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John Edwards and Elizabeth split after 30 years -Cat

John Edwards and Elizabeth, his wife of over 30 years, have separated. Elizabeth faithfully supported her husband in 2006 when he divulged to her that he had strayed from the marriage. It would later come out to the public. And to add insult to injury, a few years ago rumblings started to surface that John Edwards was in fact the father of Rielle’s daughter. Edwards vehemently denied this. Well, three weeks ago the truth came out and Edwards admitted that he is indeed the father of Rielle’s daughter.

That was the final breaking point for Elizabeth Edwards. Unfortunately, this story cannot be reported without acknowledging a certain circulating rumor. One in which there is a sex tape involving John Edwards and a visibly very pregnant Rielle Hunter.

Stay tuned.

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Obama SOTU: Red State's "cocky" word used by White Supremacists

President Barack Obama's State of The Union (SOTU) Address has been hailed as a success, with long-time political observer Howard Feinman saying on MSNBC the speech was so good they should get ready to "carve another space in Mount Rushmore."

Indeed, President Obama's speech was a successful game of "take away": in one night Obama took the staples of Republican election success - tax credits, pro-business policies, and nuclear power - away from them, and the GOP cheered in the process. But when the hangover from the SOTU cleared, and the GOP realized what happened, some conservatives went for the racial-code-word jugular and sounded like White Supremacists in the process.

One such example is Red State's Erick Erickson.

In his Red State blog post, Erick Erickson used a word that's has a totally racist connection to describe President Obama's delivery: "cocky."

What you did not know at home listening to Barack Obama’s speech tonight is that he inserted a few quips that were not in the prepared text. They were cocky and snide.

Erick Erickson, forgetting that Barack Obama is President of The United States, or perhaps upset about it, echoed the same views expressed over at the White Supremacist website Stormfront.

In a rather wild thread called "Politically Correct Racism", Valhalladream
let loose with the "C" word on Valentines Day, 2009 (there must be something wrong because Valhalladream should have been out with his girlfriend, right?) Valhalladream writes:

And the problem is - is that we are just so used to it. We laugh about it - shrug it off. Time has come to get just as "touchy" as them. Oh, and you know the election which was supposed to bring the country together in one big kum-by-ya love in and it will be like mixing coffee and cream and we will all "get along" and live happily ever after? NOT! I have been so much more openly antagonistic towards blacks - especially the ones who think they own the freakin' world now because of that black sob in MY white house. They are getting really cocky. One crackhead in his pimp-mobile blocked an intersection and I opened my window and said "You better move that car you black ba_ _ _ _ _d!" He looked at me I think in shock and didn't know how to react. I would have never done that a year ago. I don't care. They need to be slammed back

What Red State's Erick Erickson wrote is the same. In other words, Erick Erickson and Red State apparently think that this African American President needs to be "slammed back" because he's too "cocky" and presumably like other black men should know his place.

Really? Really?

I do hope that's one blog post Erick Erickson wants to have back.

Stay tuned.

Tiger Woods sex rehab work trashed by Loredana Jolie

Tiger Woods sex rehab work is being trashed by former mistress Loredana Jolie. In New York Post's Page 6, Loredana Jolie let loose with another set of bombshell comments targeted directly at The World's Greatest Golfer. Just a month ago, Loredana Jolie claimed Tiger Woods was bisexual in the same Page Six section, and by the same representative Teisha Dynell (who's increased her online visibility of late).

Loredana Jolie

As part of her upcoming "tell-all" book, Loredana Jolie through Teisha Dynell claims that Tiger Woods sex rehab in Mississippi will not work. In Page Six she says:

"He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning. But he wasn't a healthy guy. He couldn't sleep and would stay up all night. I am not really sure rehab for sex addiction will help him...Tiger's sexual fantasies were not normal. He likes role-playing, he likes to be the guy in control and wearing a suit while there are girls performing girl-on-girl and guys entertaining guys. By that, I mean they would dance for each other like girls would do for a man," the would-be author claimed.

Tiger Woods Management had no response for the NY Post.

