Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clinton Blueprint For Victory Would Tear Dems Apart

In today's Column, Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza outlines what the Clinton Campaign considers its way to victory. It includes two actions that will drive the Democratic Party apart: 1) Clinton as fighter, which really means Clinton using racist means of campaigning, and 2) having Florida and Michigan count.

Look, I don't care what anyone else writes, Florida and Michigan are using their voters as tools to get what they want. That's smelly. Both states signed a contract and then violated that contract. So the voters should stay put and if they're pissed off about it, then they should throw their elected officials out of office.

Barack Obama's ahead -- deal with it.

Obama Raised $55 Million In February - A Record

I just got this from the Obama campaign:

Zenophon --

I want to add some more news to David's note about the state of the race.

As you know, we've won 27 of 41 contests and have maintained our commanding lead among pledged delegates.

But today I want to share another staggering number: supporters like you donated more than $55 million to this campaign in the month of February.

That's a humbling achievement, and I am very grateful for your support.

No campaign has ever raised this much in a single month in the history of presidential primaries. But more important than the total is how we did it -- more than 90% of donations were $100 or less, and more than 385,000 new donors in February pushed us past our goal of more than 1,000,000 people owning a piece of this campaign.

From the beginning, this campaign has always been funded by a movement of grassroots supporters giving whatever they can afford. And unlike Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, we have never taken money from lobbyists or PACs.

Senator Clinton has decided to use her resources to wage a negative, throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink campaign. John McCain has clinched the Republican nomination and is attacking us daily. But I will continue to vigorously defend my record and make the case for change that will improve the lives of all Americans.

Despite your generosity in February, I need your help to continue this battle on two separate fronts.

Please make a donation of $250 today:

Thank you for your support,


Charlotte Allen's WashPost Anti-Feminist Column Causes Firestorm

I first learned about Charlotte Allen's controversial column in a response writen by Alex Leo in the Huffington Post and titled "Charlotte Allen Is a Bigot", which is bound to get anyone's attention. But before I jumped on the Anti-Charlotte bandwagon, I figured I'd do two things: 1) read her column and 2) contact her.

I did both.

I got this response from Charlotte, who was kind enough to take the time to write back. Now, "CA" is her and "ZA" is me.

CA: Zennie:
I'll try to respond to your queries, but briefly:

ZA: I write a blog called Zennie's Zeitgeist and I have a question for my post about
your column that has caused such controversy.

What was the movivating factor for writing it?

CA: Just fun--a friend of mine and I had been ventilating about all the dumb things women say and do.

ZA: Also, is there some discomfort with being a woman?

CA: I love being a woman?

ZA: In other words, what's wrong with essentially being how you're wired?

CA: Nothing--I'm not one of those gender studies types who believe that gender traits are all socially imposed.

ZA: Also, isn't it true that a lot of women aren't that way?

CA: Sure--I carefully pointed that out in the article.

ZA: I'm just curious. Also, did you expect to launch a controversy?

CA: I knew the piece would be loathed by many feminists, but not quite on this scale.

ZA: Would you still write the column if you knew it was going to piss off so many people?

ZA: It's been overwhelming trying to answer all the e-mails, but of course I'd do it. I refused to be intimidated by humorless politically correct types.

CA: Thanks! Hope this helps!

Actually, it does. I figured that Charlotte had -- as I told her -- her tongue way down her cheek when she wrote the column. I took the episode as something where she wanted to piss off a particular group of women who perhaps take themselves too seriously and she hit the mark -- bullseye.

Still, now there's a bullseye on her back. With so many calls for her head amoung the 1,000 comments and 10,000 blog responses, it will be interesting to see what happens to her. My bet is that she winds up on some TV show. Hey look, the WashPost editors must be loving this stuff. It's online churn of the first order.

I disagree with Alex Leo as I do think it was satrical and also balanced; not the divisive work Leo painted it to be.

NY Times Square Explosion - Biker Nearby Before Blast

The NY Post reports that a person on a bike acting suspiciously was seen just before a bomb went off at 4 AM EST today and wrecked a U.S. Military Recruiting Station there. No one was hurt and the person who did this is still at large.