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NFL and Super Bowl XLV Score With Social Media

The Green Bay Packers weren't the only Super Bowl XLV winners. The National Football League scored big too, via the advertisers who purchased time to air their Super Bowl ads, and in some cases combine them with coordinated Social Media efforts.

And Social Media platforms scored big too, especially the microblogging platform Twitter and the photo sharing site Flickr. For example, this photo was posted by dennis_p using just his Blackberry directly from Cowboys Stadium after the Super Bowl. Since dennis_p left the photo available for sharing via blogs like Blogger (another platform), that opens the way for sharing of that content via Twitter and then Facebook for those Twitter users taking advantage of the use of that app as I do.

All of this adds up to a new form of media that works to deliver information faster than standard news websites. Live blogging has been replaced by live tweeting using Twitter streaming widgets. And the game has changed from using Google track events to Twitter.

In fact the game's changed so much in Twitter's direction that a new website used the popularity of the hashtag "Superbowl" introduce itself: is a site that combines Google and Twitter searches on one page, and presents both faster than either one. So fast, it's addictive.

The Top Twitter Topics Over 30 Hours, and Glee

The Super Bow's impact can be seen in the list of the top Twitter topics over the last 30 hours according to glee, green
the packers, win, game, commercial, this, they,usher, halftime show
fergie, the black eyed peas, half time, where, best, the steelers, super bowl, christina, the superbowl, she, watching, the national anthem, your.

Of the list, one one wasn't obviously directly related to The Super Bowl and that was Glee. But Glee benefited from being the lead telecast after the Super Bowl and thus the one benefiting from a lot of ads during the game. On top of that, Glee's demographic includes those 18 to 30 and most likely to be on Twitter.

In closing the Super Bowl provides the best crucible from which to grow a social media campaign. You can go the expense route and buy ads at $3 million for a minute, or you can go boostrap as did and become the tweet of choice for Twitters using key hashtags like "Superbowl."

Not a bad strategy.

President Obama, Super Bowl Champion Packers Coming To White House

Just over two weeks ago, President Barack Obama, perhaps trying to motivate his hometown Chicago Bears, said that he was looking forward to greeting the Monsters Of The Midway To The White House after their expected Super Bowl win.

The trouble is that was just before their NFC Championship loss to the Green Bay Packers. After the game, Cornerback Charles Woodson, in a passionate locker room speech, said that Obama expected the Bears to be at the White House, "so we're going to see Obama at The White House."

The room erupted in cheers.

Now, after a dramatic 31- 25 win in Super Bowl XVL tonight, the one fact lost in the victory is that the Packers are now due for a trip to The White House to see that greatest of Bears fans President Barack Obama.


Aaron Rodgers MV, and The Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl Champs

The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 to 25 in a Super Bowl XLV game that was a nail biter to watch. Cal Bear and now Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers finally got out from under the considerable shadow of Brett Favre to earn his first ring.

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers, who I personally watched go from an expected number one pick in the first round of the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft, to become the 25th pick in the first round of the Green Bay Packers.

And that year, the Niners Offensive Coordinator was the same person who is now the coach of those Champion Packers, Mike McCarthy.


Aaron played with class and calm, overcoming head injuries and team injuries to march his squad through the Wild Card of The Playoffs, past the Chicago Bears in The NFC Championship, and to this Super Bowl game.

Aaron Rodgers is the Super Bowl XLV MVP.


Super Bowl MVP Voting Open At

The NFL just opened voting for the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLV. You can vote at this link:

Who's the MVP?

Meanwhile, here's the Twitter Stream:

Superbowl Score: Green Bay Packers 21, Pittsburgh Steelers 10 Halftime

At the halftime of Super Bowl XLV the Pittsburgh Steelers are ahead of the Green Bay Packers in almost every statistical category save for two: turnovers and the score.

The Packers are ahead 21 to 10, but the Steelers have outgained the Packers 204 yards to 174. They have more plays, 34 to 23. And the Steelers have more yards rushing 61 to 37 as of this writing. (See

So the Packers lead is a hollow one and the Steelers are beating themselves.

Here comes the second half.

Super Bowl Live Stream And Live Blog Twitter Hashtag "SuperBowl"

Believe it or not there's a Super Bowl Live Stream Of Super Bowl XLV that's about to get underway here from Arlington, Texas. You can see one of many live streams of the game with a click here.

Now, for the live blog of Super Bowl XVL...

