Monday, January 08, 2007

Disney World's Tigger Strikes Teen In The Face - Video

Well, you do have to see this. It seems whomever was playing Tigger at Waly Disney World in Florida had enough of this particular teenager and hauled off and hit him. I've seen it again and again. Disney can't have this kind of behavior from its characters.

Check it out:

Atlanta Falcons Hiring Louisville Cardunals Coach Bobby Petrino

Hopefully Falcons Owner Arthur Blank THINKS he has the right man for the job now...
see my comment at the end

From the NY Times.....
Louisville’s Petrino to Leave for the N.F.L. and the Falcons

Published: January 8, 2007

When Coach Bobby Petrino signed a 10-year contract extension last summer at Louisville, he insisted that it include a million-dollar buyout as a sign of his commitment to the university.
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Lynne Sladky/Associated Press

Petrino signed a 10-year contract extension last summer with Louisville, but decided to leave to take the head-coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons.
Division I-A

At the news conference announcing his extension, Petrino said that Louisville was the place where he and his family wanted to be.

“I want everyone to really believe it,” Petrino said in July.

But in what is becoming a familiar trend on the coaching carousel, it did not take long for him to have a change of heart. Louisville announced last night that Petrino was taking the head-coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons. He will replace Jim Mora, who was fired.
The Louisville sports information director, Kenny Klein, said in a telephone interview last night that Petrino informed the athletic director Tom Jurich and the Cardinals team of his decision yesterday.

Klein said that Jurich typically did not put buyouts in contracts, but Jurich did so at Petrino’s request. That was because until Petrino, 45, declared his undying love for the university this past summer, he had been regarded as a flirt in coaching circles.

In the last three years, he talked with Auburn, Louisiana State, Notre Dame and the Oakland Raiders about coaching vacancies. But all of that wanderlust appeared to dissipate with the comments that followed the signing of his 10-year, $25 million contract.

“I know I’ve said it, that this is where my family wants to be,” Petrino said. “This is where I want to be. I want everyone to really believe it."

His words were not unlike those of Nick Saban, who left the Dolphins last week to take the job at the University of Alabama despite multiple denials. Also, earlier this off-season, Dennis Erickson left Idaho for Arizona State despite saying that the Vandals job would be one he would be happy to retire from.

Petrino was 41-9 in his four seasons at Louisville, where he became known as one of the top offensive masterminds in college football. He led the Cardinals to the biggest win in the program’s history last week when they defeated Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl. They finished this season 12-1 and would have been considered a top contender for the national title in 2007 if the junior quarterback Brian Brohm and the junior tailback Michael Bush had returned for their senior years.

Instead, Louisville will be looking for a new coach. The top name on the list will most likely be Tulsa Coach Steve Kragthorpe, whom Jurich has long admired from afar.

“I certainly appreciate all the hard work he did in elevating this program to where it stands today,” Jurich said in a statement last night. “I wish him and his family all the best. We’re going to move quickly in hiring our next coach to keep our momentum going.”

It will be interesting to see how Petrino’s low-key personality meshes with N.F.L. life.

He could struggle with the media scrutiny and dealing with the egos of N.F.L. players. He’ll also have the challenge of trying to maximize the talents of quarterback Michael Vick, who despite his talent and promise, has not been able to win consistently in Atlanta.

Petrino’s hiring came as something of a shock in N.F.L. circles; his name had not come up as a possible candidate.

So no one knew this was coming?? I don't buy it! Somewhere someone had to know... I believe that when the other "usual" suspects were not called-or in the case of Bears D-Coordinator Ron Rivera, called back. you had to know something weird was going to happen. Not that Petrino isn't a good coach, Quite the opposite, he is a very good coach. but as stated above, will he "mesh" with the pro style of "getting things done"....

What Did Miss Nevada 2007, Katie Rees Do To Lose Her Crown? Take A Look!

What did 2007 Miss Nevada Katie Rees -- pictured in the red blouse -- do to lose her crown and yet be given no second chance, unlike Miss USA Tara Conner? Well, she was partying a bit too much and was captured on camera. What she did could be described but the photos are not X-rated, but R-rated and some of the tame ones are included here.

Why would she, or any young girl, do this? I'll explore that in a future post because it's a good question.

Who is Katie Rees? According to Wikipedia...

Katie Rees (born 11 August 1984 in St Petersburg, Florida) is a former American beauty queen who has held the Miss Nevada USA title. She was to compete in the Miss USA 2007 pageant but was dethroned in December 2006 following the release of pictures of her semi-naked, kissing, sucking the nipples of other women, and simulating cunnilingus at a Florida nightclub three years prior.

Rees won the Miss Nevada USA 2007 title in a state pageant held in Las Vegas on 8 October 2006; it was her first attempt at this title. Rees was crowned by outgoing titleholder Lauren Scyphers. Her "sister" titleholder, Miss Nevada Teen USA 2007, was Danielle Hashimoto.


On 20 December 2006, allegations of Rees exhibiting raunchy behaviour in a Florida nightclub were made, and several photographs of Rees exposing her breasts, kissing and licking other women, and simulating sexual acts were released to the media.[1] This followed a scandal involving Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, in which news reports claimed Conner had been drinking underage; Conner was allowed to retain her title.

On 21 December 2006, Rees was stripped of her crown by the Miss Universe Organization,[2] with the approval of pageant co-owner Donald Trump. She was succeeded by pageant first runner-up Helen Salas, who will represent Nevada in the Miss USA 2007 pageant in March.

Becca Manns Picks Up Where Texas High School Cheerleaders Leave Off - Litterally

Not to be out-done in the young-white-girl-gets-naked-has-picts-taken-which-are-on-Internet storyline is Becca Manns. Becca Manns is the University of Louisville Cheerleader who had her sexy pics spread all over the Internet. