Sunday, November 30, 2008

Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Titl

Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Title-By Jon Wagner-Senior Writer at Large-Football Reporters Online

When New York Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress literally shot himself in his left leg at a Manhattan club last Friday night, he may have also figuratively shot his team in the foot.

It seemed that the talented receiver had put some character questions during his five years in Pittsburgh to bed during most of his first three years with the Giants. But, ever since catching the winning touchdown pass in the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII win in February, Burress, now in his fourth season with New York, has apparently let his self-centered actions ruin what could have been a very happy marriage with the defending champion Giants.

If he had been able to stay out of trouble and simply show up every week as the professional that the Giants hoped he’d be, Burress certainly would have remained the Giants’ most dangerous receiving threat. After last Friday’s incident however, he may no longer get that chance.

Whether due to his self-inflicted gunshot wound, the impending legal trouble resulting from it, or from both, Burress may have played his final game in a Giants’ uniform this season. If that’s the case, the track record of how the Giants have been able to continue to flourish after ridding themselves of other talented troublemakers would indicate that Burress’ days as a Giant could be numbered not only this season, but for good.

After a multitude of missed practices, excuses, and fines, the Giants may have run out of patience. For proof of that, there’s no need to look past current Giant tight end Kevin Boss filling in adequately for four-time pro-bowler and ex-Giant Jeremy Shockey in helping the Giants to their first 11-1 record in their long, storied history.

As with Boss, the Giants certainly have Burress’ replacements waiting in the wings. Domenic Hixon, Steve Smith, and Amani Toomer have already more than picked up the slack in the weeks that Burress has already missed this season whether due to injuries or repeated off-the-field troubles.

But the concern for the Giants is if that trio can get it done come playoff time in January against some of the best teams the NFC has to offer, or in Tampa, should the Giants reach Super Bowl XLIII.

Though Burress’ potential postseason fill-ins are talented in their own rights, Burress is not only a receiving matchup problem at 6-foot-5 with speed, athleticism, and good hands, but he often commanded double teams, opening up the field for other options. Without him, the Giants will have to find other ways to keep good defenses guessing and maintain their efficiency as the league’s leading offense once the “real” season arrives and they seek to defend last year’s championship.

It’s entirely possible that the Giants could roll to another Super Bowl title in February without Burress. After all, the won a Super Bowl last season without Tiki Barber and Shockey, and they’re cruising this season without Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. But, as hard as it is to repeat as champions in a league like the NFL, the chances of doing so would have been a lot easier for the Giants if defending a championship and being part of a true team were as important to Burress as it is to what may soon become Buress’ former team.

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Richard Cabrera: Who Is Prof Cabrera And Why Can't One Find Info On Him?

 UPDATE: Chevron attacks Cabrera's Voodoo Economics

Richard Cabrera is a supposed geologist and environmental expert based in Ecuador, and who's large damage estimates have played a major role in the case of Ecuador v. Chevron.  His first estimate of Chevron's alledged environmental damage was $16 billion, but he's increased that to $27 billion to take into account Ecuadorians who may have been striken with cancer.

And here's the problem.  No one knows where he got the new damage estimate from!  What was the multiplier?  Why?  But I have another really basic question: who is this guy?  I can't find anything in the way of a resume or a website listing from whatever university Prof Cabrera represents.  In the 21st Century, how the hell can someone claim to be "a World-class expert" if no one can find them online around the World?

A search for "Richard Cabrera, geologist "yields nothing not connected with the Chevron case yet carrying his name.  If the Chevron case isn't his first rodeo, then how can we be sure?   Just because a court appointed him in Ecuador?  He's supposed to be a World-known expert.

Cabrera's resume is something that must be investigated considering the gravity of the case he's involved in.

Obama's change means it's not just allies getting appointments. Instead he's forging a complex alloy cabinet.

If President-elect Obama chose his cabinet Secretaries from among his closest, long-time friends and asscociates he would hit the ground running with a known, trusted team but be accused of doing business the same way D.C. has been operating, of rewarding loyalty with political favors. It's almost certain that tomorrow Obama will formally designate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) as his new Secretary of State while retaining Dr. Robert Gates atop the Defense Department, which detractors argue is a failure to engineer change in Washington. This speaks volumes about Obama's intentions.

Memo to the troops:

While there are other Pentagon appointments in the offing Obama is plainly endorsing the efficacy of Gates' approach and performance. The President-elect is sure to mandate examinations, including the procurement processes, but by retaining Gates he's giving a nod to the operational readiness and capability of the military. Obama's choice exhibits confidence in the Defense department's ability to carry out their missions - high praise for the work being done by the men and women who serve this country in uniform, while insuring a continuity that cannot pass unnoticed by those likely to provoke a military response and/or engage our armed forces.

Message to the world:

In contrast, the selection of Senator Clinton for the State Department signals Obama's philosophical preference for reliance upon the soft power of strong diplomacy. The (anticipated) Clinton nomination foreshadows his early focus will be on a makeover at State from top to bottom. Hillary and Bill Clinton already have considerable global standing and influence. This shrewd appointment nonetheless positions the Senator in a challenging management role with diplomatic responsibilities far afield from the domestic policy issues such as health care she is noted for championing.

