Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Online Marketing Buzz" - A New Blog

Since SBS' now has SBS-ON, I decided a new blog on Online Marketing -- see the caps -- was a good idea. It's designed to track trends in Internet marketing both to share and for SBS to use in its own work.

It's going to be a fun ride with this one. Check it out. I'm already a Twitter.

I'll have to report that online marketing is growing faster than the total rate of understanding of those who do it.

Twitter - Born In San Francisco

OK. Just when I thought the Bay Area was starting to lose it's dominance in all things online, we have Twitter , which grew out of the South Park area of The City, near AT&T Park, where the SF Giants play ball.

As to what Twitter is, to me it's a massive fad idea that's so simple I wish I'd thought of it. It's place to tell the World what you're doing. Period. That's all. Or as one Twitter employee put it "it's just a medium, and its relative worth lies in what's communicated."


Twitter is a product of Obvious corporation, which reports that it's charge is to to create interesting things that matter to the world—and a great place for creative, smart people to work.


Twitter's an interesting online social network that's all too perfectly viral. It makes me wonder what's next. My current charge is to figure out how better to mate our simulations with our blogs and message boards. I'll figure it out.

Zennie Abraham At Tadich Grill

I think everyone has a photo they think really captures who they are. For me, this is it. It was taken at one of my favorite restaurants, the Tadich Grill in San Francisco. It's perhaps the oldest eatery in San Francisco, and the food's the best. Always good quantity and quality. But what I like most is the history of the place, where it's served as host to so many San Franciscans and visitors of note and not, too. Regardless, everyone has to wait their turn!

If you go, get any seafood dish. The pasta's excellent, too!