Jessica Simpson farted is news? Simpson giving to Haiti is better

The webpage does not lie, even when it's changed. US Magazine writes "EXCLUSIVE: Oops! Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting". Unbelievable.

Not that Jessica Simpson farted during a business meeting, but that it wound up on the front of US Magazine. (One wonders if she gave to Haiti?) There's certainly a connection between her body concerns and what she's putting in it...

But is this going too far?

The metric test here is of interest. Will this post get click? Yes. How many? A lot. Why? Who knows. Forget the really important question, which is "what did she eat?" this news is all over the place. Still, US Magazine reports:

A source tells Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson had a, ahem, windy moment during a business meeting for her denim line in late January. "While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart," says the insider.

Oh, Jess! Recap her most outrageous moments

"Her mother [Tina Simpson] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, 'Jessica!' The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

Yes, people are voyeurs, and they will certainly be interested in a lot of what celebs do, but farting? And what about the US Magazine claim that It wasn't Simpson's first brush with public flatulence

OK. I just can't help but wonder where this is going to go. One certainty is whatever squeaky-clean image Jessica Simpson had is gone.

Jessica Simpson giving to Haiti is better news; if she did. Stay tuned.

Technorati blog directory update screw up, upsets bloggers is the popular and widely used blog directory. It has hundreds of thousands of blogs representing millions of pages in its system. At one point in the past, before Google News and Google Trends, Technorati's "most popular tag" system was the go-to app to learn what topics bloggers were writing about the most at a particular time of a given day.

But today, Technorati, once the darling of the blogosphere, has gotten lazy. Technorati's more like a news website now, and less like the blog directory it was loved as. The greatest example of this is the blog update system.

It simply takes forever for Technorati to update blogs. Take this profile for here. It has the old name of "Zennie's Zeitgeist" in the description. This blogger updated that description two weeks ago, and yet the old one still remains.

So the problem resulted in a trip over to Get Satisfaction, the customer service website that represents Technorati, and where a number of bloggers - 46 in all - were issuing the same "what the hell is going on" complaint. For example:

vjack replied 3 months ago
Wow! 17 days and no responses! I submitted claims but never received the email with additional information that was supposed to be coming. Should it take more than 2-3 weeks for these claims to go through?

kalamarie replied 3 months ago
My blog is being indexed by Google and Bing and it only took a week. Come on guys!

And so on.

Technorati needs to get its service act together if it wants to continue to be considered as an authority on blogs and blogging. It's information on The State of The Blogosphere is valuable, and its blog ranking of the Top 100 blogs and the authority ratings are useful, but not updating blogs in its directory in a timely fashion is hurting its credibility.

Draeger Construction rebuilds the Bay Area, is Haiti next?

Who makes the buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area? That's something this blogger's wondered about as, with a background in City Planning and a masters from Cal and undergrad degree from Texas-Arlington, the "who" behind buildings is as important as the building itself. Some times emals jog one's brain, and one I got on a Haiti-related building issue I can't go into now start me on to this path of interest.

A Drager-built building in Burlingame

So in going to cities like Burlingame and Emeryville, where apartment complexes are in abundance, the one question I've had is "who is building them."

In the case of some interesting venues, that answer is Draeger Construction company. According to its website..

Draeger Construction is a full service contractor based in Northern California. For over 30 years this family owned and operated business has successfully performed thousands of reconstruction projects. Draeger Construction specializes in all aspects of multi-family and commercial reconstruction and in solving complex structural problems for it's clients. We have differentiated ourselves by obtaining licenses in the specialty trades, to offer our clients a cost saving advantage.

In the wake of the Haiti 7.0 Earthquake, finding firms with experience in making quake-safe buildings like Draeger Construction become very important. The problem is most people don't know how to find companies that have such expertise; this blog post, and others to come, should help.