Leaders and common people around the globe followed Obama's improbable political rise with extraordinary fervor. Selecting a rival to head his outreach effort not only signals his obvious intent to watch that department closely, this union also insures the regular, collaborative, "normalized" participation of a former President in Obama's diplomatic endeavors around the world.

Obama's challenge: re-engineering

Bringing major changes always provokes reactions from those who like the organization just fine the way it is. Try moving where the bread is in a grocery store and you'll find both staff and customers who resist. Now imagine the changes Obama envisions both within our borders and around the world: We've got people in the U.S. who think more government intervention will help immigration but less oversight is needed in the financial industry. Overseas, from drug profiteers to the Taliban bullies to pirates off the coast of Somalia, many want to exploit weakness while decrying the use of force by the United States and others fighting for fairness. Fortunately, peaceful co-existence, be it with your next-door neighbor or with a country steeped in traditions you don't understand, doesn't mean you have to kiss and like everybody.
What Obama has set out to build, both within his administration and ultimately throughout the world, is the best community possible. He seeks a composite in the mold that immigrants to North America and their descendants celebrate each November on the quintessentially U.S. holiday of sustainability: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving ultimately commemorates the unified strength and durability built when settlers to this nation cooperated with natives to prepare for and survive the adversity of winter.U.S. Constitution Years after the event a rebellious cadre of intellectuals crafted the document that still epitomizes the best of what our government stands for, even though that government has not always acted as though our leaders embraced what the Constitution spells out.

Peaceful coexistence with the neighbors down the block and around the globe starts with accepting that all people are, in fact, created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights.

Obama's change, not just allies getting top appointments

Selecting Senator Clinton for the State Department signals Obama’s intended reliance on the soft power of strong diplomacy. The (anticipated) Clinton nomination foreshadows his early focus will be on a makeover at State. If Obama chose his cabinet from only allies that would be old-school D.C. politics. Instead he's forging a complex alloy cabinet.

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Trump Entertainment to miss interest payment

Facing tough competition and sliding revenue amid the economic meltdown, Trump Entertainment Resorts will have to skip a $53.1 million interest payment scheduled for Monday on its 8.5% senior secured notes due 2015 in order to maintain sufficient liquidity.

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Actor describes 'Die Hard' moment in Mumbai shootings

A Montreal actor who was wounded in last week's Mumbai terror attacks described finding himself in the midst of a real-life "Bruce Willis 'Die Hard' moment" as he came under a hail of gunfire.

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Giants Wide Reciever Burress Released from Hospital

New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from a New York hospital yesterday after suffering a leg wound in a shooting Friday, according to the Giants.

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Fortune Magazine: Why can't Microsoft make money online?

Microsoft, one of the most aggressively competitive, brainiac-attracting, technologically superior, and oh, yes, cash-gushingly profitable companies of all time, can't for the life of it make a dime on the Internet. It's not as if earning money on the web is such a remarkable feat. Even industry doormats Yahoo and AOL are profitable.

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'Obama cookie' bringing in a lot of dough - TODAY: Food

Want an example of the change Barack Obama is bringing? Ever since word spread about how much the president-elect and his family like the chocolate chunk cookies at Baby Boomers Cafe, the small Des Moines, Iowa restaurant can't bake them fast enough.

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Women Cheat in Early 30s to Maximise Chances of Reproducing

Researchers have discovered that women - unlike many men - instinctively prefer a monogamous relationship, mainly because they need help bringing up any resultant children. But if they do stray it's more likely to be when they enter their 30s as their biological clock starts ticking.

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CNN's Top 10 Political Turkeys of 2008

November 27 may be Turkey Day in America, but in the world of politics, every day is turkey day. Turkeys are foolish creatures -- overstuffed, noisy and self-important. A lot like the politicians on CNN's list of Turkeys of the Year.

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Obama to name 4 more Cabinet posts

Obama to name 4 more Cabinet posts.

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Mumbai, India Terrorist Attacks Byproduct of Unequal Income Distribution

 In the wake of the horrible Mumbai, India terrorist attacks we have had conversations on the role of Radical Islam. But forgetten is the fact that the terrorists are not rich, they're poor.  

Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Friday, November 28, 2008

CNN's Sara Sidner Becomes Star Of Mumbia, India Taj Mahal Hotel Terrorist Attack Story

If you're watching the terrorist attacks in Mumbia, India on CNN or were drawn to their coverage by Twitter Tweets , you can't miss the intelligent, clear, melodic voice and pretty face of my friend CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner.  

Just over one year ago, Sara Sidner, was a popular local television anchor holding the Saturday evening spot on KTVU Channel Two in Oakland, and serving the San Francisco Bay Area.  But Sara apparently decided the men she picked out were not working out in the Bay Area -- just kidding -- and elected to try travel around the World.  

