Monday, September 17, 2007

Goodell with Costas: if more"Illegalities" come to light, the penalty will be higher!

Those of us who got home from th Giants Vs.Packers excuse for an NFL game got to relax with "Football night in America." We had the Pleasure of watching Bob Costas interview Mr. Goodell. He spoke eloquently for most of a quarter of an hour about crime and punishment. Not about Mike Vick or Tank Johnson or even David Boston, But about a Coach who had been caught stealing signals from the sidelines of opposing teams via video camera, and an assistant Coach who was found guilty of using a controlled substance. Both men were fined, but was the punishment just in both cases?

I'm not saying if both men deserved to be punished, i'm asking if both punishments were leveled correctly....
Coach Belachick earned a 500,000 personal fine. Thats like hitting me with a $.25 fine for spitting. His salary is around 8 million dollars a year. So 500K comes out to about 6.25% of his yearly salary. This is just punishment?? He SHOULD be suspended for the remainder of the season, as well as the Team losing BOTH First round draft picks! Why? Because he cheated, and it shouldn't be tolerated. On to Coach Wade Wilson, the Cowboys QB coach.
he claimed he took Steroids for his Diabetic condition"to improve the Quality of his life." While i can relate to that being a diabetic myself, if you are in a job that has certain rules about what you can and can not take medically. weather you are a coach or player, you have to follow those rules. Ok, so Coach Wilson took HGH(probably to improve the Quality of his "adult" functions), and was caught. He agreed to cooperate with the legal investigation.
Sure, he should be punished, but should that punishment be almost one third of his 325K a year salary?? Because his actions were criminal, but did not Hurt another person(meaning Not Punitive in nature) just maybe $100.000 is a bit excessive here....I barely Make 1/6th of Coach Wilson's Salary, and if you took away one third of that I'd throw a royal fit. Wade Wilson has a right to question the punishment leveled at him, but not weather he should be punished.

If the Head Coach of a professional Football team needs to "collect" Data on other Coaches' signals,'s time for him to get out of the game. If I were Patriots owner Bob Kraft, knowing that he is the Orthodox Jewish man that he is, I would simply terminate the Coach and Hire someone else 10 minutes ago!