Friday, July 28, 2006

Bill Clinton on Current Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Leave it to former President Bill Clinton to shed light -- a clear light -- on the Israel-Lebanon conflict, as he does in this video. President Clinton informs us that Hezbollah presents a problem in that they hide within civilian communities as is the case in Lebanon and thus any attack on them will cause innocent people to die.

If that's the case -- and the Israelis know that -- then a sustained invasion is really almost a form of exterminating a whole group of people for the actions of a scant few. It seems like a perfect vessel for Anti-Arab forces to carry out a campaign of race hate. And the US under President Bush is right in support of those people who may very well have a kind of extermination in mind.

Here's President Clinton:

Israeli Kids Shown Signing Bombs Sent To Lebanon

I had to post this because I just plain could not believe what I was seeing. Israeli kids -- kids -- signing bombs that were then sent over to Lebanon to kill. It's painful not only to watch this go on, but to not only see one person's inhumanity to another played out for all to see, but to witness youngsters doing something that they will certainly regret later in life.

YouTube - "Crawley Kids In A Tilgate Park"

You've got to see this. Someone decided to hook up the power wheel end of a motorcycle to a small kids carosel and in such a way that the playground machine spins. It seems the Crawley kids thought it was a good idea to sit in the middle of the carosel while it spun faster and faster. Watch what happens when it goes too fast...

ROCKETBOOM? BOOM OR BUST? Randy Wicker Reporting

While Amanda Congdon makes videos of her getting fired from fast food joints, Andrew Baron shows the audience at the gathering of the vlogger group how Amanda's departure has impacted Rocketboom's traffic -- it's way up -- and sponsorships sales have increased as well.

This video was originally shared on by Randolfe Wicker with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

Amanda Congdon Get's Fired...From A Fast Food Restaurant

Ok, it happened in a video. It's really a cool new video that Amanda and her friends produced and is now up on her Amanda Unboomed site.

Amanda's still not decided on her future as of this writing. Here's hoping that something clicks, soon.

Vince Young Signs - NFL Rookie Signing Tracker

Vince Young signed with the Tennessee Titans Thursday. Young, the No. 3 overall pick out of Texas, agreed to a five-year deal, with an option for a sixth, with $25.7 million guaranteed and an overall value that could reach $58 million with option and roster bonuses and salary.

That would top the six-year, $54 million deal with $26.5 million guaranteed for the top draft pick, defensive end Mario Williams of Houston. That essentially means Young has opened the door for Reggie Bush's agent to argue that his client deserves a contract at least as good as Vince Young's.

Latest Transactions From

Atlanta Falcons - Signed second round pick CB Jimmy Williams

Dallas Cowboys - Reached contract agreements with third round pick DE Jason Hatcher and sixth round pick DT Montavious Stanley

Detroit Lions - Reached contract agreements with RB Brian Calhoun, fifth round pick OL Jonathan Scott, sixth round pick CB Dee McCann, seventh round pick LB Anthony Cannon

Jacksonville Jaguars - Reached a contract agreement with first round pick TE Marcedes Lewis.

Minnesota Vikings - Reached a contract agreement with first round pick LB Chad Greenway

New York Giants - Signed 1st round pick DE Mathias Kiwanuka

New York Jets - Reached a contract agreement with first round pick C Nick Mangold

World Trade Center - Kevin Cosgrove's 911 Call From 105th Floor Of 2 World Trade Center

This is absolutely the most chilling and shocking video I have seen from September 11, 2001 -- 9-11 -- to date. It features Kevin Cosgrove's plea for the New York Fire Department to come and get he and his co-workers out of the building as fire races through it.

As I watched this, I wondered why there were not helicopters with water hoses going up there, or at least copters that could get close enough to get someone down. I don't know. I realize that it was dangerous, but I feel like something could have been done.

Here's the chilling video. Remember that as a warning. Regardless, it's something people must see. If only to understand the magnitude of the power of the disaster and why we should never let that happen again.