She took a position with CNN International.  

The last time I saw Sara was in the KTVU Studio when I was there for a meeting.  She's so busy, she's hard to consistently pin down, literally.  Still, that was true for all of us in a small band of friends that met up at this party or that around San Francisco.  When she wasn't working, which by her own admission was way too much, I'd see Sara at events that were coordinated by my friend Beth, who -- now it can be told -- wanted me to meet "this really cute African American woman" she knew I'd hit it off with.

She was right.    (That's Sara, me, and Beth, in the photo)

That first encounter happened about three years ago at a little gathering: a party Beth threw at her place for us to watch the NCAA Finals and for me to meet Sara, where Florida (Sara's alma mater) played UCLA.  Beth's instincts were correct -- we did hit it off.  Sara's funny most of the time, great at banter, and possessing a rather quick wit -- not better than mine, but she'll pass.  

The first time I realized Sara was so cool was the first time she and I got together in San Francisco during a Christmas Party, where we ended up walking off to an impromptu dinner.  Truth be told, that ring she's wearing isn't one I got for her but it does look nice on her. Yes, we all had as nice a time as the photos would show.  Sara is really as busy as I am, so I can report this: 

Sara's a workaholic.  

I'm not surprised Sara's performing so well in India -- what I love is her candor in, for example, explaining how CNN lost it's India regional broadcast permit and had to use phones to call in the news --  but I have to admit I wondered why she picked India, of all places in the first place.  The first time I got wind that Sara was in India -- she was in Atlanta for spell where CNN's headquarters are -- was via Beth after my first appearance on CNN International during the Democratic National Convention.  Apparently, Sara was in a hotel bar, saw me on television, and sent an email to Beth, who called me.  "Sara fell out of her chair", Beth said.  

I kinda hoped that would happen.   

But I always wondered why India, and now after seeing CNN's coverage of the Mumbia terrorist story, and Sara's performance, I know why.  She knew where the action was to get that one story which would lead to the big break she certainly deserves. 

This one.  

Right on, Sara!   This time, I'm not falling out of my chair.  I knew I'd see you on the World stage!  It suits you well.  Just stay away from the wrong guys over there!  


Speaking, er, writing of the wrong guys, it seems like Sara's got a handful of them to deal with in the form of some irate Indian bystanders in this video where it sound like she can be heard screaming "stop it" after the camera light went off.  I'm checking for updates like this one on Mediabistro , and here's the video:

Thomas Friedman: Citigroup Failed Every Step of the Way

Citigroup was involved in, and made money from, almost every link in the chain that resulted in the recent economic collapse. And the bank’s executives, including the former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, were clueless about the reckless financial instruments they were creating. These are the people whom taxpayers bailed out on Monday.

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45% Tax Rate on Rich to Fund Recession Package in UK

45% top rate breaks 15-year taboo raising income tax on the wealthy. The government hopes by targeting the rich, people on low, middle incomes will be reassured they are not to be victims of an aggressive spend now, tax later strategy. "There is a change in the public's mood, who have seen what has been happening to bankers and their huge salaries"

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Bush 'very pleased' with Iraq war outcome: report

US President George W. Bush believes the Iraq war was a success and is "very pleased" with what is happening there, he said in a pre-recorded interview broadcast on a Japanese television network Sunday.

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10 Arrested for Afghan Acid Attack

The police in Kandahar have arrested 10 Taliban militants they said were involved in an attack earlier this month on a group of Afghan schoolgirls whose faces were doused with acid, officials in Kandahar said Tuesday.

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Bush Administration faked savings in push to privatize jobs

President George W. Bush's Labor Department misled Congress in an effort to prove outsourcing jobs to private companies was more efficient than assigning the jobs to government employees, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Monday.

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Leading Russian Analyst Predicts DECLINE & BREAKUP of USA

A leading Russian political analyst has said the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the country is heading for collapse, and will divide into six separate parts. The Pacific coast, the South, Texas, the Atlantic coast, the Central states, and the North.

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U.S. war on drugs has failed, report says

The United States' war on drugs has failed and will continue to do so as long as it emphasizes law enforcement and neglects the problem of consumption, a Washington think tank says in a report co-chaired by a former president of Mexico.

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Mumbai attacks: Terrorists 'copied al-Qaeda blueprint'

Terrorists behind co-ordinated terrorist attacks on a series of high-profile targets in Mumbai, India, followed a "blueprint" created by al-Qaeda, according to one terrorism expert.

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People run for cover as gunshots are fired from inside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. Maharashtra state police chief A.N. Roy said on Thursday that the hostage situation had ended at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai,

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Drew Barrymore Marches with, Addresses Prop. 8 Protesters


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So, What if the Dark Knight wins Best Picture?

Does it mean we've reached the end of great cinema as we know it? ... [While] I haven't seen all of them, but being in Hollywood and with the friends I know, I've spoken to someone who has seen at least every big contender (we'll get into those later on). And while most are ... good, none of them are ...amazing, which only leaves The Dark Knight.

