Saturday, July 26, 2008

DNC Youth Council Events At DNC Convention

I found this interesting bit of information over at DemNotes blogsite:

There will be a few events during the week hosted by the Youth Council. On the Monday of the National Convention, the Youth Council will host a press conference about youth issues.

Tuesday will feature a “Youth Voting Panel” with some key national figures discussing youth voting issues.

Wednesday evening, the Youth Council will host a Youth Watch Party in Denver for those unable to access the Pepsi Center.

Thursday, the Youth Council will host a “youth luncheon” featuring key national speakers to be announced.

These events are generally free and open to the public, but folks under age 36 (in other words, not me) can get priority reserved VIP tickets to these events and the acceptance speech at Invesco Field by donating $150 to help cover the costs of these events. If you’re interested (note that higher-level packages are also available for sponsorships), e-mail the Youth Council at:

DNC Convention: What To Do In Denver - Video

Denver dwellers have made a blogsite and this video to tell tourists what they should do in Denver while they're here for the DNC Convention. MUST Shut Down; Close

I still stand by what I wrote June 5th:

Hillary Is 44 is now a waste of time, and also may be the site behind the Democrats Against Obama effort. The site, owned by Alex Rodriguez (Yeah. Right.) didn't do the job of helping Clinton -- Obama's the nominee.

"Alex Rodriguez", it's time to shut down Hillary Is 44. Put it to bed.

Didn't you all get the memo? The war's over.

Coverage about McCain instead of Obama: 26 July 2008

Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee in the upcoming election to choose the next President of the U.S.A., is reportedly displeased by the amount of coverage that Barack Obama's overseas trip has been getting - even though he himself had suggested that Senator Obama make such a trip. I realize McCain's been in the game a long time, and he probably feels that he's entitled to a little more respect than he believes he's getting.

So I thought I'd share a video with you; a musical tribute to his campaign speeches, you might say, reminiscent of that "Yes We Can" video.

South Carolina Has 670,000 Registered Black Voters, Or One Fourth Of Total

Some people are bothered by a new poll as of this writing that has Sen. John McCain ahead of Sen. Barack Obama by 13 points or so. But given that SC has 670,000 registered Black voters out of 2.3 million voters, if you think of that group voting as a bloc, then all Democrats, it's hard to see Senator Obama not winning the state, if not being within 4 points of McCain.

Blue Stars for Obama

Blue Star Flag Blue Stars for Obama is an organizing site for military families to take action in the presidential campaign. The campaign will both seek feedback from military families and publish endorsements.

Blue Star members may have the opportunity to get invitations to Michelle Obama’s round-table discussions with military families held near bases around the country.

The Blue Star Flag was designed in the early 1900s by Robert L. Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry, who had two sons serving in the military. It has become a widely recognized unofficial symbol of families with a child in military service.

Started by Army and Marine Corps spouses, members believe supporting Senator Obama's candidacy exhibits and reinforces support of their loved ones serving in the military. The initiative borrows the symbolism of the blue star flag which immediate family members of active duty service members in times of war may fly, but it is not in any way affiliated with the Service Flag or the Blue Star Mothers organization. Accordingly, the group has adopted the logo below, omitting the traditional red border of the original symbol.

Even if you belong to another military family site join Blue Stars, too. Blue Stars for Obama is Pro Military, Pro Obama.” The commitment to the country made by all who join the military is echoed in Barack Obama’s unyielding personal commitment to public service. His dedication to make America safer by increasing the prestige of the US around the world is in total harmony with the decisions made by those in our military, and the families who support them.

Courage, Commitment, Honor...

Senator Obama’s candidacy parallels and reflects the values of courage, commitment, honor, loyalty and selfless service ~ values needed in the White House just as they are in the military. Now Michelle Obama is helping family members have a greater voice by becoming a “Blue Star for Obama.”

Blue Stars for Barack Obama!Blue Stars for Obama is open to any who have a family member serving in the military ~ that includes: spouse, child, parent, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. For more information on Blue Stars for Obama and updates on Michelle Obama’s activities, check out the blog at

John Edwards' and Rielle Hunter Meetup Confirmed By Security Guard

Monday nights's report of John Edwards visit to alleged mistress Rielle Hunter's hotel room to see her and her new baby was confirmed by a security guard on the scene. It's a sad tale, with reports of "a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards" in it.

SEE John Edwards and Rielle Hunter