Monday, April 11, 2011

Sun Cal And US Army Exchange Properties In Dublin, CA

Sun Cal, once hard at work in trying to redevelop the Alameda Naval Air Station in a politically-complex environment, has just assembled a deal to swap land with the US Army.

The objective? For Sun Cal to build new military facilities at Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area in Dublin, Ca, in exchange for 180 acres of land that will be developed into a master - planned community.

Sun Cal was selected for this after a competitive bid process that saw 150 investors, contractors, developers and other interested parties attended an "industry day" to launch the Army's search.

What About Camp Parks?

Camp Parks will gain a new main gate and 4,300 square-foot administrative building for base police. This will be followed by a 33,000 square-foot area maintenance support facility; a 33,000 square-foot regional medical training facility; a 42,000 square-foot Army Reserve training facility; a 40,000 square-foot public works/logistics warehouse; and a variety of road and utilities infrastructure construction and improvements.

On the 180 acres Sun Cal receives, it will build a 1,500 home "new town" called "Dublin Crossing," a pedestrian - friendly, mixed - use community that planners say will connect the east and west sides of town currently separated by Camp Parks.

We're pleased to reach this important milestone so new base facilities can be built at no added cost to taxpayers," said Joseph Calcara, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army. "This exchange represents the type of innovative public - private partnerships that will enable us to maintain top - rate facilities for our Reserve Forces for many decades to come."

"We can now move forward with the planning and construction of new facilities for the Army," said David Soyka, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, SunCal. "Dublin Crossing is designed to serve the ongoing growth needs of the Bay Area fueled by job growth. Through the use of public transportation, families will be able to walk to BART and leave their cars at home."

"This brings the vision of Dublin Crossing a step closer to reality," said Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti. "We're excited to continue working with SunCal as we partner to bring new jobs, shops, restaurants and homes, plus parks and trails, to Dublin. This new neighborhood is a significant part of our city’s future."

Jenn Sterger, WNBA Draft Rookies Maya Moore, Liz Cambage, Hotter

Now, former New York Jets sideline reporter is the hot search on Google, but really it should be the  two-time NCAA Women's Basketball Champion UConn Huskies star Maya Moore, who was drafted number one by the Minnesote Lynx today. Sorry, but Maya Moore is much hotter than Jenn Sterger, and she can dunk, too.

In fact, in watching the first six WNBA Draft picks on ESPN (before they switched to ESPNU), all of them were much hotter than Jenn Sterger. They're beautiful, tall, athletic, buffed, smart chics. Two from the Stanford Cardinal among them, Kayla Forward Pedersen and Guard Jeanette Pohlen, who were drafted by the Tulsa Shock and the Indiana Fever, respectively, look like star movie actresses on the red carpet.

And Elizabeth Cambage from down under and drafted after Moore by the Tulsa Shock? Six-feet eight inches of still-growing hotness in a dress, with incredible legs. Take a look at this video about her, before the WNBA Draft:

Yes, this blogger's objectifying WNBA rookies, and why not? Something's really screwed up in a society where we pay homage to weak women, talk about the athleticism of men and have NFL Combines with guys running around in shorts and shirtless, and try to cover up the sexuality of women in sports.

That ESPN produced the WNBA Draft for television and got all of these amazing athletes "done up" will change how people in America look at women's basketball, and tune in more often.  But it also calls into question the WNBA's whole marketing strategy.

Regardless of what anyone says, the WNBA and women's sports in general, should emphasize sexuality.   We know they can play and love to see them play, but this blogger's sick and tired of the implication that to like how these women look is wrong.  Especially since we hear NFL draft expert, after NFL draft expert talk about some guy's chest.  C'mon, folks.  Give me a break!

Indeed, it's just plain sick to try and hide the incredible sexual power of these female athletes.  If the WNBA had its marketing act together, and American society had its head screwed on straight, Maya Moore would be the top Google search trend, not Jenn Sterger.

Someone call Hugh Hefner, now! The Women Of The WNBA?  Hell yes!  Do it!  I'd rather see them than some skinny-mini like Jenn Sterger.

In closing, thank you ESPN!

2011 NFL Draft - NFL Lockout Makes Taking QB In Top Ten Questionable

The NFL Lockout presents a problem not commonly talked about by draft experts like ESPN's Mel Kiper and NFL Network's Mike Mayock: teams can't have any kind of direct contact with the players they draft in the 2011 NFL Draft.

That heavily impacts the quarterback conversation, where some, like Kiper and Mayock, have predicted (or is it suggested?) that The Carolina Panthers take either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert as the number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. So, for the sake of example, let's say the Panthers do that, as unwise as it would be.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says "With the first pick, the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, Quarterback, Auburn." Or Commissioner Roger Goodell says "With the first pick, the Carolina Panthers select Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback, Missouri." In ether case, the Panthers are looking at a signing bonus of between $40 million and $50 million, and the need to get their prized selection into team headquarter and then to mini camp, the very next week.

That was the case last year for Sam Bradford, the Oklahoma Sooners signal caller who was picked number one by the St. Louis Rams. Bradford met with the media at the Draft, then got on a plane to St. Louis to meet his new bosses, first among them Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo. Then, the very next week, Rams Rookie Mini Camp started, and allowed Spagnuolo to not just make sense of the new playbook, or new to the draft picks, but how it feels to run the plays in it.

Now, fast-forward to 2011. The Carolina Panthers can't do any of that because of the NFL Lockout. The Panthers can't fly their pick in to town for anything other than a press conference, coach the pick in camps of any kind, or have any direct contact with the pick.


NFL PR Head Greg Aiello says

They can bring in their draft picks for a press conference between the time they are picked and the conclusion of the draft on Saturday afternoon. Once the draft ends, a team can have no further contact with its draft picks until the work stoppage ends.
Sure, Newton and Gabbert can look at the playbook, but with all of the information flying around the Internet, they can already do that. What they can't do is run plays under the direction of the Panthers coaches.

The problem is not just that the teams can't have contact with their new teams, but that no one knows how long the NFL Lockout will go on for. So if the Lockout extends to June, that's two months of direct coaching time lost, and players who have no experience playing with their veteran NFL teammates. That means no time to develop a feel for the speed of the NFL game.

June is the start of training camp, and a month-and-a-half to essentially make up for lost time. Then the 2011 NFL season starts. So, you're going to throw in your Newton or Gabbert in just because you paid $40 million, plus for him?

The whole scenario winds up a waste of $40 million.

That's the situation facing a lot of NFL Teams and according to NFL Draft colleague and 34-year NFL Draft veteran Dr.William Chachkes, taking a QB high in the draft this year is dicey considering the prep time needed:

"The QB position today in 2011 is not the same "beast" as it was in 1996 or 2002, or even 2006. Today the "study" portion of a Qb's Preparation is a 12 month a year-work-in-constant progress. You can not expect to draft a QB in this draft class and expect him to be a major contributor if the Lockout continues past the draft week itself. If your (Team-Coach) expects a "drafted QB" to be ready for opening day 2011 you need to have every available minute to prepare."

Thus, the best decision for the Panthers is to take one of the top defenders available in a defender rich NFL Draft.  A defensive player is more ready to step in and play because the nature of the position is to react to what the offensive player does.  It's easier to get a great athlete and plug that person into the lineup with less training time.

So, in this draft, look for the Caroline Panthers to select a defender like Robert Quinn, the top ranked defensive end from North Carolina who runs like the wind - unless they're willing to spend $40 million and wait a year to see if the investment pays off.

Arianna Huffington At Ad Tech SF Digital Media Meeting

Ad Tech SF Digital Media 2011 by zennie62
Ad Tech SF Digital Media 2011, a photo by zennie62 on Flickr.

This quick blog post is written from Ad Tech 2011 San Francisco, where the focus is Digital Media...and people, and cocktails.

On Wednesday morning, Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington will grace the event and talk for the thousandth time about the AOL purchase of her giant blog and what it means for the digital marketing industry.

But today, people are drinking and talking.

About 400 people are massing on the third level of Moscone Center West for a large party sponsored by, well, just about every company involved with sponsoring AdTech.

What's of interest to this blogger are the various new platforms and apps for everything from sponsorship engagement to online marketing and advertising.

And the parties. The SF Chapter of the American Marketing Association's having on Tuesday evening, and there are more meetups I'm sure to hear about as the time progresses.

Stay tuned.

Jenn Sterger Brett Favre Scandal Back - Jenn Talks To GMA

Now former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger's back in the news, having finished a taping of an interview with ABC News and Good Morning America's (GMA)George Stephanopoulos (who this blogger still thinks of as an aide to President Clinton), that's set to air Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

If you don't know the story of Jenn Sterger, one that was presented in ever-so-sleezy fashion by the blog Deadspin, private-part images and all, this safe-to-watch Zennie62 video is a good recap:

Not sure what the purpose of Jenn Sterger's appearance on GMA is, and this blogger wonders if she made money from the interview. Jenn says she's made nothing from the matter: "I haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation. Not from the pictures. Not from Favre. I never wanted to sue anyone. That was never an intention of mine."

In fact, Jenn was an unwitting pawn in the entire sex scandal story. Someone, not her (and just who did is still not known) sent the photos and voicemail to Deadspin, or so Deadspin claims.

Brett Favre did admit that he called Jenn Sterger, but says he never sent images or text. Frankly, there are few who really turn their life upside down, wanting to know if those photos were of him or not. But what is clear, is that Favre's wife has to be wondering what the hell's wrong with Brett.

Did he get a case of John Edwards Fever?

Edwards fooled around on the now-late Elizabeth Edwards while she was battling cancer. While Brett didn't actively do anything with Jenn Sterger, it's clear he tried to, and paid $50,000 in a fine imposed by the NFL for his lack of cooperation in the Sterger investigation.

But that was in 2007; let's hope Brett's just chilling at home.

Meanwhile, Jenn's news isn't creating a lot of buzz. It's only registering as "Spicy" on Google Trends, and its the number one search as of this writing.

Eric Roberts, Mark Cuban, Daymond John At Reality Rocks LA

Eric Roberts should play "The Professor " on a remake of Gilligan's Island. But before we turn to Roberts, let's recap.

Eager to make a first-time day trip to an event, this blogger went to the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles on Saturday. Some of the online coverage was presented in a previous blog post, but it doesn't represent all of the Twitter Tweets and Flickr photos, and more videos.

In short, the trip was a success, as about three-quarters of the content is already up and out via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Friend Feed, and this blog, with more blog posts to come this week.

Reality Rocks is a first-of-its-kind convention centered entirely around reality TV. There's a whole universe of people, companies, and consultants that have grown around this entertainment concept, and they even have a "top list" of people, as collected by The Hollywood Reporter.

And who's at the top? Ryan Seacreast. And while he was not at the Reality Rocks Expo (held at the LA Convention Center), his sprit was felt in the number of entertainment entrepreneurs trying to pitch their show ideas, or themselves for casting opportunities.

There were panels on everything from how to pitch your show to how to deal with fame. Indeed, that last part's a problem that American Idol's Page Miles, a "Season 9" sensation, is dealing with today.

She said that the fact she was famous hit her after her first appearance, when she was at the airport and "all of these people were" looking at her. But it's also gone beyond just looking in some cases, enough for her to take a lot of time talking about it.

Comfortable with their fame are Dallas Maverick's Owner Mark Cuban and FUBU Founder and CEO, Daymond John, both stars of ABC's reality TV show Shark Tank.

With Sam Rubin of Entertainment Tonight, they held a business pitch panel, along the lines their hit show. The audience consisted mostly of people who actually came to present their business ideas and products. One group, Karen and her daughter Tomi, has an already-made infant-carrying product that, while it did not score a deal, was praised by Mark Cuban (and that was captured on video to come Wednesday).

But the funniest segment was with a man, Carl Tunina, who claimed he has a perfume that was the actual scent of Kathryn Hepburn. He also said he had the rights to the DNA of Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson, and hundreds of celebrties.

It was hilarious. Here's the video:

Later, on Twitter, John and others who were at the Reality Rocks segment, retweeted my tweet about the video, explaining that it was really a comedy skit:

TheSharkDaymond Daymond John
THIS PITCH WAS COMEDY!! RT @Qubits_Toy: RT @zennie62: @mcuban At Reality Rocks LA… via @youtube #realityrocks @samontv

As to Eric Roberts, he wasn't going to do the interview, because he didn't think the Flip Video Camera could make a good clip. Seriously. I had to coax him into it; then when he saw the high def video, he was sold.

More from my Reality Rocks LA trip later today. On to Ad Tech SF.

The Gorn From Star Trek Is Bobby Clark - WonderCon SF

The Gorn From Star Trek Is Bobby Clark.

Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) fans, and even occasional observers, will remember an episode featuring a man-lizard humanoid that fought Captain Kirk (William Shatner). That alien, called "The Gorn," starred in one of Star Trek TOS's most popular segments, called "Arena." It was memorable because The Gorn has a face that looked like Godzilla on Botox, and it nearly killed Kirk.

Who's The Gorn? It's is Bobby Clark. But who? How?

Bobby Clark is a veteran actor who's work goes back before Star Trek, and to such legendary shows as TV's longest running western Gunsmoke. "I became The Gorn because I knew the director, who I had worked for, for several years prior (to Star Trek), Joseph Pevney," Clark said. "I did four of the (Star Trek) episodes that Joseph Pevney did. One was called "The Apple" (With Celeste Yarnell - video below), "Return Of The Archons," "Mirror Mirror," and naturally, "Arena." That was my claim to fame," Clark reflects.

In the video break, Yarnell talks about "The Apple" and William Shatner

Acting With William Shatner

Clark says that Bill Shatner is someone he loved playing with. "He's strictly business. (But) He jokes around. I've known him for a while before we ever worked on Star Trek. He did a western. I'm a cowboys. I worked Gunsmoke for eight years. He did a Gunsmoke, so we got along alright."

Never Worked With Nimoy

Interestingsly, even though he did four Star Trek episodes, Bobby Clark never worked with Leonard Nimoy, who's is Mr. Spock. That's interesting, how an actor can be associated with another performer in the same series, but because of circumstances, never work with them. Clark will forever be linked to someone he never actually worked with: Nimoy.

Getting Into The Gorn Suit, Fighting Kirk

Clark explains that the suit he wore took just 20 minutes to put on, and was basically made based on a wet suit. He just slipped into it.

But the fighting between The Gorn and Shatner was real, well, semi-real: "That was a real rock (Kirk threw at him in the episode), it almost killed me....NO. He laughs. "But after that, I picked up a rock and threw it at him, and that rock weighed about 450 pounds and I had no problem picking it up."

Star Trek Was Our Future

Clark thinks the enduring popularity of Star Trek has to do with its message of change, and that now alot of what we use, like cell phones (which are like the Star Trek Communicators), were conceived for the show decades ago.

Clark's a Ludite

Bobby Clark doens't use a computer for much other than email. So if you see this and know him, send him one,saying you saw it.

Bobby Clark: an American Cultural Icon.