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Trailer For Much Anticipated Film 'The Wrestler' Looks Great

Mickey Rourke dug so deep into his character, both mentally and physically, it's truly stunning. Director Darren Aronofsky may just have a huge winner on his hands with Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, and Evan Rachel Wood.

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Will It Be Boxoffice Gold? 'Four Christmases,' 'Transporter 3,' 'Australia'

'Four Christmases,' 'Transporter 3,' 'Australia' open wide. One or more could still turn out to be a boxoffice turkey, but film distributors see the long Thanksgiving session as a lucrative opportunity for new pics and holdovers alike.

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Paul Schrader: Bollywood, Here I Come

Paul Schrader is taking a taxi to Bollywood. Saying he feels the U.S. film market has become "barren," the writer of classics "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" is packing his bags for Mumbai to write and direct the Bollywood action movie "Extreme City."

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Eight Classic Movie Bars for the Biggest Bar Weekend of 2008

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving always kicks off the biggest bar weekend of the year, and yet it doesn't get nearly the same attention as the puritan gluttony of Turkey Day. Here are eight of the best bars, taverns, and assorted drinking establishments from the movies to help put you in the mood for this lushiest of holidays

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Rumor: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie

Hollywood is rumoured to be alive with the buzz that Joss Whedon, creator of the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer is eyeing the success of Twilight with anxious hands gripping a feature film script he had prepared for the continuation of the show.

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Batman Bruce Wayne is killed by his own dad in new comic

One of the world’s most famous comic book heroes has breathed his last Bat breath. Bruce Wayne – who by night is Batman – gets murdered by a man claiming to be the father he thought was dead.

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Keanu Reeves - ET - The Day the Earth Stood Still

'Sci-fi's just one of the things I can do'. This Klaatua is a little different from the original character, who was played by Michael Rennie in the 1951 classic. "I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn't been actor," he says. "I've been doing this professionally since I was 16. "I have a bike and it's how I get around.

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Rosie O'Donnell's Variety Show Was A Huge FLOP

The producers had said if the show faired well, they would make it into a series...

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AS we steam toward our first New York-New York Super Bowl, The Great Debate suddenly rages:Who's better, the Giants or the Jets?

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Giants want Six in a Row

With a three-game lead in the division, the Giants (10-1) are on a roll and can virtually wrap up the NFC East with a victory over the Redskins on Sunday. New York will also surpass their win total from last season (10-6).

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Favre's Success With the Jets is an Apology to Gastineau

New York City has been officially diagnosed with Brett Favre Fever. The New York Jets are welcoming new fans to the fold as the team continues to succeed, and everyone is buzzing about the potential for a hometown Super Bowl...

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New York Giants Examiner: Giants at Redskins: Preview

Can the Giants keep their streak alive or will Washington take the champs down

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Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan Officially Best Rookie QB Ever.(At least according

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was named the best rookie QB of all time by an Atlanta Journal Constitutional writer, read more about it here.

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Fans and Media Call For Romeo Crennel's Firing

A growing chorus of voices is demanding that Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel be fired. Crennel has led the underachieving Browns to a dismal 4-7 record. Their latest loss came at the hands of the struggling Houston Texans. In the loss, the Browns defense allowed the Texans anemic offense to gain nearly 400 yards.

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Let's hope Kubiak's comments don't reflect his beliefs

I can't help but react to Dale Robertson's commentary today in the Houston Chronicle about the Texans "porous" defense. In the column, Robertson suggested that the Texans 35-6 win over the Bengals may have (then) signaled that the defense had found some footing.To that I invoke the theory of the blind squirrel and the nut.

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Jets-Broncos: New York Must Step Up Where Denver Excels

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos haven't faced one another very often in recent years, but please believe there's still a very strong sense of animosity for the ponies. Perhaps it's more on the behalf of Jets' fans, but it certainly does exist...

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John Lynch to Retire After 15 Years in NFL

As any Denver Broncos fan knows, safety John Lynch has had one hell of a career in the NFL for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos.With nine Pro Bowls, 1,277 tackles, 26 interceptions and winning a Super Bowl in 2002 with the Bucs, Lynch is almost certainly a guaranteed first ballot NFL hall of famer.

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Newsday's List of Hall of Fame Eligible Semifinalists

So here we go. Here are the 25 (plus two seniors previously nominated) just-announced semifinalists for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The inductees will be announced the day before the Jets-Giants Super Bowl in Tampa.Terrell Davis? Really?

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Former Tampa Bay Buc Dave Pear battles NFL for help

Dave Pear will pull himself out of his shallow sleep, the way he has done for countless mornings. He will hobble across his house with the shuffle of a gladiator who has outlived the cheers. He will drink his coffee, he will take his pills, and he will read his Bible.

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Lane Kiffin to coach Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee has reached an agreement with former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin to take over as the Volunteers' next coach, with an announcement planned for Monday, barring any snags, according to multiple sources.

