Monday, June 02, 2008

Harriet Christian - Who Is Harriet Christian And What Of Racist Clinton Supporters?

Harriet Christian being escorted out of the DNC Rules Committee by two Black men totally adequate for the task.

Who is Harriet Christian? Records over at the Huffington Post's special project called "Fundrace" on the identification and location of donors to presidential campaigns shows that she does indeed live in New York City, at 20 Waterside Plaza, along the East River with a nice view I might add, and has worked or is working as a Waitress and also worked or is working for Infocus Realty at 419 Lafayette Street 2nd Floor New York, NY.

Indeed, she's currently listed as a sales agent there with the following contact information: 917-716-1757 and email at

Now, let's stop and think about that for a moment. A person who would scream "inadequate Black Male" and rant about her right to say that is the last person you'd think would sell an apartment to someone Black. She's got to be a poster child for racial discrimination in New York real estate. If there's someone out there who's been discriminated against by her, well, here's your online proof of her bias. InFocus Realty should be very concerned about this; I don't yet know if they are.

Harriet's racism reflects on the firm that hired her to work in real estate.

Then this comments posted in the Manhattan Offender:

I actually found myself at a bar sitting next to Harriet Christian shortly after she made that comment. Harriet has the Hillary Clinton tattoo. Harriet says, you want to see my new tattoo? So, she hikes up her dress and sure enough, there’s Hillary on her inner thigh. You know who this is don't you? This here's Hillary Clinton. Bet you can't guess who’s tattooed on my other leg, she says, hiking her dress even further. I look at her other thigh, but the likeness escapes me. I don't recognize the other face, I said. But I'd know that one in the middle anywhere – that there's Sandy Berger:

Posted by: Peggy McGilligan | 01 June 2008 at 03:07 PM

But what's most terrible beyond Harriet's racist rant is the supportive -- that's right, supportive -- comments at the forum called HillaryClintonForum. These people are totally sick.

For example:

My favorite quote, "You can call me white, but I can't call you black! That is not my America."

Or this:

She says it like "it" is.

And this work-of - genius:

Harriet Christian for VP

And this outrage:

A woman after my own heart! You go girl!!

What the hell was that? I could not believe the comments over at that post, but hey, you can't see them in person before you, so you can see just how dark their hearts are.

What you're reading over at Hillary Clinton Forum shows the worst in America, and it is that they are so happy this person who's White is really talking for people who apparently do feel that Blacks don't know their place and are Democrats, an are acting just like Father Michael Pflager said Hillary Clinton herself was acting (and I totally think the Father was offbase).

But I think Father Plager -- who's not a reverend as Anderson Cooper called him, he's Catholic -- should have talked about some Clinton supporters like the ones on the Clinton Forum, as he'd have been totally correct.

I doubt people would have been so upset.

Taylor Marsh Bad For Democratic Party; Might As Well Be Republican

You know, I can't find a single -- not one -- post where Taylor Marsh has anything good to say about Senator Obama. It's more of the same dribble and it continues at a time when the Democratic Party needs to come together.

She thinks it is entertainment, but it's not, it's simply an insulting and anti-intellectual blogging approach that needs to be stopped. It would be only slightly more tolerable if Marsh and her writers actually knew what they were talking about.

The antidote to right-wing talk my ass!

Pacman Returns-for now...





Commissioner Roger Goodell notified Adam Jones today that, effective immediately, he may participate in organized team activities with the Dallas Cowboys, including training camp and preseason games. In a letter to Jones, Commissioner Goodell wrote that a final determination on his reinstatement for the 2008 regular season will be made by September 1. Commissioner Goodell told Jones that his continued participation in the NFL depends on demonstrating that he can conduct himself in a lawful and reliable manner. Jones will be expected to continue the personal conduct program established for him by the NFL and the Cowboys and to avoid further adverse involvement with law enforcement.

My Take: That Means No more Topless Bars Pacman!! If you really want to Play in the NFL it's time to show you mean it and keep your Nose clean!

Rep. James Clyburn Endorses Barack Obama

According to the Huffington Post, Rep. James Clyburn from South Carolina, a ranking Congressman and House Majority Whip, is endorsing Senator Barack Obama. For the entire campaign Clyburn, a well-regarded elected official and representative of the Congressional Black Caucus, had remained neutral between Clinton and Obama.

Now, with Obama's chance for victory all but certain, and with Clyburn's expressed concerns over Clinton's race-based campaign approach, Clyburn's moving toward Obama.

Congressman Clyburn is the House Majority Whip in the 110th Congress, and is the third-ranking Democrat in the House behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. He can carry a number of Superdelegate votes with him.

Senator Kennedy Surgery Complete; Will Stay At Hospital For A Week

According to, Senator Ted Kennedy's surgery today was a success and he will remain at Duke Hopital for about a week.

Senator Kennedy Enters The Hospital Today

Senator Ted Kennedy is to enter the hospital for targeted treatments on the tumor in his brain, it was reported today. That process will be followed by radiation and chemotherapy work. Two weeks ago, Senator Kennedy was sent to the hospital after a a seizure at his home on Cape Cod.

According to reports, doctors later announced that he had a malignant glioma in his left parietal lobe, a brain region that governs sensation but also plays some role in movement and language.

YSL Passes - Yves Saint-Laurent:

YSL is what I will always remember. Another signpost in the Zeitgeist. Yves Saint-Larent, who passed away over the weekend, was and is a shaper of the fashion women wear, but most importantly to me he represents France's emergence onto the World image-making scene. From the time I was a small boy to today, YSL was creating styles that drove and influnced American and industrial culture around the World.

He will be missed, but his work lives on.