Update on DocGurley's Trip To Haiti

Day 14 and counting: I woke up to these two emails from our lead organizers, mailed to all of us who are going as medical volunteers to Haiti on February 15 (you may notice some key developments buried within):

First up, from Randy Roberson, the brilliant person behind the Container Clinics, and a Jedi-level master of the understatement:

Randy Roberson

Randy Roberson


I am up and operational at the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince via solar
powered satellite uplink. Sorry for the lack of communication. It was a very interesting trip in from DR. We did however bring a few tons of rice, water and blankets along with all the supplies I brought from the states. To say there are huge medical opportunities here to help would be a gross understatement. We know of approximately 40 neighborhood groups who are crying out for aid. My feeling is that placing the container clinic on the back of a flatbed truck and moving to various locations would best serve profound needs in the short term, then place it permanently when the medical surge is reduced.

More to come


Closely on it's inbox heels came the second, a message from our local Bay Area organizer, Dr. Enoch Choi. So who's Dr. Choi? He's what I think of as a sleeper - the kind of person you may be tempted to think you know on the basis of some superficial characteristics, then,

Dr. Enoch Choi. He's on Twitter too!

Dr. Enoch Choi. He's on Twitter too!

bam, he blows you away with the unexpected or flat-out-remarkable. Sure, he's an Asian doc who works hard, full-time, in urgent care (probably the highest burn-out position imaginable). In groups, he seems kind of quiet. Not uncomfortable - in fact, the opposite - comfortable and content to watch others posture. And then, dropped nonchalantly into the conversation as people discuss iPhone apps, you find out he's a wild karaoke fiend. We're talking belting it out while sitting in an open convertible at public intersections. "Sure, why not?" he says. And, oh yeah, that full-time burnout job? He's also a cranking writer on the web, after his paying job lets him loose. I've only had a few phone conversations with him, but they tend to go like this, [imagine a quiet, calm male voice] " I think we have the planning in place to adequately--" [bellows like a fishwife to someone in background without pausing for breath: she's supposed to be admitted! don't wheel her away! we're waiting for ultrasound!] "--cover all our bases as far as the steps we can control now. Do you have any questions?"

I am often left stunned - by the volume, by the unexpected sides to his character, by the Olympic-level multi-tasking skills, by the passion for what he does, and by his effortless-seeming attention to detail. Here's his email message to us all today. Check out the detail, the itemized list of what you should bring to work in this disaster zone, how effortlessly it includes both those who already know the score, and those who've never done anything like this before (and keep in mind he's got an 80-hour a week brutal job breathing down his neck while he's typing):

Just want to verify that we all agree with the mission: safe & secure outpatient medical care to Haitians, in very austere conditions, sacrificing personal comforts and preferences for a week to support the group's success in providing the best care given a disintegrating environment that will cause
multiple changes in our best laid plans. To be a pioneering team that establishes an opportunity for future MD & RNs to come for 1 week missions in contrast to the existing inpatient-only 2+ week commitments.

Scope: cellulitis, post-op complications, lacerations, fracture
management, wound care, IV & PO medications, IV & PO analgesics

1) Valid passport

2) Copy of your health-related license (if you're in healthcare)

3) Immunizations: MMR, varicella, hep A & B, Tdap, seasonal & H1N1 flu, typhoid, rabies, weekly chloroquine 2 weeks prior to departure

4) Carry with you meds: HIV prophilaxis (2 sets for the whole team), cipro

5) Personal supplies of DEET bug repellent, hiking-style head lamp, your favorite snack to serve as lunch for 6 days (see more detailed list below)

6) Try to raise funds for the cost of your personal travel. Estimated $900 if we have to fly to Santo Domingo but hope to get private charter to increase luggage capacity

7) get personal medical emergency evacuation insurance, one that covers a disaster area, I'm researching this

Tentative details:

2/15 travel to Haiti (today, United canceled my reservations for 10 to PAP. Backup: fly to dominican republic, but looking for private plane)

2/21 return

Things are very fluid, and tonight's news reports from CNN highlight a
deteriorating security situation
. We may need to operate closer to Dominican Republic where we can more readily secure our clinic. I'm very sensitive to maximizing safety over the needs of providing care, and will have multiple contingency plans for armed evacuation if necessary. Randy Roberson arrived in Haiti today to ensure we can locate a safe & securable location for the shipping container clinic.