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Raiders still tinkering with a formula for winning - TFDS

The Oakland Raiders haven't allowed themselves to become complacent even after winning convincingly in Denver last Sunday. They are still working at getting better and are making the types of moves that we here at TFDS have been begging for since the last off-season. While it may be a little late for the Raiders to get that impact diamond in the...

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Colts Have Rebounded to Become AFC Contenders Again

The Indianapolis Colts started out the 2008 season struggling, but have rebounded to become legitimate AFC contenders again behind Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, and Tony Dungy.

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December Awaits Dallas Cowboys. Enough of the Turkey Dance

I have been waiting to write this post all season. December is finally here. The playoff run is about to begin. Games really start to matter now.The Dallas Cowboys have won three games in a row for the first time since the season started. After some ego-disrupting losses the rest at

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Raise Your Hand If You Feel Sorry For the Detroit Lions

Chris Johnson was untouched on a short run to the outside and a long gain up the middle. The two plays were symbolic of the canyon-like gap between the once-beaten Tennessee Titans and the winless Detroit Lions.

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Michael 2: Vick Deserves Another Chance in the NFL

I think that Michael Vick should be allowed back into the NFL. I think that the Detroit Lions should give him a chance at RB.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chris Young of Obama For America - Scenes From Election 2008

Chris Young of the Northern California staff of Obama for America gives a speech in Berkeley, Ca, September 4th 2008, where he talked about how Barack Obama's message energized him to work for the campaign. Then I talk with Young about the campaign to that date, and a then-new new threat, GOP VP Candidate Governor Sarah Palin

President-Elect Barack Obama's Thanksgiving Adress

In this video , President-Elect Barack Obama's Thanksgiving adress asks Americans to give thanks and points to people -- like community organizers -- who have gave their time to help others.

New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences

New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences-by Jon Wagner-Senior Contributing Writer-Football Reporters Online

It seems that immediately after Super Bowl XLII, a general consensus was formed that the road to Super Bowl XLIII would go through anywhere but the place where either of the two New York NFL franchises call home.

Many believed that the journey to Tampa Bay in February would wind through Dallas or San Diego, or perhaps through New England, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, or Tennessee.

The idea of the New York Giants defending their Super Bowl LXII title was an afterthought, and the prospect of the Giants meeting their fellow Meadowlands tenants, the New York Jets, in Super Bowl XLIII, wasn’t even considered.

However, fast forward now, to Week 12 of the 2008 NFL regular season, and suddenly what exists, is the very real possibility of a first-ever all-New York (or if you prefer, all-New Jersey) Super Bowl on the first day of February, 2009.

Yes, that’s the new prevailing view for both a defending champion who has until now, proven itself as the team to beat in the NFC, and similarly, for the team which is this week’s fashionable pick in what has become a scrambled race among several different teams for AFC dominance.

For the Giants, flash back to Super Bowl XLII when looking at Sunday’s game in Arizona. Same locker room, same sideline, same result.

Returning for the first time to the place they were crowned Super Bowl XLII champions, the Giants, as they often have, overcame adversity to do something they’ve done all but once in their past fifteen games -– win. Again.

Playing together as a true team, and having others step up to continue to roll is something that has seemingly become second nature for the Giants. They lose Tiki Barber to retirement and Jeremy Shockey to injury (and later, for good, to Shockey’s poor attitude), and they win a Super Bowl with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Derrick Ward, and Kevin Boss. They see Michael Strahan retire and Osi Umenyiora lost to injury for the 2008 season, and they pressure 2008 NFL MVP candidate Kurt Warner into enough mistakes on Sunday to hand the Cardinals their first loss in five home games.

Given that track record, it’s no wonder that with their leading rusher Brandon Jacobs missing all of Sunday’s game with a knee injury, and with their best receiver Plaxico Burress sidelined for most of the game (after aggravating a previous hamstring injury in the first quarter), the Giants would find several others to fill those voids in torching Arizona’s defense and special teams for nearly forty points, in a 37-29 win on Sunday.

For those who may still think last year’s run from a 10-6 regular season record to NFL champions was a fluke, the Giants became only the second team in NFL history on Sunday to win five consecutive games against teams with winning records (the 1970 Minnesota Vikings first accomplished that feat).

Despite their 2008 success, the Giants know their path to another Super Bowl remains a difficult one. However, their win over the Cardinals coupled with Carolina’s loss to Atlanta on Sunday leaves the Giants in very good shape for earning the top seed in the NFC. With five weeks left in the regular season, the 10-1 Giants lead both Carolina and Tampa Bay (each 8-3) by a full two games. The Giants don’t play the Buccaneers before the postseason, but they do host the Panthers in the next-to-last week of the regular season, December 21st, at Giants Stadium.

Should the Giants ride a possible number one seed to another Super Bowl, the AFC representative they could play also needs to be sorted out over the next couple of months.

Suddenly, that team is looking more and more like it could be New York’s other team after the Jets won a big statement game on the road for the second straight week.

