Sunday, March 16, 2008

1/3rd of Democrats Racist? Seems They Agree With Geraldine Ferraro

Ok, kids, here's a question: if we agree that Geraldine Ferraro was expressing racism in her comments regarding Barack Obama, what does it say about those who agree with her? Hmm? Well, logically, it would say that they too have views that are racist.

Thus, if a survey shows that 34 percent of Democrats agree with Geraldine Ferraro , then it means that according to this survey we have a party with problems.

It means that about 1/3rd of the Democratic Party is racist and in my view, the party could lose part of that one-third to the Republicans and John McCain, unless something is done. Barack Obama has a wide lead in delegates and Clinton will not catch him. Dean needs to end this contest, now.

It also means that Dean and Pelosi should worry about causing the Democrats African American base to erode for the first time in history.

(As far as Florida and Michigan, just split the delegates 50 - 50 and move on.)

I think both Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi need to step in and correct this problem now. They need to make statements against these findings, because Ferraro and by extension Hillary Clinton is still doing damage to the Democratic Party, and Pelosi and Dean need to stop it.

Here's the results of the survey by (N=431 means that 431 people were surveyed.)

Geraldine Ferraro Defends her Statement About Barack Obama

Total N=431

Do you agree with Geraldine Ferraro’s comment that “Barack Obama would not have made it this far if he was a white man?”

Prior to viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 29%
No 57%
Don’t Know 14%

After viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 34%
No 53%
Don’t Know 13%

Do you believe that Geraldine Ferraro’s comment was racist?

Prior to viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 48%
No 43%
Don’t Know 9%

After viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 42%
No 51%
Don’t Know 7%

Do you agree with Geraldine Ferraro’s explanation of her comments about Senator Obama?

After viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 45%
No 46%
Don’t Know 9%

Do you think Geraldine Ferraro should have resigned from Senator Hillary Clinton’s finance committee?

After viewing Ferraro’s explanation

Yes 45%
No 39%
Don’t Know 14%

Ashley Alexandra Dupre - Emperors Club Vip Star Gains $4.2 Million From Spitzer Scandal

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the main Emperors Club Vip Star prostitute who most recently saw the now Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a great singer, as I've noted , with a great song that one can download from her Anme song page.

In a perfect example of how to profit from having an "online presence", Dupre has earned about $200,000 from people who have downloaded her song at an incredible rate. On top of that, if you will excuse the pun, Ashley Alexandra Dupre is set to gain about $4 million in offers to pose for magazines like Playboy and Hustler.

I don't know if she's taken them yet.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post was outted by Valleywag for using an interesting SEO trick I've replicated below...


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NY Mayor Bloomberg Reports At Least 4 Dead In Crane Accident

This terrible disaster happened Saturday as a massive construction crane just collapsed, crashing into a smaller building below and ultimately killing four people.

According to CNN, the crane company had faced 13 safety violations prior to the accident.

More on this later.

If John Edwards Endorses Clinton He's A Hypocrite

I understand via email that John Edwards is going to annouce that he's endorsing Hillary Clinton for President rather than Barack Obama. If this is true, then John Edwards is a massive hypocrite who very likely did fool around on his wife with Rielle Hunter.

Such a move would call Edwards' character into question, and rightly so.

John Edwards ran a campaign very similar to that of Senator Barack Obama: both populist and both grass-roots. But Edwards, as I wrote before, does not come off as presidential. He allows himself to get into battles with Anne Coulter and rather than walk in a strike with kitchen restaurant workers or hotel workers, Edwards seeks the Hollywood spotlight by walking with the striking movie and television writers -- all to get his face before a TV camera.

Edwards -- to me and to Mother Jones -- never seemed to be a real populist, so it's no surprise to me that he's going to back another fake-populist, Hillary Clinton.

Edwards invested vast amounts of time bashing Clinton on her ties to lobbyists as was the case at the YearlyKos Convention, only to turn around -- or is it turn-coat -- and stand with Clinton and the lobbyists, leaving Barack Obama the lone candidate who does not have lobbyist backing.

Edwards also accused Clinton of being part of the old Washington -- which means that if he backs her, he too is part of the old Washington and no better than she. It also means that Edwards supports a campaign strategy that's seen by many as just plain racist.

It also plays into the racist campaign that Clinton's running -- have the white guy who was one of the last three candidates come out for her, rather than the more logical choice, Barack Obama.

Standing with Clinton would diminish Edwards value and render him nothing more than a cruel joke played on American politics. He can forget about running again, because no one will listen to him anymore. Edwards will be remembered as just another old-style politician who so wanted the spotlight he'd do anything to get it, from painting himself as a populist to standing with African Americans, only to abandon them to endorse a candidate who plays the "race-issue" in a failed effort to win a campaign.

Edwards would also be seen as abandoning his own supporters, who by a vast majority, as we saw in Iowa today, back Obama

His only choice is to back Obama, or stay out of the picture.