Steelers going unbalanced line on first two plays. On second play, the Steelers were stopped as Packers flowed to the ball - a five yard loss.

Rothlisberger incomplete on 3rd and 10. Ben should have waited for Hines to break his route.

Punt fumbled but Packers recovered.

Packers go five wide with Aaron Rogers in the shotgun, but fail to get a second first down. They punt.

Steelers ball on the Packers 20. And now, using an unbalanced line again, get Rashard Mendenhall on traps, and a nifty weakside run from an unbalanced line. But after they reached midfield, misfired on a pass on third-and-two.

Why the pass on 3rd-and-2 I don't know. Mendenhall picked up 24 yards on two carries!

OMG. Pepsi Max commercial was hilarious!

Here come the Packers 1st and 10, 20. Rodgers misses deep out of a shotgun "brown" formation set.

Standard I set now. Pass to Nelson, but gain of nine. 3rd down and inches, but I expect Packers to throw. Nope - they gain seven with James Starks.

Packers throwing to Jordy Nelson for fourth time already.

Packers on a drive.

Fast and Furious movie commercial, but I'm hoping to see Thor and Captain America.

Alex Rodriguez gets fed popcorn from Cameron  Diaz!   Wow.

Packers his Jordy Nelson for touchdown off play fake on 3rd and 1. Rogers threw a perfect ball that time. 9 plays, 80 yards.

Here's the rest as a Twitter stream:

Bill O'Reilly, Obama, and Puppy Bowl, Before Super Bowl XLV

Waiting for Super Bowl XLV to start at 6:30 PM EST, 3:30 PM PST, and wondering what to watch? Unless you're at a party, or a great San Francisco Bar like The Republic in The Marina, you've got the Fox Super Bowl XLV Pregame, which featured Bill O'Reilly in a pretty good interview with President Barack Obama. You've also got The Puppy Bowl.

The Obama O'Reilly interview was proforma - Obama batting questions about the redistribution of wealth (not intended the President says) and his hardest aspect of the job ("Being in 'The Bubble,' as he puts it.) It's nice to see Bill as less combative than he was in the past, but then he's got to be careful because Fox News and Bill-O getting a live White House interview's no small deal.

I'm sure he wants another one.

Bill should ask for a do-over, because as I think about it, it was crappy. Bill didn't give the sitting President time to answer questions. He acted like he was nervous.

Now, I didn't watch the online Puppy Bowl, and while I'm sure it's cute, the sound of it smacks of having puppies do things they don't really want to do and all for a little media buzz to make sponsors happy.

I get that, but with dogs?

Bring on Super Bowl XVL.

Wordpress Template Designer Wanted

There's a Wordpress version of that I want to have in a design that's like this one, but has some of the elements of a magazine, with a sliding content area, and the same "real estate" for Google Adsense ads or other ads to be installed.

It's here:

That's where a Wordpress Template specialist comes in. This blogger can do it, but considering the events coming up like the Oscars, and travel, and everything else in between, there's not enough time to do it.

But the good news is there's not much for the Wordpress Template specialist to do; the site's up, the domain's purchased and working and the blog itself works.

So, if you see this, send an email or message me at Twitter and let's see if we can form a deal to work together.   Oh, and send a link to your Wordpress Template work, please.   Thanks!

Wil.I.Am, Black Eyed Peas, Photo With Jerry Jones: Super Bowl XLV, Cowboys Stadium

The NFL's finally got a contemporary group, The Black Eyed Peas, and there's one person who could not be happier: Wil.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas.

In fact, Wil.I.Am is so happy, he's Twitter Tweeting photos of his on-the-field pregame experience at an amazing rate.

Aside from the picture here, there are about 11 posted within the last hour as of this writing, or about one photo every 5.5 minutes.  

The last one was of he and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones in the middle of the field.

wow...I just met jerry jones the owner of the cowboys and this beautiful stadium

If Wil.I.Am's this excited before the game and The Black Eyed Peas performance, he's going to be sky high by the time he takes the field!  

Paladinette's Super Bowl Salutation to the 99er Nation

The video below is Paladinette's Super Bowl Salutation to the 99er Nation. After posting Zennie's link about Ali Velshi's Twitter tyrant and my own story today about Ali asking me not to post 99er story links on his Facebook page, I have been taking a few crap comments in addition to those supporting my position.

