Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas Rangers Win: World Series And Super Bowl In Arlington, Texas

The Texas Rangers commanding 6-1 ALCS win against the New York Yankees means not just a trip to the 2010 World Series, but first World Series for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It also means that for the first time in Metroplex history, it will have both the World Series and The Super Bowl just four months from each other, and one city, Arlington, Texas, will be America's sports epicenter for 2010-2011.

Arlington, Texas, where this blogger attended undergraduate school at The University of Texas at Arlington, before heading for grad school at Cal Berkeley, is situated right smack in the middle of the Metroplex, almost equidistant between Dallas to the east and Fort-Worth to the west, Arlington is 15 miles south of DFW Airport. Because it's the playing home of both the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, it's the home of the World Series and The Super Bowl. Two events with a combined economic impact of over $300 million.

Because Arlington was the place selected to build the Dallas Cowboys' giant Cowboys Stadium (in photo), what some call "Jerry World" after Cowboys' Owner Jerry Jones, that city will enjoy the economic fruits of hosting the 2011 Super Bowl XXXXV in February, 2011. The NFL has a policy of giving a Super Bowl to each NFL city that builds a new stadium and has the right economic conditions. (The exception to this was New York for the 2014 Super Bowl as that game started as a gift after 9-11 should New York build a new stadium - that was done and it's an outdoor stadium, where it originally was to be indoors.) Arlington built the new Cowboys Stadium after a public bond issue committing $300 million of public money to the construction effort.

Rangers Win Sweetens The Deal

The Rangers win essentially gives Arlington an economic head start before the 2011 Super Bowl, as the World Series brings not just the teams from the opposing city, but baseball fans from all over the country. While less than for the Super Bowl, the World Series will bring an estimated $70 million to Arlington and the Metroplex. Since the Rangers were not expected to beat the Yankees, that's an extra addition to the revenue anticipated for The 2011 Super Bowl.

That's money for hotels, restaurants, transportation, rental cars, oh, and store purchases, as well as parking tickets, and of course, the unexpected towed cars. It's also money from hiring bands for local events, and contractors to prepare those venues. It's money for t-shirts, ticket brokers, and caterers. Not everyone will get rich, if any one, but there will be money to be made and at a time when Texas' economy, like other parts of America, can use it.

Arlington, with both the 2010 World Series and 2011 The Super Bowl, is just plain blessed.

World Series 2010: John Hamilton, Colby Lewis Story Of Rangers Win Over Yankees

UPDATE: Rangers win means World Series and Super Bowl for Arlington, Texas. 

The Texas Rangers did what was once-considered impossible: they beat the upstart New York Yankees 6 to 1 to earn the right to play in the franchise's first World Series in its history.

 The win was a story of the play of ALCS Series MVP Outfielder John Hamilton and Pitcher Colby Lewis. Hamilton and Lewis were the favorites of baseball fans, especially Josh, who has enjoyed an amazing comeback.

Hamilton Back From Hell

Josh Hamilton has what's Dan Kirby correctly calls "A dark story" involving drug addiction. One told in this video, part of the "I Am Second" campaign which explains how faith in Jesue Christ helped him:

Drugs and alcohol addiction almost destroyed Hamilton's professional baseball career. He started it in 2001 and, with repeated suspensions, lasted well until 2005, when his grandmother Mary Holt confronted him.  With the exception of one incident in 2009, Hamilton has been clean, and is tested for drug use three times a week, a schedule he reportedly favors as it reassures those who have faith in him. At the end of the win against the New York Yankees, he celebrated by drinking ginger ale.

While Hamilton was fighting the Devil and finding God, pitcher Colby Lewis was playing baseball and then went to Japan for a year with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, where he won awards for strikeouts.