After taking hold of the AFC East with last week’s overtime win in New England, the Jets waltzed into Nashville and handed the Tennessee Titans (10-1) their first loss of the season, and it wasn’t even close, in a 34-13 rout.

The Jets set the tone early with a nine-play, 76-yard drive grabbing a 7-0 lead just 4:35 into Sunday’s contest on a 10-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to Thomas Jones, and they never looked back.

How much of a declaration was it that the Jets have arrived as serious Super Bowl contenders? Check these numbers: though the Jets were outgained through the air (236 yards to 217), Jets’ quarterback Brett Favre was very sharp, completing 25 of 32 passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns; the Jets held a huge advantage on the ground, racking up 192 rushing yards to the Titans’ 45; and New York held the ball for more than two-thirds of the game, winning the time of possession battle, 40:30 to 19:30.

The past two weeks, against teams like the Patriots and Titans, are the types of games the Jets spent so much offseason money on upgrading key positions, especially of course, with the signing of Favre, and those moves seem to be paying off now.

At 8-3, the Jets are tied with Pittsburgh (also 8-3) for the second seed in the AFC behind Tennessee. However, given that the Jets just manhandled the Titans on their own turf, they should have plenty of confidence of going back to Nashville for a potential AFC championship game if the Titans and Jets end up as the top two seeds in the AFC.

Of course, it’s understood that defense often wins championships, but also it’s interesting to see which two teams, each now widely recognized as perhaps the current teams to beat in their respective conferences, are the top two NFL offenses at this point.

Two games in two weeks for Jets to significantly measure their progress from more modest hopes of years past, and 34 points scored by the Jets in each of those games. The Jets now rank second with 29.4 points per game, behind only the Giants, who lead the NFL in scoring with 29.9 points per game.

It’s only Thanksgiving week, so no one in New York is thinking beyond Macy’s floats in terms of any parades. But, if things continue for the next couple of months as they have recently, we may know by the end of January if at least one New York team might be gearing up for a parade of their own.

Terrorist Attack In India: Covert Action Needed To Rescue Americans

Happy Thanksgiving. But its not one for the people who are being held hostage in Mumbai, India. Mumbai, the "Bollywood" capital of India, was attacked by a terrorist group called the Deccan Mujahedeen.

I've read and listened to many accounts of what the terrorist's motivations are, but they're targeting American and British people. I don't care what their reasons are, we've got to save those being terrorized and get our Americans home.

But doing this calls for covert, not overt action, else more will die. In the 21st Century, why can't we send in troops dressed and trained in the customs of the area, have them quickly blend in, then disable the terrorists and get our folks home?

It's not something anyone has to know about. That's the old America. Why not a way of doing this that works. We've got to get Americans to safety.

PunjabPower at CNN IReport Gives His View of the Indian Terrorist Attack

PunjabPower - his screen name -- gives his unique take on the Indian terrorist attacks of Thanksgiving Eve.  His summary reads:
The on going terrorist attacks in India are rooted in two aspects of the Indian sub continent history ..
1) The Religious divide which caused the break up on the continent in 1947 into two countries known as India and Pakistan. Bangladesh was further separated from Pakistan in 1971 war. The religious divide continues to this day more than half a century later. Funny enough that there are more muslims in India today then there are in Pakistan. A concerted effort is needed to bridge the religious divide, Good luck with that one though..
2) The conflict in Kashmir which has caused two wars between India and Pakistan is a fuel to the cause of these radicals in India. Unless the conflict in Kashmir is resolved, one can expect the terrorism incidents to continue. More sophisticated going forward perhaps, as it seems from today's attacks. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deccan Mujahedeen - Who Is The Deccan Mujahedeen

Related: CNN's Sara Sidner covers the attacks. 

In the wake of the Mumbia, India terrorist attacks, many have one basic question:  Who are the deccan mujahedeen?  

In my online search the information I have found all concerns today's terrorist's attacks in India.  Blogger RateVin reports:

An organisation calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed it was behind attacks in Mumbai that left at least 80 people dead, television channels reported on Thursday. The previously unknown or little known group sent an email to news organisations claiming responsibility. Indian journalist Ameet Sha told a private TV channel there was no confirmation but the pattern suggested involvement of Laskar-e-Tayyaba.

But the mention of the Deccan Mujahedeen as a Muslin group may cause Americans to think it's connected with the Mid East.  Not so.  The name is an off-shoot of the Indian Mujahedeen, an Islamic group based in India.  However, that group is not the Lashkar-e-Toiba , another Indian terrorist group. 

My hunch is this is a loosely formed group of Indian militants with no real organizational system, just a name they came up with.  

MTV and ServiceNation To Host Planned Obama Grassroots Inaugural Ball

GREAT!  MTV has stepped in to say they will host the planned "Grassroots Inaugural Ball" at the Ronald Reagan.  This is great news, as Mary Ritter, Russell Miller, Jacqueline Ashton de Floris have worked their tails off to make this event a reality!  