It started today when I received the following message on my Facebook Paladinette UnemployedZealot page:

Message today from
Ali Velshi February 6 at 7:15am please stop posting links on my wall
you are welcome to comment on matters I post, but use your wall to post your links
. ---

My reply: Noted and reported to the 99er Nation!

I then proceeded to UNLIKE the Ali Velshi Page as I only follow on Facebook to connect with those where the 99er Nation's message is freely debated and conversed.

Then I commented: Sorry I know we need to use the Media for OUR GAIN but anyone who REALLY CARED about the 99ers not just the RATINGS they could provide would NOT mind 99er news posted where 99ers could see it.....

Next came my Tweets: #99er Nation PLZ RETWEET @alivelshi sent me this on FB: please stop posting links on my wall you are welcome to (cont)

Then I posted Zennie's link about Ali which to me proved he (Velshi) was just another pompous rude journalist and not the God send many in the 99er Nation feel he may be.

Next I was slammed, ridiculed, bashed and told I had to apologize. Nothing new as opposing opinions do not phase me in any way. But I will not apologize for simply exposing the truth. If the truth hurts Oh fricken well! Deal with it!

Fact is, 99ers need to stop GROVELING - stop cow towing and begging! If you want media coverage then MAKE NEWS! Media doesn't only cover people they LIKE - THEY COVER NEWS! MAKE NEWS instead of waiting on the kindness of Washington or the Media as you will NEVER FIND IT there!

I did rescind my remark about Ali being an A** Wipe though the troll community continued their inane remarks which fall on deaf ears from my end...YAWN. Then I recorded the video message below: Gooooo Packers!!!!! As not even idiot trolls can ruin a Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!

CNN Ali Velshi's Mean Twitter Tweets Continue; Ali Starts A Feud

Yesterday, CNN's Ali Velshi had a guest on who just went on and on more than he should have.  Ali had on a big-name guest: Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.  Because the other guest was so long winded, Mayor Nutter didn't get to say much at all.

 So using Twitter, I suggested to Ali that the person did just that: went on and on and on.

Now I never said anything against Ali himself, but on Twitter he decided to be nasty. Here's the exchange if you didn't see it:

@zennie62 Zennie Abraham
@AliVelshi Hey that Michael guy on the City Fiscal Segment went on 35 seconds longer than necessary. #longwinded

And to repeat myself, but rather than send a tweet that was in agreement or providing some insight, Ali shot back with this tweet:

@AliVelshi Ali Velshi
@zennie62 did anyone ask you to be the timekeeper?

Now, that was below the belt, so I called him on it in this video, and to explain that bad online behavior will see the light of day, and in the form of new content. That is, i social media, Ali Velshi is going to be judged and communicated to as much as he judges and communicates to us.

But it's apparent Ali wants some kind of negative exchange for some said reason. Moreover, it's obvious he doesn't get that he's helping me to create new content. This is his latest tweet:

@zennie62 excellent to see your self-righteousness continue. You've always been smarter - & a bigger attention-seeker - than the rest of us.

Now that's totally hilarious coming from a guy we see on television! LOL! I had to tweet that one back, so I did, but in a friendly way, not attacking him in the way he's attacked me.

 Well, not exactly:

@AliVelshi "You've always been smarter - & a bigger attention-seeker - than the rest of us."... This YOU say? LMAO!

Yeah. Think about it. A national TV guy, who was just in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and bragged about it on the air, says that I'm a bigger attention-seeker? And he's in the media business, right?

I will be the first to tell you that, yes, I do seek attention as it's part of the media business, and, heck, it's me. Everything in terms of measuring success in media comes from that.

What is the measure of TV ratings, website unique visitors, and other factors but the taking of the temperature of one thing: how much attention one is drawing. Logically, that applies to Ali, who's job depends on ratings, er, people paying attention to him.

If he thinks I'm smarter than he is, perhaps that's why he's starting a feud with me.

(Well, I should note that CNN's ratings have improved dramatically since the ouster of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC. That, combined with CNN's excellent coverage of the Egypt Protests, have improved its ratings performance.  But Fox News is still kicking tail.)

But then it's all about attention, isn't it? That, and jobs - media jobs in this case.

I have to note this Ali - Zennie (in no way like Ali - Foreman or Ali - Frazier) Feud in the context of Ali Velshi's recent comments on black unemployment. Two days ago on CNN Live, Ali speculated that perhaps there should be some kind of special program aimed at blacks because of the higher unemployment rate.