Hamilton and Lewis Drink The Ginger Ale

According to ESPN, Hamilton his four home runs in six games against the Yankees to lead the Texas Rangers to the promised land. Josh batted .350, was walked eight times, and five of them intentionally. Colby Lewis played lights out, Friday, holding the Yankees to one hit in nine at-bats with runners in scoring position. When the game got tight, he reportedly remembered the words of his pitching coach Mike Maddux: "Trust yourself. Commit to the pitch."

Now, Hamilton, Lewis, Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington, Team President Nolan Ryan, and the rest of the organization are committed to the 2010 World Series. They await the winner of The Giants - Phillies battle, which enters Game 6 Saturday.

John Boehner And Lisbeth Lyons: Mistress Issue Under Wraps

What happened to the Rep. John Boehner (R - Ohio) and Lisbeth Lyons "mistress talk?" Just about a month ago, Blogger Mike Stark of The Stark Reports, part of the Banter Media Group, asserted that Lobbyist Lisbeth Lyons was the "girlfriend" of U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner.

In his investigation, Stark went so far as to ask John Boehner on camera at his "Pledge to America" event, and to Boehner's face, if Lisbeth Lyons was his, as Stark put it, "girlfriend." Rep. Boehner kept walking by Stark without stopping to even look at him, let alone saying "no."

During that period of reporting on the "Boehner mistress" issue, many were waiting for what was to be an "explosive" expose on this by The New York Times. It never came forward. In fact, since Stark's initial media blast that was fairly-well picked up, there's been nothing new to add to the story. Things, it seems, are scarily silent. The only update was Stark's blog that Mike Pence wasn't his source for the rumor. Other than that, nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Meanwhile, this blogger learned that Lyons, who's Vice President, Government Affairs for the Printing Industries of America, is a powerful and well-connected Washington DC player. Regardless of her connections to Boehner, her assent to prominence should be a welcome study for anyone who wants to break into the ranks of Washington's Power Elite. To this blogger, the alleged relationship looks more like one where Boehner may be too close to a lobbyist, ala John McCain and Vicki Iseman. But there's nothing as of this writing that allows for comfortable expansion on that assertion.

What happened?

What we can go on is just speculation. Given the high-stakes of the 2010 Midterm Elections, it's possible that an operative in some way convinced Mike Stark to back off the subject. There's also the chance that Stark was waiting for The New York Times to follow-up with their own investigation, but the NY Times, seeking to maintain its access to Boehner and other Republican representatives, may have elected to burry their story.

Whatever the case, there's clearly something behind the "radio silence" on the John Boehner and Lisbeth Lyons mistress / girlfriend talk. The question is will this remain through election day?

Stay tuned.

Deanna Favre has faith

With the allegations of Brett Farve being unfaithful going around, his wife Deanna Favre says that faith is what helps her cope.

It's interesting isn't it? When someone is unfaithful that is the time people decide to turn to faith.

Deanna was on Good Morning America 
promoting a book she wrote with Shane Stanford called "The Cure for the Chronic Life." 

Although she is handling this through faith - she has yet to say whether or not she believes the accusations to be true or false.

Richmond Candidates Myrna Lopez and Maria Viramontes Running for City Council on November 2 to Create Jobs Now in Richmond

Richmond candidates Myrna Lopez and Maria Viramontes are making news in their races for City Council. Their top priorities are creating jobs in Richmond to get residents back to work, and improving public safety.

Richmond has been learning more about Lopez and Viramontes in recent days as they have been getting the word out.

According to a mail piece advocating on behalf of Myrna Lopez:

Fighting to Bring 1,200 New Jobs to Richmond: Myrna Lopez knows creating good-paying jobs in Richmond begins with working with Richmond’s biggest employers – not driving them away. As a member of the City Council, Myrna Lopez drove a tough bargain with Chevron for an agreement that would have created 1,200 new jobs and reduced pollution by upgrading older equipment at the refinery.

