Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giuseppi Logan Over a Rainbow by Suzannah B. Troy

It was a brutally hot morning here in NYC including really bad air quality but of course Giuseppi Logan was out early playing his sax to practice, to play because playing music is his life line, without music he is dead and because he needs to earn money.  I of course gave him some. 

I happen to send YouTube an email just now about some things that exceed dollars and cents and reuniting Giuseppi Logan with his son after over 40 years thanks to my YouTubes can only be described as a YouTube miracle.

Jaee  Logan lost his son to random gun violence.  His son was an honor student like his Dad.   Jaee flew to NYC to be reunited with his Dad and now he is back in California working hard on his career with the goal to get back here and continue work on his documentary. 

When Jaee and I first spoke I told him I saw a documentary but also a Hollywood film like The Soloist but better.

Here is Giuseppi Logan playing music because not to play is to be dead.  He had to live too long without his instruments.   Giuseppi still struggles big time but he has found some kind of redemption very late in the 9th inning so to speak including with his new album his first since his two he made with ESP in the 1960's.

Comic Con: Thor Trailer, Hatchet 2, Harry Knowles Ain't It Cool News

I still never saw Asgard
Comic Con 2010 ends today, Sunday, so before heading down to the San Diego Convention Center, end doing work to end the trip sponsored by The Kings Inn Hotel, let's clear the decks.

We'll talk about the buzz around the Thor trailer and the movie, Hatchet 2, and my interview with Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News and who's the new Editor for Comic Con, essentially, as he put it, it's "new face." But first, the Thor trailer.

As of Sunday morning "Thor trailer" was the 7th highest search trend at Google Trends, proving the sheer hunger to see the movie version of a generations-popular comic book and cartoon series. While this blogger didn't see the Thor trailer clips that were presented in Hall H Saturday evening, and because I and others were told Hall H was closed after the "Comic Con Pen Stabber" incident, there's is Collider to give us an idea of what happened.

Briefly, and so you can read the rest of the Thor trailer story there, Collider reports, first, that the Thor panel of Kenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Tom Hiddleston and Clark Gregg, were blown away by the Comic Con audience and reactions. Second, Kenneth Branagh reports that Thor was the movie he really wanted to do, but that he's "excited and nervous" about doing the action scenes as director, because he's not done them before.

The Thor trailer clips consisted of scenes beginning with the hammer in the New Mexico desert, where Iron Man 2 ended. Then Thor's being interrogated by Agent Colson (Clark Gregg) because he destroyed "a whole team of his men." Then we see Asgard (or, as I put it, I never got to see Asgard), where Thor is banished to Earth for his reckless behavior. At the end of the clip, what's described as a "Destroyer" comes to Earth and takes out some cars. And all of that in Thor 3D. Yep, Thor and Captain America will be using a kind of 3D conversion process.

Hatchet 2 Thoughts

I have so much video from my day at Comic Con 2010 with the cast and crew of Hatchet 2, that I need a full day to deal with all of it, and that will come this week. In order to generate some buzz for the hard-working folks associated with the Dark Sky Films production of Hatchet 2, I created the most provocative clip of all, outside the movie scenes, which I'm not authorized to show. That's "Danielle Harris of Hatchet 2 - contest and vagina talk" video:

But Adam Green's Hatchet 2 is going to be a hit when it comes out on October 1, 2010. I will write that and stand by it. It's a movie that has a compelling story for a horror movie of it's kind, and about how Victor Crowley's father (played by Kane Hodder, who's also the head-smashing Victor Crownley himself)'s own sorrow essentially caused Victor Crowley's deformities. (You have to see it.)

Hatchet 2 also has some of the funniest, kill scenes I've ever seen in a horror movie. In Hatchet 2, teeth and gums are pulled out of heads, a giant saw cuts two men in half, and there's a lot of a very emotional Danielle Harris. When I asked how she got ready for that, Harris said she just got up each day and did it, then slept a lot after shooting was over.  Stay tuned for more videos from my Hatchet 2 day.

