revelations as part of their investigation.
Forgeard sold Airbus shares, as did other directors, in a trading window that opened in March, according to EADS. See full story.

The timing couldn't be worse for Airbus, which is the only rival to Boeing Co. in the revived commercial-jetliner market.
The aerospace industry is just one month away from gathering in Farnborough, England, for what is arguably its most significant trade show of the year. Instead of wowing attendees with the massive, A380, and a much anticipated design to challenge Boeing's composite-built 787 Dreamliner, the spotlight is likely to be on Forgeard's woes and impatient airlines waiting for their 555-seat jets.

And with the attention on the U.K. for the air show, British firm BAE Systems is planning to sell its 20% stake in Airbus -- effectively making Airbus a Franco-German operation.

That sale follows a similar move by French media firm Lagardere which announced they were reducing their Airbus holdings in April. See full story.

Airbus' shareholder structure is changing at a critical juncture for the aircraft maker, eager to outsell and outsell deliver Boeing for another year.

The global airline industry is in the midst of a rebound, and even some of the large U.S. airlines are expected to turn a profit.

Santonio Holmes - Steelers WR Holmes faces domestic violence charge - ESPN and AP

I'm not sure this is the case of the Steelers not doing their homework. Or is it? They gave up a lot to get him. But .... He's a father as well. Did they ask if he was a good dad?

Steelers WR Holmes faces domestic violence charge
Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes was charged early Monday with assaulting a woman, his second arrest since he was chosen in the first round of the NFL draft.

Holmes was arrested at an apartment just after midnight and taken to the Franklin County jail, Sgt. Loucious Hollis said. The 22-year-old player is to remain in jail until his arraignment Tuesday on charges of domestic violence and simple assault, both misdemeanors.

Police received a call from a female who said the father of her child had assaulted her, police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woods said. While the officers were making their report at the apartment, Holmes returned and was arrested. Police would not release the woman's name or details about what Holmes was accused of doing.

Before the April draft, Holmes said he hoped he would be a top pick so he could support his three children.

Holmes, who is from Belle Glade, Fla., was arrested in Miami Beach, Fla., on a charge of disorderly conduct during Memorial Day weekend. Steelers coach Bill Cowher criticized Holmes the following week, but said he wouldn't hold the matter against the former Ohio State receiver.

The Steelers did not return a message concerning this latest arrest.

Holmes led the Buckeyes in receiving last season with 53 catches for 977 yards and 11 touchdowns. He gave up his final season of eligibility to make himself available for the draft.

Rachel Sears: Pro Triathlete Runs At The Escape To Alcatraz Triathlon

Rachel Sears is a professional triathlete, friend, and SBS Personality who's been through a lot over the past two years. She's been hit by a car, attacked by a pit bull, and beset with injuries that have caused her to make the "continue or quit" decision many times. She continues, carrying out an ambitious racing schedule that had her at the annual Escape To Alcatraz triathlon.

This race starts as the contestants dive into the waters of the San Francisco Bay from a ship stationed near Alcatraz Island, hence the name of the event. I caught Rachel long after she emerged from the waters of the San Francisco Bay, and as she entered the Bike In, Run Out transition zone, then as she finished the run portion of the "Escape" with a sprint to the finish line, and a wave to the camera guy.

Rachel's a premier coach of triathletes at all age levels. You can reach her and her partner Phil Casanta at HyperCat Racing: