Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zennie At MacWorld In The Microsoft Bloggers Booth (Booth 702)

Well, here I am at the Microsoft booth 702 and I've just been branded as having "Mac Mojo." What that is I don't know, but if I've got it, I've got it.

The booth itself is pretty cool. It has couches to sit on -- overstuffed -- a bin with colas, computers, and a main table. Plus everything's in black.

I wonder who's idea this was at Microsoft? Well, the real main question is how did I find this? I just walked through the main Microsooft booth and started talking with one of the hosts there. She told me about their booth for bloggers and gave me a button -- the one I referred to above.

So I walked out in search of Booth 702, when a woman walked by with the Microsoft logo that's commonly associated with their office products. So I asked her and she happened to be headed over there. As it turned out, my tour guide was none other than "Jane" of Microsoft and "See Jane Direct" at

Later, Jane told me that it was Chris Kim who created the booth idea. He's the marketing manager and I guess head blogger at Microsoft.

Chris explained that what is now booth 702 evolved out of a need to have a kind of "team blog" program at the firm. But then he recognized that there would be a lot of bloggers at MacWorld, so he and his Microsoft team bought booth space, and set up shop where I am now.

Not bad.

The show's pretty cool this year, but I wonder if the producers aren't getting enough vendors. It seems to get smaller and smaller each year. I don't think it's a matter of less product or interest, but something the show's producers aren't doing. I think Apple should basically own the show, since it features their products.

Well, more soon.