For more information and sponsorships, cick here:  

And don't forget to hear my online radio show about "How to get ready for the Obama Inauguration" here: 

Americans Targeted By Terrorists In India; Hostages Taken; 78 Dead, 200 Hurt

This is breaking news both on CNN and the Associated Press.  A group of unknown gunmen have taken over the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, India and "rampaged" through other parts of India.  This is what CNN reports:

CNN) -- Gunmen rampaged through a series of targets in the Indian city of Mumbai killing indiscriminately and taking hostages at two luxury hotels.

A wounded man is carried from the attacked rail station.

Mumbai police spokesman Satish Katsa said gunmen have taken over the Taj Mahal Hotel and Hotel Oberoi, and were holding hostages on multiple floors.
Flames and smoke poured from the Taj early Thursday, and at the Oberoi the military reportedly entered the building and a large explosion was heard shortly afterwards.
Another hostage situation was unfolding at Cama Hospital, CNN's sister network in India, CNN-IBN reported.
Earlier, A.N. Roy, the police chief of Maharashtra state, said there were ongoing battles at the two five-star hotels. Are you there?
One witness told local reporters that gunmen tried to find people with U.S. or British passports and took about 15 of them hostage.

Here's the Associated Press video:

Are We Safer Since 9/11?

Seven years after 9/11, a deadly anthrax attack, and billions of dollars spent on homeland security, experts say we may be more vulnerable than ever to bioterrorism….

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10 Republicans that need to just go away.

With a new political era looming, veterans of the old political arena will scramble to redefine themselves in order to make a living. Politicians, media commentators and analysts may be ill equipt to deal with the changing electorate, increased power of the internet and massive discontent with the status quo. Who will survive in the modern epoch?

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NYTimes: Inept Bush/Cheney Should Resign NOW, Let Obama In

Can I see a show of hands? How many people want George W. Bush out and Barack Obama in right now?

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MIchael Vick out of prison...taken to jail for more charges

Vick arrived Thursday afternoon from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., where he's serving a 23-month sentence for a federal dogfighting conspiracy.

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Favre senses good karma in Jets huddle

Brett Favre began the celebration of his 501st career touchdown pass in signature fashion, giddily running around in a wide circle like an airplane waiting to land. Shortly thereafter, the Tennessee Titans officially crashed back to earth.

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ESPN - Back in saddle: Pacman Jones returns to Dallas Cowboy

Pacman Jones returned to Cowboys practice on Monday. One more misstep gets him a lifetime ban from the NFL.

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Feathers Fly: Eagles Go Back to McNabb for Starting QB

Donovan McNabb will start when the Eagles host the Cardinals Thursday night. The five-time Pro Bowl quarterback was benched for the first time in his career at halftime of Philadelphia's 36-7 loss at Baltimore Sunday. Second-year pro Kevin Kolb played poorly against the Ravens, and coach Andy Reid said yesterday he's going back to McNabb.

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Los Angeles Unveils World’s Largest Solar Plan

San Francisco is usually designated the green capital of California, but now LA is trying to take the City by the Bay’s crown with the world’s largest solar plan. Yesterday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a long-range plan to gather enough solar power to meet 10 percent of LA’s energy needs by 2020

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Danny Cipriani Is Now On Bench Duty

Danny Cipriani has been relegated to the bench for the autumn international with New Zealand after his error-strewn display during England’s humiliating defeat to South Africa.

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Blockbuster Launches Internet Movie Downloads

To better compete with Netflix and others, Blockbuster video will debut a new service today that will allow customers to download movies from their computer via the internet.

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15 Ways to Overcome Anger

Can you recall the last time you were really angry at someone? So much so that you were physically shaken just at the thought of them? Rarely does this feeling of anger help us in getting what we want.

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Welcome To A Paper Economy

The Fed is opening up another 800 billion dollars of loans. This puts its balance sheet at about 3 trillion, supposedly (I have my doubts about that number). For reference, before the crisis, the Fed's balance sheet was about 800 billion. In the old days this would have been called what it is: running the printing press hot.

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Florida's Gay Adoption Ban Overturned

Miami judge rules against Florida's ban on adoptions by gay people, finds 'no rational basis'

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bowoto v. Chevron: White Guilt Clouds The Truth

Today features jury instructions and closing arguments in the trail of Bowoto v. Chevron. In the accounts of the trial, I've noticed an interesting pattern of the perspective of what I know call "White Activist Guilt". From that perspective, Chevron is the rich, bad "white" company, and the Nigerian militant groups attacking that company's employees and facilities are all good, non-violent folks.   This is the kind of view that has been presented by blogger Scott Gilmore, and others.  But his blog's arguably the best one solely dedicated to the Bowoto trial, so I'll start there.

The story he tells of a peaceful demonstration by Bowoto is just not true. But the real story of this case is the poor Nigerian economic development and that government's neglect in making life better for Nigeria's poor, who've formed militant groups to take whatever wealth they can.  

