Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whats so Funny Plaxico?

So Mr. Burris, why do you insist that you don't need to be in the Giants off-season program? Don't You remember how "Invisible" you were in the Play-off loss to Carolina, or how you withered away in the month of December While Eli struggled?

When you came to NY last spring you assured us you would be worth your 26+ million dollars, that indeed you are a team player even if you march to a different drummer(in the army, people who march to different drummers either get kicked out, or put in special operations!). Does that march include only knowing how to leap up for a ball and one or two other moves during your pass routes? So that means when you aren't open this year you'll stop WHINING when Eli throws to Tiki out of the backfield, or Jeremy across the middle? Pray tell Plaxico, what will you say when your numbers slip??

Tony Softli New VP of St. Louis Rams - AP and Seattle PI

St. Louis Rams hired a new VP and eliminated the GM position.

ST. LOUIS -- The Rams have restructured their front office, eliminating the general manager position and hiring two vice presidents.

Tony Softli was selected vice president for player personnel, the Rams said Tuesday. Softli, formerly director of college scouting for the Panthers, will lead the player personnel department that will include longtime general manager Charley Armey, whose new title is vice president for pro personnel.

Softli, 46, began working in scouting when the Panthers entered the league in 1995 and took over as director of college scouting in 2000. He is credited with helping draft standouts Julius Peppers, Steve Smith and Kris Jenkins.

Softli has ties to new coach Scott Linehan.

The two worked together on the University of Washington coaching staff in 1994. Before that, Softli was a linebacker for the Huskies.

"Choose or Lose The A's" Meeting - June 20th 2006

While many -- probably you -- were watching the epic Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks NBA Finals game, a giant handful of Oaklanders were holding the third meeting of a group called "Choose or Lose The A's".

Hey, I didn't make up the title. That honor belongs to Robert Limon, who organized this effort which has picked up steam and will be marked by it's first event, a July 7th tailgate party at the Oakland Coliseum in the "B" parking lot.

The group's idea is to drum up enough fan support to encourage elected officials to pay attention to and take real action leading to the retention of the Oakland A's in Oakland. This vlog shows one of the planning meetings of the group, of which I'm a member. But we encourage you to get involved in any way large or small -- even if it's just sending an email link to this vlog to someone you know anywhere in the World who's an A's fan. Drop me an email at