Friday, September 05, 2008

Will Obama or McCain raise taxes more?

Let’s not dither: we’re all in favor of lowering taxes and cutting federal spending, we’d all like to have more to spend on what we enjoy. McCain wants to continue Bush policiesMcCain and his team have avoided releasing many specifics, but they rely on the old school attack that Obama will surely raise them on the middle class.

Fact check reveals: Obama will champion tax policies that will impact those who earn a quarter million dollars or more in any single year, while lowering taxes on those below $250,000 substantially. McCain will lower taxes on the top earners, and raise them for the middle-class.

Both candidates need money to fix the economy, and pay for the war Bush conducted without paying for yet, so even on the surface McCain's claim to lower taxes is, at best, the path to economic chaos in the USA.

Gavin Newsom - SF Mayor On GOP, Sarah Palin, John McCain -- This presents SF Mayor Gavin Newsom at a rally for Barack Obama in Berkeley on September 4th, 2008, and an interview given just after his speech before the crowd.

Wasilla City Hall Where Sarah Palin Got Her VP-Ready Experience

Wasilla City Hall, originally uploaded by djcn0te.

Ok. This is the only photo anyone could find of the City Hall of Wasilla, Alaska. It explains that Wasilla really is a small town and not the big little city some may think. The problem is not that I am putting down the town, but putting matters in perspective. This does not give a person Senate-level training.

Sarah Palin, Jesus Christ Was A Community Organizer

In her speech last night, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's comments insulting community organizers as not having responsiblilty, or at least enough to demand respect, upset a great many people I know. From elected officials to students.

To mothers and sons and fathers. The people I talked to expressed an almost singular dislike for what Palin said, and in some cases Palin herself.

I'll not go there.

I will only remind Gov. Palin that there was one person who did work to serve the needs of those who had nothing and lost there way. A man who showed all of us in the World that we could be forgiven for our sins. A person who did instruct us in the ways of the Lord.

That person is the greatest community organizer ever.

We know him as Jesus Christ.