According to the piece about Maria Viramontes:

Creating a Brighter Future for Richmond Tomorrow: Nine years ago, Maria took civic involvement to a new level, running and winning a seat on the Richmond City Council. In those nine years, she has been a tireless advocate for turning Richmond around to restore the glory of yesteryear. She has fought to put more police on our streets to tackle our crime problem, invest in attracting new jobs to Richmond, and revitalizing our downtown.

A new website has also been launched,, to report news in Richmond.

The mail pieces available here say that they are paid for by Jobs Now, a coalition supporting Lopez and Viramontes for City Council in 2010.

Myrna Lopez website:

Maria Viramontes website:

Shuttle Bus Service For Facebook, Twitter Employees: Bauer’s Transportation's Employee Shuttle System

Bauer’s Transportation has become the "Tech Shuttle Bus Service," as it provides transportation for Facebook and Twitter employees, to name some of the high tech San Francisco Bay Area companies it serves. But the "Tech Shuttle Bus Service" is not exclusive to Facebook and Twitter. Other companies can participate in it as well. It's all a part of Bauer’s Transportation's new roll as a mass transit provider.

Bauer’s Transportation also offers a new service called "Wi-Drive." "Wi-Drive" is a bus shuttle transportation service that goes round-trip between the city of Santa Rosa and San Francisco and between the cities of Fremont and Milpitas.

Bauer's also offers the innovative "Solar Hybrid Bus." Bauer's Transportation Founder and President Gary Bauer says "Since 2008 California state law has prohibited diesel vehicles from idling for more than five minutes. More than 25 states across the United States now have anti-idling laws. With Bauer's Solar Hybrid Bus Powering System, transportation companies across the U.S. will be able to comply with anti-idling laws while keeping the passengers comfortable and their transportation experience enjoyable. The solar bus has been in operation on our fleet since January 2010 and the results have been outstanding.

Wi-Drive Is The Bauer's Service Foundation

Here's the details on Wi-Drive from Bauer’s Transportation:

Bauer’s IT (Intelligent Transportation), the Bay Area’s leading provider of chauffeured, eco-friendly individual and group bus transportation, today announced that two new routes have been added to the acclaimed Bauer’s Wi-Drive! program. 
Beginning Monday, October 12, the eco-transit commuter service will expand to include round-trip routes between Santa Rosa and San Francisco and between Fremont and Milpitas.

Bauer’s Wi-Drive! current routes include: San Francisco to and from the North Bay (as far as Santa Rosa), San Francisco to and from the South Bay (as far as San Jose), and Fremont to/from Milpitas. Wi-Drive! plans to expand its fleet to Sacramento, Stockton, Fairfield, Napa, Santa Cruz and beyond in accordance with consumer demand.

Offering paramount comfort and convenience, the fleet is equipped with plush leather seats with Corian® work tables, high-speed Wi-Fi, flat screen LCD monitors, iPod hookups, phone and laptop power ports, CD and DVD systems, bike racks and restrooms. A Ride Host is onboard at all times to offer food and drink service, which can be purchased onboard or pre-ordered through the Bauer’s Wi Drive! online ordering system.

Bauer’s Wi-Drive! operates Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fares can be as low as $5 for a one-way ticket depending on location, with 10 percent discounts offered for monthly passes. Bauer’s Wi-Drive! memberships and individual passes can be purchased online. A variety of payment methods, including commuter checks, are available. For detailed information on pricing, schedules and pick-up and drop-off locations, please visit or call 800.546.6688.

Note: Bauer's Transportation is a sponsor. The blog post is the original creation of

Jersey Shore season 2 Finale

Jersey Shore season two came to an end last night, October 21, 2010 at 10 p.m. ET.

Taking notes while watching
The last episode of season two was one that definitely sets up for season three quite nicely.

The episode starts with the group of seven going out to the Everglades. At a restaurant the group decides to try frog legs, but JWOWW is seriously disgusted by the entire concept. While JWOWW is in the bathroom The Situation stands outside the door waiting for her to come out as she dangles frog legs in her face.

On the drive back to Miami The Situation asks Ronnie to pull the van over so that he can vomit said frog legs.

When the crew gets back Vinny and Pauly D prepare to take out two of the ladies that they really liked during the stay in Miami. Vinny takes out Ramona, and it was a very sweet scenario. The two know that they cannot have a long distance relationship, but it is apparent that the two wish they had more time together. As Vinny kisses her good-bye (they did not smoosh) the cameras switch to Pauly D's date with Rocia. The two agree that they cannot have a long distance relationship, but they really would like that. At the end of the night he is making out with her and says, "I don't even want to smoosh her." Coming from Pauly D that is pretty romantic.

Image courtesy of MTV
Then the last romantic dinner of the night is Ronnie and Sammi - which is the least romantic. The two sit there in silent and then Sammi calls Ronnie out for acting different. She says, "I want to be with my boyfriend all the time." Ronnie insists that Sammi needs to admit that she's wrong - because apparently the two are in some sort of fight (like always).

When everyone is back from their dates the entire house goes out to the club to have some fun. Sammi and Ronnie are drinking, and Sammi finally apologizes. The rest of the house is dancing and having a great time.

Two girls approach Vinny and want a threesome. Vinny says, "Sometimes two grenades equals one good looking girl," and then says, "I really wish I was with Ramona when these grenades came up to me wanting a threesome." Thankfully, Vinny turns down the grenades saying "SAY NO TO HOES" - and The Situation takes the opportunity to jump on that.

The Situation goes in the bathroom with the two girls and uses some strange hand motions to explain what was going on between the three of them. That's kind of funny.

The housemates start to clean, and there is a lot to clean -- including food from when Vinny's mom came.

While cooking the family dinner Sammi just has a bad attitude toward Snooki, and Snooki is sad because she really had a friendship with Sammi. During dinner a little bit of an intense moment happens when discussing who did the least in the house - Sammi getting offended.

Courtesy of MTV
They go into the living room and Vinny has a bright idea and says, "You know when you're in high school and there's those things in the yearbook like 'most likely to sleep with my sister' and stuff - well we should do that."

The first superlative is tame saying "most likely to get skin cancer." This is a joke by saying who tans the most. Pauly D jokes that he definitely should get that.

Somehow a fight escalates between Vinny and the Situation. He is saying that Vinny just started doing "GTL" this season and that he did the robbery on Pauly D. It's a really strange "situation." (It's strange how it's hard to use that word without thinking of Mike Sorrentino) The two just are fighting about tanning.

Then they discuss who is the fakest one in the house. People start to get very defensive. The Situation is getting pinpointed and he says, "Well since Angelina isn't in the house it has to be me!" Then something happens making JWOWW angry and The Situation and the others confide to Snooki that they think JWOWW is the fakest in the house. She has breast implants and has gotten lots of plastic surgery - so it's not that far fetched.

Image courtesy of MTV
"It's so typical to talk shit on the last day, because if you did it before you'd be outcasted. Now it's the last night and everyone's speaking out," The Situation says.

The rest of the episode is just a mess of fighting, crying, shouting, drinking and sets up for the third season.

This Jersey Shore coverage began as a character analysis, but after watching one episode the show becomes an addicting guilty pleasure. Make sure to tune into see next season's recaps.

By Nikky Raney
Journalist & Blogger

NPR Juan Williams Flap Shows Old Media's Problem

National Public Radio or "NPR" showed how it's an Old Media organization, much as CNN did in sacking Rick Sanchez, by firing long-time contributor Juan Williams on Thursday, and for making a statement that one can disagree with, but is his rightful opinion.

On Fox News' Bill O'Reilly show Monday, Juan Williams's said that he essentially would be scared or "get nervous" if he saw someone in Muslim religious garb after 9-11:

I mean, look, Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

The simple fact is that any American, even National Public Radio or "NPR" CEO Vivian Schiller, knows that's true. Even if we try to fight the assumption, as I have in the past, we can't help but have some wonder about someone who gets on an airplane wearing Muslim religious dress. It's there, and always just under the surface. Wrong? Yes. Of course. But there.

For National Public Radio or "NPR" CEO Vivian Schiller to oust Juan Williams for that, rather than using the episode to boost ratings and Internet traffic, shows why Old Media outlets like NPR just don't get New Media.  Meanwhile, New Media grows.

What do,,, TechCrunch, and Julliet Brinkdak's site have in common? They were sites and blogs started by people who aren't journalists nor were trained in media. Two of the sites are blogs, TechCrunch and, and are ran by lawyers. Julliet is 21 and started her site when she was 10 years old.

All of these sites have one thing in common, in their way they encourage talk and communications, and for many, controversy. That sells today. Moreover, it creates the appropriate forum within which to learn something about society. People are attracted to that, if it's allowed to happen.

That's the problem with NPR and CNN: they don't get that real controversy, especially when it's internally developed, causes more views and revenue.  NPR and CNN want to control what's said and it's no wonder CNN's ratings suffer.

The best example of this that comes to mind is, the online video blog show that started in 2005. During the celebrated and very public dust-up between Andrew Michael Barron and Amanda Congdon, Rocketboom's audience zoomed from 125,000 visitors per day to just north of 1 million per day.

Need I say more?

Raul Grijalva’s Office Hit By Terrorist Attack In Arizona

From an email by Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas, the Progressive Caucus Co-chair Raul Grijalva (D - Arizona) is fighting for his reelection life in Arizona because he was against that state's psychotic illegal immigration law SB 1070.

Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Office has been hit now by not one, but two terrorist attacks, the latest one in a mail that had "An envelope arrived with swastikas drawn on the outside and a white powdery substance on the inside," said Adam Sarvana, Grijalva’s spokesman.

This is scary. It's enough for Arizona to have people so screwed up they have to pass laws to feed their racism, but to go the extra mile and threaten the life of a political candidate is criminal. Literally.

According to the Daily Kos:

Grijalva received death threats in April, shortly after SB1070 was signed into law and he called for a boycott in response. He closed his Tucson and Yuma offices as a result...In July, after he called off the boycott, staffers found a bullet and a shattered window inside his Yuma office.

Best way to hit back is to donate money via Act Blue: Go here - LINK - to help Rep. Raul Grijalva.

SF Giants Phillies Game 5 Lincecum vs Halliday: Giants 4-2 Loss Upsetting

The SF Giants Phillies Game 5 Lincecum vs Halliday match was perfect for a Giants fan like this blogger. It had the game's two best pitchers - Tim Lincecum vs Roy Halliday - and was at AT&T Park in San Francisco. All the San Francisco Giants had to do was win and they were on the way to the World Series for 2010.

Oh, and this blogger had cool 3rd base line seats to die for. But instead of a win, we got a weird game with bouncing balls, intermittent rain, and a ton of almost scores.

There's more to come on this with photos and video, but this had to be written now. That was a weird game. It didn't seem to matter if it was Tim Lincecum pitching for the Giants, or SF's Aubrey Huff, Pablo Sandoval, or Cody Ross, the Giants could never seem to get that extra run to get off the two-run mark.

A good portion of the reason for that was excellent infield play by the Phillies, particularly Ryan Howard at first base. The Philadelphia infielders were picking off would-be Giants base hits like they were swatting flies in the summer. And from 3rd base line, it was frustrating to watch.

And the ball was bouncing in a weird way such that for both teams, it seemed like the ball just didn't want to stay in the glove, and more so for the Phillies. But the Giants could never capitalize on the Phillies errors. Arrgh, is the word for the game.

It was an emotional affair: some long time Giants fans were so spent from three games of yelling that, when it seemed the Giants weren't going to do it, they just quieted down. It's as if all of the celebration energy was spent the night before. It was better to temper it and wait for Thursday. Alas, all of that, is too late now.