From PAP airport, US marine armed transport by 3pm bus to US Embassy. Must make that bus since later one is 6pm which is after curfew, and less safe. Four Square Gospel armed transport to church headquarters 2 minutes down from the US Embassy on 'Eglise Quadrangulaire'. President Pastor Guy Thomas facilitates this.

Daily armed transport 1 hour from/to rented apartment just across the border in Dominican Republic. Both of these are facilitated by Jesse Mendoza of Jordan International Aid of San Jose, CA.


From PAP airport if possible. This has not been secured yet. If flights canceled, will have backup plans to leave from DR. Green card holders expect a 2 h delay at PAP to leave.

In disaster medical relief things are very fluid. In past disasters such as Katrina, we had to resort to a 3rd unplanned backup lodging plan, and ditched potential clinic locations until we found where the most need was. In Katrina, this location dovetailed with the safest place (national guard surrounded us), but this will not be the case in Haiti so we'll be very vigilant of ensuring that our clinic is safe.


Who is your contact person? Randy, who's there now. Also has been there since day 5 Jesse Mendoza, president, who will arrange for apartment on DR side of the border and armed transport

Will we be meeting other medical staff there from other places? Yes, will have the Cuban hospital as our staging ground, and place to send too sick folks.

Will we be replacing an already working team in the container or the first? The first

Haiti, January 22

Haiti, January 22

Is there a source of more medical supplies once we run out? MedShare is bringing supplies in, donated from Sutter Health & PAMF, & I hope to access those there.

What kind of equipment and amount of supplies are on the shipping
container clinic?
$100,000 worth, I'm unclear if that's just telemedicine devices or consumables we need. It has not been shipped yet, is in transit.

Is the Jordan relief group on the ground giving medical assistance at the same/close location? Unclear. They're mobile.

Where are they operating out of? Jordan operates out of DR

Can we get PAMF to let us take a bunch of supplies with us to supplement? Likely, if Katrina is an appropriate example. We took whatever we wanted. Will have to ask when we figure out how much luggage we have. For now, one 50lb bag, so we would need to get supplies over there.

Individual Traveler Packing List:

light weight, compressible sleeping bag (WalMart: Micro Tek Ultra-Compact 30-degree sleep bag; $34) & small emergency space blankets (small metallic pack, costs about a dollar at most camping stores, will provide insulation and additional waterproofing)

mosquito net

insect repellent



hand sanitizer and hygiene wipes

Food items: protein bars, packaged nuts, jerky, ration packs (pack your favorite snack of 1000 calories per day) since we should have food in Dominican Republic apartment for breakfast/dinner

chlorine tablets (better than iodine at treating heavily contaminated water) and linen squares for filtering water before treatment (to remove sediment) OR bottled water (depending on resources where we are stationed)

heavy duty work gloves

Group supplies:

toilet paper

duct tape


oral re-hydration packets

post cards, pens or pencils (this is optional--we thought we might be able to have our translator take information from people trying to contact family in the US or other countries, and mail them when we got home--not sure how practical that is, I understand over half the population of Haiti is illiterate)

Consider 2 large sleeping tents, depending on space and location where you are stationed

Yikes. I had a United plane flight (5:30 am, Chicago). Now I don't. Apparently, this is all just normal for disaster relief work. Besides, I don't have time to worry about it. The bottom line is we're going, no matter what. My friend, Pam, the world's most incredible organizer, without even asking, called to say she's setting up a trust fund account at Wells Fargo tomorrow. "It seemed obvious that you would be able to use one - I've already heard from people who want to donate for your expenses - don't squawk, I know you'll need it." I try to pretend that my voice is not shaking, that I don't sound like I'm trying to not cry as I thank her. It's really a tangled ball of misery, gratitude and joy, knowing that I want to go help people in Haiti, but I couldn't do it without accepting what sometimes feels like uncomfortable help from people around me. Besides, the urge to weep is probably just because my arms are still achy, and I've got a low-grade fever from the vaccinations. But who has time to think about all that - I called in my prescriptions for my chloroquine pills and ciprofloxacin (even the Target pharmacist was lovely "you're going to Haiti? when do you need them?"). I had to hurry and get it done because, afterward, I called in to the Walnut Creek number and found out I have to report early tomorrow morning for (brace yourself) jury duty.