Think about that, in the context of this feud. I'm a person, black, who believes that anyone, but especially young African Americans and women, should be confident and assertive, and start their own businesses. Go out, work hard, believe in yourself, and hustle. To do that, to gain sponsors and clients and make computer programs, can't happen without that person believing they're the best S-O-B out there, and willing to say so.

Now think again. That kind of black person wouldn't need a lot of "help" or "special programs," right? Why? Because they would be the same kind of threat that Ali is apparently afraid of: the smart black guy or gal.

I'm not "pulling the race card" here - I hate the term - but calling attention to an issue Ali wandered into with good intentions, but not thinking the whole deal through to its conclusion.

Then, in his attack on me, Velshi is revealing something worth bringing to your "attention" and that's some of the seeds of black underemployment and unemployment.

Yes, racism is a massive problem, but so is an overall national attitude that's waning but still exists, helped along by folks like Ali, which says that a black person should not be ambitious or seek the same levels of success that a white or light-skined person seeks. It's always said that "no one likes a smart black guy," and while that's not true for younger people, there are Americans who hold this idea in their heads, and some of them are black, too.

But what if we as a country didn't have that hang-up at all? I think it would move the needle of black unemployment down a good two or three percent.

But here's the deal: it would also cause unemployment rates for whites and other people of color to increase, and perhaps by the same amount.

So now, I can see why Ali attacked me, and that does go back to the debate I had with him where I cleaned his clock: a smart black guy is an issue for him - a threat. I certainly hope this doesn't speak for CNN, but let's go with that for a bit.

I often wonder why CNN has black guest on its talk panels, but doesn't let them say anything?  When I was a guest on CNN's Roland Martin Debates in 2007, I noticed that as the show on the YouTubers was progressing.

So, not wanting to be a part of CNN's bad habits, I chimed in with a comment on one occasion, when it was apparent that Martin, who's black, was skipping over me. (And not by his doing but, I think, because his producers said "focus on that girl and that person, not him.") After the show, I vowed that if I was ever on CNN again, that would never happen.

I got my wish.

On the second occasion, a conversation on the first Presidential Debate, where I was flown in to New York City, I basically saw a "time-opening" and took it, and to make a point about what I call the "internationalization of American Defense spending."  Here's the video:

Yep. I planned that.

And I did so to counter CNN's habit of letting black's just come on as window dressing. That's something my mother observed in the case of Mayor Nutter and Ali. "He's probably doing that because that Mayor's black," she said. I tried to talk her out of it, but with this feud we're having I'm wondering if there's something to that.

I think so.

See, Ali's cool with having a talk where blacks speak on BLACK ISSUES, but if it's an interracial panel, he's lean toward the white person.

I'll bet they don't do that at Fox News!

Maybe that's one more reason, aside from their employment of lovely, smart, leggy blonde women, that Fox News is still besting CNN in television ratings. Fox has no problem having a smart black man, Juan Williams, as one of its key, outspoken pundits. That says more for Fox than for Juan's previous employer, NPR.

Where's CNN's Juan Williams?  It could come from anyone in CNN's current stable, from Don Lemon, who's well-spoken and would make an excellent pundit, to Frederica Whitfield, who works on Saturdays, and to CNN's Sara Sidner in India, who I know has a lot of interesting views to share.

My Mom, who I'm visiting, said I should "leave this alone."  She comes from a time when black men were lynched and beaten for anything from looking at a white girl to being outspoken.   Her thinking is expressed, in one way or another, by many African Americans, and I get that.

But if we held that belief and let it stop all of us, there would have never been a President Barack Obama.

That brings me, to close this, to 2006.

I officially got on the Barack Train on December 6, 2006 when I joined the website, made a contribution, and set up my own profile page.  Then I became an advocate for the Senator From Illinois.  And during that effort most blacks were behind the idea of Hillary Clinton For President, and to a  degree because many African Americans said that whites would not vote for a black man.

I asserted that many did not understand how much America had changed.  How much the emergence of Hip Hop music formed a new, interracial culture that was hungry for change and willing to make it happen.   Then, as Barack won primary after primary,  you could see the change in African Americans and over a short period of time.  The "crab barrel" was pushed over - that habit of one person, in this case black, bringing down another person, in this case black, because they didn't want that person to succeed.   That was pushed aside for Obama.

Now, we have a smart black guy as President.

