Friday, April 20, 2007

Eric Steinbach has abdominal surgery

Browns' Steinbach Has Appendectomy
Associated Press Writer

CLEVELAND -- For the second straight year, the Browns' top free-agent acquisition has undergone surgery before playing one snap.

Offensive lineman Eric Steinbach underwent an appendectomy Wednesday at the Cleveland Clinic and was released from the hospital Thursday. The Browns say he will make a full recovery and be ready for June minicamp.

Dr. Anthony Miniaci, the team's head physician, said Steinbach will be limited in the Browns' offseason strength and conditioning program for the next three to six weeks.

Steinbach, who spent his first four seasons with Cincinnati, signed a seven-year, $49.5 million contract with Cleveland in early March.

The Browns, needing to repair an ineffective and unstable offensive line, have spent big money in free agency the last two seasons, signing the top free-agent lineman available.

Cleveland signed Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley to a six-year, $36 million contract last season. While blocking on a running play in summer training camp, Bentley tore a tendon in his knee when planting his foot. Following surgery, he got a staph infection, which caused further damage to the tendon.

Bentley needed a second operation just one month after the first to clean out the infection and fix the damage it caused to his tendon. He was hospitalized for more than one month at the Cleveland Clinic.

Bentley's status is unclear for the upcoming season and his injury is possibly career-threatening.

The Browns on Thursday also signed restricted free agent nose tackle Ethan Kelley to a one-year contract. Kelley played 11 games, including one start at left defensive end, and had 22 tackles.

Mike Vick Gives $10,000 for Va. Tech Families

Vick Gives $10,000 for Va. Tech Families
By Associated Press
April 18, 2007, 11:03 PM EDT

ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has teamed up with the United Way to donate $10,000 to assist families affected by the massacre at Virginia Tech, his former school.

"When tragic things like this happen, families have enough to deal with, and if I can help in some small way, that's the least I can do," said Vick, who played for the Hokies before being drafted No. 1 overall by the Falcons in 2001.

The Vick Foundation is collecting donations from local communities in both Atlanta and Virginia that will be placed in the United In Caring Fund for Victims of the VA Tech Tragedy and the special fund at the United Way of Montgomery, Radford and Floyd counties, which serves the Virginia Tech area.

Vick's foundation said the money will be used to provide help with funeral expenses, transportation for family members and other support services.

Todd Sauerbrun wins contract Grievance against Patriots

Sauerbrun Wins Grievance Against Pats
By Associated Press

BOSTON -- Punter Todd Sauerbrun won his grievance against the New England Patriots on Wednesday and is now a free agent.

The 13-year veteran is expected to join the Denver Broncos. He agreed to a one-year deal with them earlier this month, but the Patriots matched it through a clause in his contract with New England. Sauerbrun had signed with the Patriots last December and punted in the playoffs.

Sauerbrun, with the help of the NFL Players Association, contended that the clause was inappropriate because it was not written separately from the contract itself, a requirement for right-to-match deals. A special master in Boston ruled Wednesday that the Patriots erred, thus freeing Sauerbrun.

His deal with Denver was worth more than the $1.395 million he was scheduled to make with the Broncos last year. Sauerbrun started the 2006 season with Denver, but lost his job while serving a four-game suspension for using the banned dietary supplement ephedra.

Sauerbrun has a career punting average of 44 yards, with a net average of 36. He made the Pro Bowl three straight times, between 2001 and 2003, when he was with the Carolina Panthers.

Sauerbrun said he knowingly took an over-the-counter weight loss product last summer that he strongly suspected contained ephedra, which the NFL banned after the death of Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer during training camp in 2001. Players are randomly tested and can be suspended after the first violation.

That drew the ire of Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, who said the punter is the only player on the team who can be fat as far as he was concerned.

Sauerbrun, who packs 215 pounds on his beefy 5-foot-10 frame and who was fined by the Panthers for eating too much, said at the time he worries about his weight all the time.

He also said he especially regretted letting down Shanahan, who gave him a fresh start after a trouble-filled stint in Carolina, and that he hoped he could make it up to him someday. He might get that chance soon.

Virginia Tech - Asian Men Ignored In News Coverage?

I found this interesting post on a forum called Asians, Inc. that speaks for itself. It's a demonstration of why it's good to have different racial and ethnic points of view, something all but forgotten by the mainstream news media.

Hey all. I'm usually posting about positive stuff but I just felt compelled to write about the Va Tech shooting from the perspective of an asian male.

First thing I like to say is that I feel for the victims and their families and I've posted my condolences on other sites. That was my first reaction.
My second reaction was that guns should not be in the hands of lunatics leading to the deaths of great people. Which led to my third reaction was how great these people are and that they deserved better.

Then as I continued to watch and learn more about the madman I kept seeing his picture. I don't get on the media for covering this madman for however long they want to. I just get the feeling that subliminally the viewers will have a link between this madman's profile and other asian men. I was kind of hoping that the reporters would interview a few asian men who attend Va Tech just to show that we are not like this madman in any way shape or form.

I also watched 360 on CNN when they interview his roommates. They talked about his unusual behavior and how they tried to get him to be more social. I thought those were good roommates since they were very patient with him. They also described him as being shy and quiet. When they said that, an alarm went off in my head as a natural reaction. I too am shy and quiet but in no way as sick as that madman. They also mentioned that he was a loner and didn't talk to many people. That also describes me but that's only because I feel more at peace not always being around people all the time.

I also listened on WWOR, a radio station in NYC, the Joey Reynolds show. He had on a Korean comedian who is running for councilwoman in New Jersey I believe. When the Rabbi who was also a guest on the show mentioned that the Va Tech shooting happens partly due to the madman not being able to get out his frustration in a positive way the Korean lady said that all Korean men are like that. Then the Rabbi totally shot down her prejudice about Korean men by saying that men of all backgrounds are usually non communicative. I'm Vietnamese but I know plenty of Korean guys who are very communicative and as pleasant as can be.

In conclusion(not that this is some college essay), I feel the media should give more positive news not just about asian men but in general. I know I'm going to continue to be myself and not change too much about how I behave.

Please feel free to comment on what I wrote and keep it intellectual.