I draw a shaky breath and remind myself - hey, it's just another step. There's two weeks before departure. Fourteen days and counting. Jury duty is like everything else in life, you show up and hope for the best. We're going to Haiti, one way or another. Right?

So do you have a plane? Know someone who does? Cause, I'm telling you - Dr. Choi is the guy to contact. He'll soothingly talk you through the logistics of how it could be a life-saver (literally) for hundreds, if not thousands of people. But don't be surprised if, while discussing it, he discreetly bellows once or twice. It's all for a good cause.

Share in the comments section - and tune in for the next in the series to get details about the Haiti trip - what will I panic about next? Will I get sequestered? Hey, it's not like I have a plane ticket to prove I'm going... Keep up on the Haiti trip and the latest health issues in the news by signing up for a Doc Gurley RSS feed by clicking here. Look for future pics and other articles at Doc Gurley - discover the weird, the wacky and the everyday symptoms you want to know about, as well as practical expert tips on staying well. Want to express your inner fan-girl/boy? Become a Doc Gurley fan on Facebook! Want to be on the inside, fast track of health news and tips, as well as Haiti tweets? Get on the Twitter bandwagon and follow Doc Gurley! Also check out Doc Gurley's joyhabit and iwellth twitter feeds - so you can get topic-specific fun, effective, affordable tips on how to nurture your joy and grow your wellth this coming year.

Anne Hathaway feted at Harvard, Oscar Nominations host Tuesday

Anne Hathaway's the toast of Cambridge, or at least Harvard. The actress slated to host the Oscar Nominations Tuesday, February 2nd, is the Hasty Pudding Theatricals student drama troupe's Woman of the Year. According to the Hasty Pudding website:

Continuing to emerge as one of Hollywood’s most engaging talents, Anne Hathaway shot to stardom starring opposite Meryl Streep in the hit “The Devil Wears Prada.” She went on to receive an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit and SAG Award nomination for “Lead Actress” for her performance in Jonathan Demme’s recent critically acclaimed “Rachel Getting Married,” for which she was also awarded Best Actress by the National Board of Review, the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Hathaway has impressed audiences with her wide range as an actress, from her lauded dramatic performances in “Becoming Jane,” “Passengers,” and “Brokeback Mountain” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, to her brilliant comedic turns in such films as “Get Smart” with Steve Carell, “The Princess Diaries,” and “Ella Enchanted.” An actress with theater roots, Hathaway took to the stage this past summer in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of TWELFTH NIGHT, receiving all around rave reviews for her performance as Viola.

Hathaway will next star in the ensemble romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” to be released February 2010 and as the White Queen alongside Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” hitting theaters March 2010. Hathaway has also signed on to the Judy Garland biopic “Get Happy.” Hathaway will play Judy Garland on the stage and screen; two productions both being produced by the Weinstein Company. Of Hathaway, “Valentine’s Day” and “The Princess Diaries” (and its sequel) director Garry Marshall says, “The multi-talented Hathaway is a combination of Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland.”

Celebrations for Ms. Hathaway will take place on January 28, 2010 and will include the Woman of the Year Parade down Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge at 2:30 PM, followed by a Roast in her honor at the New College Theater (12 Holyoke Street) at 3 PM.

If this video from Renee Zellweger's 2009 Woman Of The Year event are any indication, Anne Hathaway's having an awesome time today!

Oscar ads just $1 million less than Super Bowl ads - Oscar Buzz

As we near the February 2nd Anne Hathaway-hosted Oscar Nominations announcement meeting (which this blogger really should have been able to attend and AMPAS Leslie Unger should pay attention here), ad execs are looking to TV ratings for it as the big key to how well Oscar ads will perform this year. In 2010, and for the first time in recent memory, 2010 Super Bowl ads are just about $1 million greater than Oscar ads.