I don't think CNN or America as a whole has issues with smart black guys and gals - some people do, but not all people. And maybe who does is Ali, but I hope I'm wrong.

Maybe he just wants attention.

Stay tuned.

FRO's TJ Rosenthal on Why it's The Steelers Playing today and not the NY JETS

CAN’T WAIT: THE HEIGHT OF THE 201O NY JETS By TJ Rosenthal-Jets Reporter-Football Reporters Online

As they wake up today on Super Bowl Sunday, many Gang Green loyalists will still fight the reality that Bart Scott’s post game “Can’t Wait” rant in Foxboro was as high as the Jets could fly in 2010.

Losing to the league’s number one defense, a franchise that owns six titles was one thing. Coming out as flat as they did in Pittsburgh, for a Jets team that fed off of it’s own swagger, was another. A Jet team that enjoyed proving their many new found enemies wrong all year long, while overcoming scandal after scandal.

Once they packed up their gear in Foxboro, the Jets essentially packed up their championship attitude along with it. Only to roll it back out onto the field, while down 24-3 in the third quarter at Heinz Field. When it was too late.

The unguarded thoughts that Scott shared after the upset of the Pats with ESPN reporter Sal Palantonio showed us what the playing speed on the field had to be, in order to dismantle hall of famers like Tom Brady. Or the great Peyton Manning for that matter, as the Jets had done the week before.

Paradoxically, the club’s first ten minutes at Heinz Field became the failed science experiment of what a nice and cooperative Rex Ryan team could look like. A meandering group that for much of the first half, couldn’t move the chains on offense as they missed tackles and mounted penalties on defense.

After the hated Patriots were gone, Rex Ryan addressed the AFC Championship game with an uncustomary approach: Kid gloves. He spoke publicly about the Steelers with respect. Kindness. All of the warm hearted personality traits that THIS Jets team decided to disregard a long time ago.

This 2010 Jets playoff run was not about making friends. It was about being disrespected. From analysts and opponents alike. If in fact, there weren’t as many naysayers as the Jets believed there were, they made them up in their collective mind. For inspiration. For an edge, that translated into a pair of playoff upsets.

Maybe Ryan WAS being honest the whole way this January, and NOT playing psychological tricks with his players through the media. When Ryan made the first two rounds “personal,” perhaps he truly meant it.

If so, then it is possible that in Ryan’s heart, he felt that the Steelers, unlike the Colts and Pats who had hurt the Jets over the past year when it counted, deserved admiration before condemnation. That a third straight road playoff game, this time against the league’s most physical defense, truly WAS the toughest part of what he termed “mission impossible:” A brutal road run to Dallas that included three of the league’s top teams for the past decade.

If Ryan’s honesty was blindly directing the course of events during the week leading up to each playoff tilt, well then a little acting on the part of Ryan and the Jets before the AFC Championship might have helped. A bit more of that familiar Ryan era Jets chatter. If nothing more than for the purpose of maintaining the same wave length the organization had been on since July. When all of the talk initiated by the Jets in Florham Park was about reaching the Super Bowl.

If a shift in the Jets personality leading up to the AFC Championship game was NOT the primary reason for the season ending slow start that day, then HOW DID Ryan’s loud and proud Jets, in the biggest game of their two year run, become so congenial right out of the gates? So pedestrian?

Some will argue that the primary cause for the early three score deficit was nothing more than a faulty Jets gameplan. One that failed to put eight in the box against Rashard Mendenhall in zero degree temperature, forcing the Steelers to throw from the onset. One that in addition, tried to establish the run on offense, too often in the early going, against the NFL’s top run stoppers.

As the Steelers prepare to kick things off in Dallas today, many who bleed Green and White will ponder “what happened” that day, to themselves. Torturing their Gang Green infected souls. Many wondering where the Jets would be today, had they been able to ride the “Can’t Wait” emotions that Bart Scott exemplified in Foxboro, all the way to Pittsburgh.

