Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bert Sugar at The 2006 NFL Draft

On my first visit to the NFL Draft last year, my good friend Bill Chachkes said "Hey Zennie, go over to (HBO Boxing Analyst) Bert Sugar and ask him for a cigar." So I did, and wound up in a great joke-telling conversation with Sugar and commentator and personality Roy Firestone. And I got a great cig.

So, I went up to Sugar again at the 2006 NFL Draft, and he remembered me and again presented me with a great cigar, and this time an excellent rumination on the Ukranian boxer Vladimir Klichco's problems in the ring.

He then smoothly moved from that topic to how he told the late Pete Rozelle that the NFL Draft was going to be a big thing years before it was. I love Bert. He's always got an opinion, a smile...and a cigar. Bert Sugar's a true New Yorker.
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