Because of the massive economic downturn, Super Bowl ads once priced at $3 million are now going for only $2.5 million; Oscar ads that could have closed the gap to less than $1 million are actually under-priced at $1.3 million, according to's Brian Steinberg.

Last year's Oscar telecast cost advertisers around $1.4 million for a 30-second ad, down significantly from 2008, when a 30-second spot commanded as much as $1.82 million...

And Steinberg reports that price is about the same this year. There are two factors: first, Oscar ratings have been horrible, with a near-decade-long drop that stopped last year because of the anticipated buzz surrounding The Dark Knight after the death of Heath Leadger, who was nominated for and won Oscar Best Supporting Actor for his roll as "The Joker". Second, the economy itself.

Oscar observers are counting on the fact that the Best Picture race will consists of ten movies, and not five, and now the winner will be selected with Preference voting.

To the extent AMPAS can communicate that this year's Best Picture competition is really a race, and it's not one already decided by Avatar's Golden Globe Best Picture win, Oscar ratings will go up.

The key is not the ratings for the February 2nd Anne Hathaway-hosted Oscar Nominations announcement meeting, but the buzz after it, including Twitter.

That's something Leslie Unger's staff must track.

Stay tuned.

California Politics: drawing state election lines - Aimee Allison/OaklandSeen

Apply for Commission to Redraw CA Election Lines - oh, yeah it pays $80K too. Get the scoop tonight 5:30pm.

Adam Briones of the Greenlining Institute is heading an effort to expand the pool of people of color applicants for a citizen's redistricting commission being formed (read for more). Redistricting is directly responsible for the amount of money that goes to schools, jobs and neighborhood in the community. It's one of those obscure but powerful groups that will define the political power and future of California communities like Oakland.

So apply - and for more information attend the Greenlining Institute's seminar TONIGHT at 5:30 pm at their office at 1918 University Ave, Berkeley. Or go to and submit the short application.

From the Greenlining website's Q&A:

Q: What does redistricting mean?

A: Redistricting means to redraw the lines of an election district. In California these districts must be adjusted every ten years following the census.

Q: Why is redistricting important? What does it do for me?

A: Redistricting equals representation. It determines who is represented, how well they are represented, and what laws are passed.

More at

Chris Matthews forgot Obama was black; many forgot Obama was black

Today we find that MSNBC's Chris Matthews claim that he forgot Obama was black is raising a racism charge against Chris Matthews.    But that claim is not correct and misses Chris Matthews valuable point.

Chris Matthews is the popular political talk show host of Hardball on MSNBC. Frequent viewers of the show, like this blogger, are used to Chris Matthews paying close attention to capturing the African American point of view of a problem.

Chris Matthews has devoted entire episodes of Hardball to the black perspective on a political issue. Chris Matthews is rightly fascinated with how American politics and race relations have been impacted by President Obama.

Chris Matthews is rightly pointing to a sea-change in American Culture. Americans have been hard-wired to think of someone white when they think of a person on television talking from a position of authority.

Consider this: how many black TV pundits are there, not on public television? Answer? Zero. How many black rappers appear on TV daily? Answer: a lot.

That's the problem.

It's a still a problem for this blogger, who still gets called the "N-word" on video comments, or who has received death threats because of the existence of racist, bigoted idiots who can't stand that a black guy with a Jewish last name speaks with the same confident arrogance of his white American male friends.

Too bad.

While Chris Matthews forgot Obama was black, frankly so did I.

At first, when Obama came out and was introduced, I was praying that security protected him in the wake of the White House State Dinner Party Crashers incident and because there are nutcases (some who are black) who don't like that America's led by an African American man, but once Obama started his speech, all of those fears were jettisoned. President Obama was excellent last night, and in being Obama showed everyone that you can be anyone of any color, and be the best.