The Giants have to win one of the next two back in Philadelphia.

Parody Song Pokes Fun at President Causes Controversy as Video Goes Viral

There's been a number of comedians who have taken their shots at either imitating or making fun of President Obama. Most of the gestures have been hit or miss. This past week things changed when video directors Martin Usher and James Davis created a character named Baracka Flacka which is a play on popular rap star Wacka Flocka and his song 'Hard in the Paint' which they parodied.

When I saw this video I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry…On one hand its funny as hell. On the other hand we have a sitting President who is the constant target of racially charged jokes and threats. If Usher and Davis can go there with this raunchy song which uses the 'N' word throughout the chorus and in the lyrics, why can't Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity? Was a line crossed or is this just good fun with an adult theme?

In any case I certainly hope President Obama calls up his friends Jay-Z and Ludacris and has them give a solid response to this.. I mean the line about him making long speeches and putting people to sleep can’t go unchecked. Also I hope homeboy James Davis has his tax record straight cause you know they gonna audit..LOL

PS.. Do not listen to the song with the volume turned loud at work or in front of young kids. The language is colorful as he uses the N word a lot.

The State of Texas is at Again: GOP Candidate Stephen Broden Threatens Violence

They say alot of strange things come out of Texas. Earlier this year we heard elected officials like state rep Debbie Riddle talk about how this country needed to be wary of so-called Terror babies.

We heard another official, state rep Betty Brown insists that Asian people need to get English names. We heard the sitting governor Rick Perry threaten to haveTexas secede from the union.

If all that wasn’t enough we had to endure the literal white washing and re-writing of Texas History books by a far right fanatical group that took over the Texas State Board of Education.

Over the past year we seen disgruntled Texan Fausto Cardenas shoot up the state capitol a while an angry Joseph Andrew Stack flew his plane into an IRS building killing former 20 year army veteran Vernon Hunter.

Yes a lot of strange things go on in that state and far too often with violent consequences. Should we be concerned? Based on the history absolutely. This is why many in the Lone Star state aren’t laughing at the outlandish remarks made by GOP candidate Stephen Broden who threatened violence if the Republicans don’t get their way.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Broden a South Dallas Pastor who is squaring off against long time incumbent Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas’ 30th Congressional District, said a violent uprising is not the first option but it’s on the table.

Broden explained in an interview with WFAA TV reporter Brad Watson “If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary,”.

He added to his remarks that the United States was founded on a violent revolt against Britain’s King George III and if we have a constitution remedy to Barack Obama administration which he sees as tyrannical. Broden feels the answer is ‘revolution the violent over throw of the government.

GOP leaders distanced themselves from his remarks, but stop short of calling for his ouster. Could you imagine if someone who was Muslim said this while running for office? How does a Pastor like Stephen Broden justify threatening violence if the GOP doesn’t win? What part of the Bible was he reading? We should all be appalled.

Oh yeah one added twist to this saga and I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference, Broden is a Black man..

Killed by Police: We Remember Oscar Grant & Pace University Student Danroy DJ Henry

Bay Area Residents were insulted to see this sign calling for Freedom of a killer cop during the SF Giants Playoff game.

Today is Oct 22, a day in which people all over the world remember those killed at the hands of the police. This is weighing heavily on many people's minds with recent killing of Pace University college student Danroy 'DJ' Henry in Westchester County, New York and the looming sentencing date of Oscar Grant out in Oakland, Calfornia

This past week the Bay Area and those who want Justice 4 Oscar Grant were insulted when the father and supporters of killer copJohannes Mehserle showed up to McCovey Cove in a Yacht next to Candlestick Park during the Giants playoff games and unfolded ‘Free Mehserle’ banners. The signs were seen nationwide as TV cameras would show the signs when panning into the outfield.

Bay Area folks weren’t having it and dispatched a boat of their own to the cove to unveil large Justice 4 Oscar Grant banners. Police supporters driving the Yacht attempted ram the Grant boat and now the Bay is on fire as the November 5th sentencing looms near.