My Harry Knowles Ain't It Cool News Interview

The Harry Knowles Ain't It Cool News Interview will get its own blog post and soon, but I wanted to insert it here for more views because Harry's a true Comic Con legend who's finally getting his due. Harry Knowles' Ain't It Cool News blog has grown from obscurity to be recognized by Hollywood publicists as the online place to get the word out about their clients' new films. And now, Harry's the official face of Comic Con.

But with all that, Harry Knowles is still a very funny, smart, nice, person with a quirky sense of humor. Here's the video, where he says that he wants Comic Con to remain in San Diego, and that the Tron trailer has a sound that made "his balls shake." I'm not kidding.

Stay tuned for more from Comic Con.

Comic Con 2010 Stabbing at Hall H update

In this Comic Con 2010 "Stabbing at Hall H" update, reports are that the person who started the incident was detained by his own friend in Hall H.

According to Comic Book Resources, or CBR News, which did great work in blogging this, Sergeant Gary Mondesir of the San Diego Police Department said the following:

Basically, inside of Hall H during Comic-Con, prior to one of the showings, two males got into a dispute. One male attacked the other male, stabbing him on the side of his eye with a pen. Officers were relatively close by. Citizens within the hall detained the person. Officers came and arrested him, and right now we're processing the scene inside...The victim's friend actually assisted in taking the suspect into custody.

He'll be charged with assault with a deadly weapon due to the stabbing in the eye. We are still processing the scene. We have a field evidence technician who's taking measurements and collecting evidence...The show is still going on. It happened in an area where we didn't have to stop the show. We can actually work around it and process the scene. It happened inside the hall but off to the side.

(Visit CBR News for more info.)

The problem for those outside like this blogger was that Comic Con / San Diego Convention Center security were walking through the Hall H lines telling patrons that Hall H may be closed. That was as the line was moving, so the assumption my friend Krystyl and I made was that the people ahead of us were being told to leave as well. "Ahead of us," means over 1,000 feet ahead of us, and with security giving what turned out to be false information, we didn't know what was going on. So, we left, and missed the Marvel Panel.

CBR News also talked with David Glanzer, the head of Comic-Con Director of Marketing and Public Relations, who said "Sadly, an incident like this is something you never want to happen. Right now, we're deferring to the San Diego Police Department who was on site very quickly. My understanding is that they apprehended the suspect and completed their investigation in probably less than an hour. The programs were delayed for about 40 minutes, but everything is back up and running."

Which is great; but many who left the lines for Hall H didn't know that and departed because they were told Hall H might close and work got around that it was already closed.


Stabbing at Comic Con 2010 - Marvel Avengers panel security said was over, went on

I never saw Asgard...
Earlier Saturday evening at Comic Con, a man who was in the Resident Evil panel in Hall H, got into a fight with another man, stabbing him in the face with a pen. The next panel for Hall H was the one this blogger was waiting for, The Marvel Panel featuring Thor and Captain America, but really turned out to be a full introduction of The Avengers cast, did go on.

That means, according to the LA Times Steven Zeitchik, who was already in the Hall, I missed Robert Downey Jr., Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, The Avengers director Joss Whedon, and producer and Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige.


This, even as Comic Con and San Diego Convention Center security people walked around the lines for Hall H announcing "Hall H may be closed." That's why a large number of people, including myself, left the line. And, as my video showed, there was a lot of chaos:

There was no clear communication of what was going on to anyone except by the Comic Con / San Diego Convention Center staff who walked around the Hall H lines.

The impression given to many was that the Hall H show was not going to go on. I'm happy those who stuck around managed to see The Marvel Studios' The Avengers presentation, but I'd prefer a much clearer line of communication in the future. It's totally irresponsible to the Comic Con patrons for security people to waltz around making announcements they weren't sure of.

Advantage to those who went to Hall H and stayed there, almost the entire day; disadvantage to those, like myself (and many of us with press badges), who did get in line for Hall H, only to be told it was closed, and first, due to health reasons and eventually because of the hot-head who decided to get mad over a seat.

Great. Just great.