Saturday, July 04, 2009

“Q” for Quintessential – Remembering Steve McNair

“Q” for Quintessential – Remembering Steve McNair

By Michael – Louis Ingram


PHILADELPHIA (BASN): News out of Nashville, Tennessee report that on or about 1:30 P.M. on July 4, 2009, former National Football League MVP and three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Steve McNair was shot several times and killed in a downtown condominium.

A female, who as of this writing has yet to be identified, was also shot and killed.

McNair, born in Mount Olive, Mississippi, set passing records at Alcorn State and won the Walter Payton Award for best 1-AA college player in 1994; McNair would become the first round draft choice of the Houston Oilers the following year.

After a year on the Oilers’ sidelines, McNair became a starter, and the team’s most valuable player as the Oilers left Houston to become the Tennessee Titans.

McNair would go on to play for 13 seasons, appearing in Super Bowl XXXIV against the St. Louis Rams, where he rallied the Titans on their fateful game-tying drive, falling a yard short after a completed slant pattern to WR Kevin Dyson at the Rams’ six-inch line.

Traded to the Baltimore Ravens in 2006, McNair would appear sparingly due to injuries, and retired in 2008.

Now that’s the factual stuff. Forgive me if I stray slightly off target, but this is where my senses and sensibilities have hit the saturation point:

It’s bad enough when someone dies; and it is always a “someone” – someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s lover, someone’s partner.

What makes it worse is that only in death does anyone become a “someone” regardless of what they were before.

Only in death do we all become human.

But the actions in how the story gets out hits at the heart of what we here at BASN endeavor to do in getting the story right.

One particular site (which was so disgusting I will not dignify by giving credit) was so irresponsible in their presentation of the information; first by saying McNair was the victim of a murder-suicide along with his wife approximately three hours after the story hit.

They eventually retracted the information in an update – but left the original info in plain sight – even after requests to take it down!

This is indicative of the downward spiral the mainstream media has helped enable – by lowering the standards; and implying that anyone who can operate a computer automatically qualifies as a journalist.

While there will be more coming out regarding the death of Steve McNair, BASN plans to celebrate McNair’s life with a special edition of Tony McClean’s “The Weekend Sports Rap’ today(Sunday 7-5-09) at noon EST. Featured as guests are BASN’s Lloyd Vance, L.A. Batchelor and myself; along with Dr. Bill Chachkes and Ralph Garcia from the sites Football Reporters Online & the Gridiron Draft Guide.

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Steve McNair found shot dead

News Flash: Steve McNair shot dead.

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