This Saturday at 12 noon there will be a huge rally in downtown Oakland in front of City Hall.. The rally sponsored by theLongshoremen’s Union will be accompanied by them shutting down ports on the west coast to bring attention to the Oscar Grant case…

As folk here in Cali rally for Oscar Grant, many will also have their hearts, minds and attention on the recent police killing of 20-year-old star football player and Pace University student Danroy Henry aka DJ Henry.

For folks who don’t know the story, last weekend, Henry and fellow teammate and best friend Brandon Cox were parked in the fire lane in front of a bar in Westchester County near the Pace University campus, when a chaotic fight broke out. Henry and Cox weren’t involved. In fact Henry was the designated driver and was waiting to take his friends home. When police showed up on the scene and did what they normally do, start barking orders with a ‘take no mess‘ attitude as they began ordering folks around, trying to clean up the scene. Among those ordered was Henry.

According to police they tapped on the window of Henry’s car and ‘he suddenly sped off hitting an officer and putting his life in danger‘. Police claimed they were fearing for their lives as one officer was supposedly clinging to the hood of the car, thus compelling them to shoot and kill Henry. Note this is the story the police told and its been debunked by dozens of witnesses on the scene.

According to passenger Brandon Cox and witnesses to the horrific scene, cops tapped on the window and Henry slowly drove off believing he was being ordered move away from the fire lane. He didn’t speed off and no officer was hit and left clinging to his windshield, yet shots were fired into the vehicle killing Henry. This was a popular well mannered young man who was not a known troublemaker, had no criminal record and who was unarmed.

Our hearts go out to Pace University football player 20 year old Danroy Henry who gunned down by police & handcuffed while he lay dying. Thousands came out for his vigil. This week's Pace games were canceled

After the car was stopped/crashed, Henry was pulled out and handcuffed while he lay on the ground dying. His friends rushed to his aid and were tasered and handcuffed by Mt Pleasant police. . Some of his friends knew CPR and wanted to keep him alive. They were in shock he was shot by the police. It was only after witnesses, many of them white screamed at police that what they did was wrong that they relented and took the handcuffs off the mortally wounded Henry.

When the ambulance arrived, medical workers were directed to the police officers who were hardly injured (they got hurt after shooting Henry). While they looked after the police, Henry lay on the ground with bullets wounds for over 15 minutes before he was tended to…As we know he eventually died from his injuries. More details around this are still forth coming. Thousands came out for a vigil to honor Henry. This week’s Pace football game was cancelled

Our experience with Oscar Grant, had many of us here in Cali wondering if police in Mt Pleasant, NY employed similar tactics to cover up their wrong doings. If folks recall, in the first hours after Grant was shot, police funneled reports to local media about him having a criminal past. This was aired and used as some sort of justification for him being killed that fateful New Years morning. We’re almost sure police were looking for dirt on Henry. Fortunately this was a good kid and so the typical police narrative of the bad apple being shot doesn’t hold water. As we speak police have been combing the area ‘looking for witnesses to collaborate their story’ that Henry was in the wrong and put officers lives in danger.

Oscar Grant

We don’t think so. For many of us this is Sean Bell and Oscar Grantall over again. Our condolences and prayers to the Henry family. They stated in interviews that they want the truth. We hope that’s afforded to them and that the police do what never happened with Grant, apologize to them for this inexcusable behavior.

We also hope that good minded peace officers will take bold steps forward and speak out and say ‘enough is enough’. It’s good to see Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Henry’s home state, is speaking out and calling for an investigation. Hopefully President Obama will speak out the way he’s done when officers have been slain.

Many of us will be speaking out both today Oct 22 and tomorrow during the rally in Oakland, California as we pay tribute to Grant and other victims of police violence. We leave you with some videos that will hopefully raise awareness about the gravity of police brutality.

written by Davey D