Obama’s Economic Team May Push for Deeper Role in Economy, Markets

Barack Obama will today unveil an economic team steeped in fighting crises and likely to push for an unprecedented government role in reviving growth and stabilizing the financial system.

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Last Secrets of the Bush Administration - Charles Homans

Iin March 2001, U.S. Archivist John W. Carlin received a letter from Alberto Gonzales, then counsel to the newly inaugurated president George W. Bush. It concerned an important deadline that was looming—one that Bush owed to Richard Nixon.In 1974, Congress ordered a lockdown on all records kept by the Nixon White House, afraid that the....

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Dow's biggest 2-day run since '87

Citigroup rescue and Obama economic team picks propel stocks. Dow sees its biggest two-session point gain ever and biggest two-session percentage gain in 21 years.

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Is George Bush off the wagon? Or was he ever really on it?

George Bush caught imbibing at the APEC summit. Time to get to AA, George, and start working on that fearless moral inventory. . .

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Report Finds Katrina Kids Have Poor Health

Even before the storm, they were some of the country's neediest kids. Now, the children of Katrina who stayed longest in ramshackle government trailer parks in Baton Rouge are "the sickest I have ever seen in the U.S.," says Irwin Redlener, president of the Children's Health Fund.

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White House chefs look for sensitivity, not a star

Speculating about a new chef at the White House has become — as one culinary insider puts it — fantasy football for foodies. But as tempting as it may be to see the Obama family's choice as the ultimate "Top Chef" competition, former White House chefs say the job is about selfless service, not star power.

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Top 7 Absolute Worst Books to Buy Someone for X-Mas

Nascar holiday? Jesus' love life? From romantic cheese to sheer horror and, yes, Thomas Friedman, we won't be curling up with these at all this holiday season--and neither should you, or anyone you care about in the slightest.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama Introduces Economic Team Today - Video

President-Elect Barack Obama introduced his Economic Team today.   I have an earlier post on it, but this one features a two-part video: the presentation and the press conference after it.

Press Conference:


Alan Colmes Leaves Hannity & Colmes For Liberal Pastures

Realizing I think that liberalism is back and "in" and "green", Alan Colmes of Hannity & Colmes on Fox News, is leaving at the end of the year .  He's already got a blog up called "Liberland" under the URL -- I'm not kidding.

Alan Colmes Leaves Hannity & Colmes For Liberal Pastures

Realizing I think that liberalism is back and "in" and "green", Alan Colmes of Hannity & Colmes on Fox News, is leaving at the end of the year.  He's already got a blog up called "Liberland" under the URL -- I'm not kidding.

J.J. Abrams Star Trek: More On The May 9th 2008 Movie

I just happened upon this account of a Star Trek Movie press event attended by Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times.  J.J. Abrams was the host, and four clips from the upcoming blockbuster were shown.  This is the "meat" of what Itzkoff reported (spoilers):  

1. The young James T. Kirk (played by Chris Pine) is drinking forlornly at a bar in 23rd century Iowa (where they still serve Budweiser). Without much success, he flirts with a young Starfleet recruit named Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and picks a fight with four Starfleet grunts who clobber him. Kirk’s bravado impresses another Starfleet officer, Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood), who knew Kirk’s late father, and goads Kirk into joining the Starfleet Academy. “Your father was the captain of a starship for 12 minutes,” Pike tells him. “He saved 800 lives, including your mother’s. Including yours. I dare you to do better.”
2. A medical officer named McCoy (Karl Urban) helps smuggle Kirk aboard the starship Enterprise by injecting him with a vaccine that induces the symptoms of a mysterious disease. While his hands and tongue swell up, Kirk races around the ship, trying to convince the crew they’re about to enter a trap set by the nefarious Romulans. We get our first glimpse of the young Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto of television’s “Heroes,” in a mop-top haircut and pointy ears), as well as Spock’s human mother (Winona Ryder) and the Romulan bad guy Nero (Eric Bana, in heavy-duty prosthetic makeup).
3. The Enterprise jettisons Kirk on a remote ice planet, where he meets the aged, future incarnation of Spock (ladies and gentlemen, Mister Leonard Nimoy!) as well as a young Starfleet engineer named Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg). With Old Spock’s help, Scotty completes a mathematical formula that permits living beings to be teleported onto vessels moving at warp speed. (Of course.) As Kirk and Scotty prepare to beam back onto the Enterprise, Kirk wonders if time-traveling and peeking into the future is cheating; Old Spock tells him it’s “a trick I learned from an old friend.”
4. In a lengthy action sequence, Kirk, Sulu (John Cho) and a third, red-shirted Starfleet recruit (don’t get too attached to him) parachute from the upper atmosphere of the planet Vulcan onto a giant drill that is burrowing a hole to the center of the planet. Kirk and Sulu disable the drill, but not before it drops a charge into the planet’s core. Back on the Enterprise, Spock realizes that the charge, when detonated, will create a black hole where his home world used to be – and he now has mere minutes to evacuate the planet’s entire population.

The second trailer was introduced last week.  Here's my review of the movie thus far, based on what I saw: