Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oakland City Council gets ass chewed out by Oaklanders

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The Oakland City Council got its ass chewed out last night, and I'm not sure there's much left this morning.

This is an account best told with video, and I've got a lot of it coming today. The meeting, at least for the issue of rolling back parking enforcement times from the current 8 PM ending to the old 6 PM stop point, didn't itself end until 12:29 AM.

I've attended well over a 1,000 Oakland City Council meetings going back to 1987, but I can't remember one where several people were as red-faced angry as they were last night. Oh sure, we've had our "Hugh Bassett" moments, where the Oakland school teacher would blast Councilmember Larry Reid (District 7 East Oakland), but nothing like this. Only video does it justice.

Grand Lake Theater owner Allan Michaan is threatening to start a recall of the Oakland City Council after it failed to roll back the parking enforcement time. Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce head Carl Chan just plain lost it after the decision was made to revisit the matter in two weeks, and after Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan (At-Large) issued a controversial idea of rolling back the time to 7 PM from 8 PM.

I've known Carl since 1993. I've never seen him that angry.

Even Oakland gadfly journalist Sanjiv Handa gave a 17 minute speech blasting the Oakland City Council. In fact he did that countless times last night. The guy should just run for office, ya know?

More with videos in a few.