Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was on the floor at the Democratic National Convention when this movie was played before a paoked house. With all the frenetic action I never really "saw" the video until now. It's well done and served the purpose of presenting the history and character of our next Secretary of State in an entertaining way.

Zennie Abraham's Take On Seesmic and Twitter, on Seesmic

My video response to Loic LeMeur's video posted over at Seesmic, where he asserts Seesmic will not be like Twitter!  I am happy because I feared another "go" at the whole "Authority" subject.  Yikes!

Turks protest Israeli assault in Gaza

From the YouTuber hobarell:

"Protests were held throughout Turkey on Sunday against the Israeli weekend attack on Hamas in Gaza. Following Saturday's massive rally against Israel in Istanbul, irate pro-Palestinian supporters held rallies in the Turkish provinces of Van and Konya as well as a major rally after the noon prayers in Istanbul. Also, the Turkish Red Crescent Society dispatched ten truckloads of humanitarian relief to Gaza on Sunday.

(ANKARA) Trucks carrying humanitarian aid, interview with director of Turkish Red Crescent Society's Ankara branch (in Turkish), trucks departing

(VAN) Protesters carrying banners and pictures of the slain Palestinians, protesters chanting slogans, "Salute to Hamas, Keep Resistance"

(KONYA) Demonstrators burning Israeli flag, calling for "retaliation" against Israel

(KONYA) Demonstrators carrying pictures of Hamas leaders, demonstrators chanting slogans "Down with Israel," a young boy shouting slogans and crying,

(ISTANBUL) Shots of the large crowd at Beyazit Square, the crowd carrying Palestinian flags shouting anti-Israeli slogans, details"

-- Just an example of the immediate and load displeasure expressed around the World and especially in the Arab community.

MEET THE PRESS FULL VIDEO: David Gregory, Dave Axelrod, The Economy

Ok, I've gotten over my dismay at NBC's decision to select long-time White House Correspondent David Gregory over the newcomer Rachel Maddow, and have thus ended my self-emposed embargo on posting of the Meet The Press Videos.

Today, we have Obama Special Advisor Dave Axelrod being interviewed by Dave Gregory, and by all accounts he did well. But I disagree with the notion that the tax cut will be enough. I thinkk giving each taxpayer below $100,000 a $3,500 check would dramatically boost this economy and buy time for the other more long term programs to take effect.

Linda Fiorentino and Mark Rossini: LAST SEDUCTION OF THE G-MAN - New York Post

More at the New York Post: “
The film was "The Last Seduction," but those who know Linda Fiorentino say the character that made her famous isn't far from the actress' own life. And in the real-life story, the "she done him wrong" role is played by her FBI-agent boyfriend, Mark Rossini.

The former G-man, 47, turned in his badge several weeks ago for accessing agency files on the case of private investigator Anthony Pellicano without authorization and pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts.

So far, the only connection between Rossini - who faces jail time but may only receive probation under a plea deal - and Pellicano is Fiorentino, who had an obsession with the Pellicano case, the former agent's friends say.”

-- Art imitates life? I wonder to what degree Fiorentino's roles impacted her real life in this case?

Blagojevich Investigators Won't Subpoena Obama Aides -

More at Transition Tracker: “CHICAGO -- The Illinois House committee investigating a possible impeachment of Gov. Rod Blagojevich won't subpoena two incoming White House advisers, the committee chairwoman said Saturday, shutting down a request from the governor's attorney.

In a letter received by the committee Friday, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald asked the special investigative committee specifically to not subpoena President-elect Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Nils Larsen, a Tribune Co. executive vice president.

Fitzgerald said any such subpoenas "would interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation into the activities of Governor Rod Blagojevich and others."”

-- To me this is evidence that it was a member or members of the Obama camp that "outted" Blago to begin with. They're being protected and rightly so. Blago should not have disrespected the President-Elect with his behavior.

Planes landing at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 香港 啟德機場 Compilation 1

This is a disaster waiting to happen. I can't believe how low these planes fly over this hyper-urban Hong Kong or that nothing -- no crash -- has ever happened. But what about near misses?

How To Get More Women to Be Video Bloggers

There's an idea out there that there are more male than female video-bloggers and an anecdotal scan would seem to confirm that. My video explains how we can change that by encouraging women to vlog, and protecting them from harm and harrasment online to the extent that's possible. Here's the iReport version .