The Jet Report



Some things and Other things-SB Sunday Edition

By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor-Football Reporters Online-Special Contributor

Our Congrats to the Hall of Fame Class of 2011: Richard Dent, Chris Hanburger--who was an Outstanding linebacker in his day ...Shannon Sharpe, Deion Sanders, Ed Sabol, Marshall Faulk, and Les Richter(also a Golden age Great)…as for Charles Haley & Curtis Martin-we can only hope for next year…..Speaking of Jets Players not in the Hall, about Joe Klecko getting come consideration??? Or Wr's Cris Carter and Tim Brown??? NY Giants Fans should be please to hear that Bill Parcells, Mike Strahan & Tiki Barber are all potentials next year, and at least one will get in…If Any of them get in we will make the trek to Canton…..
Eli Manning thinks Hakeem Nicks will make "yet another jump" and become one of the best Wr's in the NFL…he says even though several of his 25 int's bounced off WR's hands it still his job"to cut down" on them…Osi also wants Plaxico Burress back….Joining Eli, Brandon Jacobs, and others who have spoken out in Burress' favor…

We have reports of one of our all time favorite players, Giants QB Phil Simms, having a "heated" disagreement with Desmond Howard because of some remarks that Howard made on ESPN’s College Gameday during the season about his son Matt, the Tennessee QB. He made reference to Matt Simms being one of the worst QBs in the SEC during coverage of the Tennessee/LSU game. From Howard’s Twitter account. “At NFL-Xperience and Phil Simms just threatened 2 hit me b/c I said his son was 1 of the worse QBs in the SEC. I told him ‘LET’S GO!’” “I am DEAD serious about the Phil Simms thing. We all thought he was joking, but he kept going and said he wanted 2 take a swing at... Simms Responded through a CBS press release:
"Desmond and I were having a private conversation that became heated," Simms said in a statement released by CBS. "But at no time was there ever a chance of any physical confrontation, or that I felt the police officer assigned to me by the event planners for my appearance needed to separate the two of us."
I have a great deal of respect for both men, but this is simply a case of a Dad speaking up for his son…Any of us in this business are responsible for our comments, and no one is above reproach…At least Phil wasn't acting like Dez's fellow ESPN commentator Craig James when involved in his son Adam's issues with former College Coach MIKE LEACH…
Congrads go out to now former Hartford Colonials OL coach Todd Washington on his Hiring by the Ravens as OL coach…He also had a standout career at Va. Tech. in the 1990's
Lane Kiffin still can't get the "bad taste" of his year at Tennessee out of his head and mouth…The NCAA is investigating him for violations of all sorts...
The TEXAS vs. the Nation Game-Now renamed the "NFLPA college all star game" was played Yesterday with The TEXAS team winning 13-7...Clinton Portis' brother Josh was one of the Qb's featured in the game....

Mike Vick was named the AP's comeback player of the year, Seahawks WR MIke Williams was second in voting….Vick could be franchised, but claims he doesn't mind(probe because he'd still get a better contract then he has now and won't see most of the Money anyway because he's still paying damages from his past court dealings…The Eagles could also earn a greed deal in trading Kevin Kolb, Possibly 2 high draft picks and a player in return...
Pats owner Bob Kraft on The CBA talks:
"People don't want to hear about our squabbling," he said, "and it's criminal if we don't get a deal done.
"I've never seen the health of a business be as bright as this one."
Goodell says-If we don't get a settlement soon "the Cost goes up"
"1 Billion Dollars of revenue could be lost…"
The NFLPA is also trying to get some High profile agents to boycott the Combine and other Draft related activities…..Good Luck with That....

Drew Brees might have been SI's Sportsman of the year for 2010, but his comments regarding retired players before last years SB won't soon be forgotten….

Reports indicate Ravens players were upset with Harbaugh over length of practices leading up to Steeler playoff game...

The Eagles have Promoted Juan Castillo from OL coach to D-coordinator, which might seem strange, but at least one current NFL Head Coach, John Spagnulo of the Rams(the former Eagles LB's coach and Giants D-Coordinator) feels Castillo can make the move...

DeMAcrus Ware and Jay Ratliff glad to have Rob Ryan as the new Cowboys D-coordinator, hopefully the head coach and owner are too….

the U.S. ATF Div. of Homeland Security has the Bomb sniffing dogs from nearly 30 cities working at the SB and related events this week…

Everyone is talking about the Match ups between the two QB's on Sunday evening,..or the Possible Mismatch with Packers DL B.J. Raji vs. the Steelers OL's…but the real match up here is the two teams D-Coordinators,the Packers' Dom Capers(the former Panthers Head Coach) & The Steelers' Hall Of Famer Dick LeBeau…

Finally-Several polls have the Steelers winning the game by a 2-1 margin….

Don't forget FRO is Broadcasting it's Live SB preview show from3-6pm ET @ Public House NYC (140 E 41st. st off Lexington av.)
if you can't make it down in person listen @