Greg Oden dirty pictures show NBA players can go nude

If the first overall pick from the 2007 NBA Draft Greg Oden has learned anything from his dirty nude pictures on the Internet, it's that NBA players can be exposed, too.

The possibility that posting Greg Oden nude photos was a publicity stunt aside, it's clear that Greg Oden's dirty pictures of his upper body and privates have become an Internet hit for Greg Oden and the website that posted them World Star Hip

While it's too early to see what impact Greg Oden nude pictures are having on World Star Hip Hop, the website already has a healthy traffic ranking of 1,182; the prediction here is it will go up to 900 by Friday.

But NBA players like Greg Oden should be careful who's on the other side of whatever camera is pointed at them. Moreover, if they're in the buff, better not to have a camera pointed at them at all.

In this case, the photos, which Greg Oden apologized for, were taken, by someone said to be a "former girlfriend" which opens a new can of worms. Did he dumper her? Because if that's the case, hell hath no furry because she's certainly put his business into the street.


But now that the nude photos are flying around, it's time to watch how it impacts Greg Oden's star power. Does his Internet traffic draw rank go up? For how long? With which demographic?

Stay tuned.

John Edwards splits from Elizabeth Edwards after Rielle Hunter affair

Former Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards has separated from his wife Elizabeth Edwards. In a news report from CNN that contained the cryptic title "Ex-VP nominee splits from spouse", the story, which broke at 3 PM EST Wedneday, January 27th in People Magazine online, wasn't confirmed until 6: 28 PM with this statement by John Edwards:

"It is an extraordinarily sad moment, but I love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth."

Then the following statement was issued by Random House, Elizabeth Edwards' book publisher:

"Elizabeth is moving on with her life and wants to put this difficult chapter behind her. It was an excrutiatingly (sic) painful period for her and she no interest in rehashing the past. Based on the limited portions of the book that have been made available, it is clear it contains many falsehoods and exaggerations. She will not engage in a dialogue on each of the false charges, but would like to set the record straight on two key points. First, the allegation that she sought to politicize her cancer is unconscionable, hurtful and patently false. Second, she believed Andrew Young to be the father of this child until her husband confessed his parternity (sic) to her this past summer. She will have nothing further to say."

At this point, calling John Edwards every terrible name in the book is a good idea had by many. John Edwards is probably one of the most disliked public figures in America, or at least not far away from Rush Limbaugh.

If one needs a reminder of what happened, briefly, then-former Senator John Edwards was rumored to have been sneaking around on his cancer-striken wife Elizabeth Edwards. The National Enquirer broke the story and a very small number of bloggers, including this one, followed it starting in October of 2007.

But Edwards denied it. Then, after being caught in a kind of reporting sting by The National Enquirer's reporters, Edwards admitted to the affair.

All of that was after he lost the presidential campaign, but was still a delegate player. The news blasted him out of the party and embarrassed his supporters, most notably his wife.

More: John Edwards admits he's the father of Rielle Hunter's kid.

Haiti Earthquake update: answer to Doc Gurley

In her brilliant blog post, Doc Gurley explained her Haiti trip plans in great detail and offered this brain-twister:

Algebra Problem of the Day: If I board my connecting flight to Chicago, hurtling at 31,267 feet for 3.87 hours, while carrying a 4-liter grocery bag of donated 2 oz. pill-bottles labeled with 34 different individual names, and each bottle is 3/4 full of highly regulated narcotics, then please calculate how many DEA agents, on arrival at O'Hare, will force me to undergo how many body-cavity searches? Please express your answer in mucosal centimeters. Extra Credit: And, more importantly, given an estimated factor of X minutes per search will those body-cavity searches cause me to miss my Haiti flight? Hmm...

The answer I provide is simple: zero. The reason is Doc will never get through TSA Security at SFO carrying "a 4-liter grocery bag of donated 2 oz. pill-bottles labeled with 34 different individual names". That is one huge bag, more like a trash bag that's oversized to start with, thus can't even be allowed on a plane.

Better to check the bags. But that brings up the issue of baggage claim at Haiti and other what would seem to be wild details.

Stay tuned.