Friday, April 11, 2008

Why vote for Obama?

All politicians say they're for the people. How many priests, evangelists, and politicians do we have to endure before it's OK to be cynical and expect him to be just one more guy who talks the good talk but worries about himself and those who help him get rich? After all, isn't he really just like all the rest? Won't he just get greedy and help special interests if we elect him? This guy doesn't think so.

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Tavis Smiley Quits The Tom Joiner Show Over Barack Obama

Tavis Smiley Quits The Tom Joiner Show Over Barack Obama

After his disasterous handling of the Barack Obama presidential run and his snub of Michelle Obama during the promotion for his "State of Black America" event, Tavis Smiley has quit the Tom Joiner Morning Show. Joiner himself says it's because of the "hate" he's getting around the Barack matter.

Florida Cheerleader Beating Shows Teenage Cruelty To World

This video is all over the place and on YouTube and various other online video distribution sites. These Lakeland Florida cheerleaders were upset with a girl that wrote "bad things" about them on MySpace page and on text messages, and then set up a plot to entrap and then eventually beat a 16-year old girl.

Here's the video:

That video also shows Ms. Garcia, who's the mother of one of the girls responsible for the event. I feel sorry for the mother as I don't think she knows the gravity of what's happened and is trying to protect her daughter against a angry society.

But the fact is that teenage girls like this have been around us for years. What's happened is that we have sent messages to them that violence and "beat-downs" are just fine, and oh, let's show it all on YouTube.

The kids are teenagers who don't know better and should not be tried as adults in my view. But I think some kind of message should be sent and we also need to take a hard look at how society is raising these 21st Century "Heathers".

This is the video of the incident itself: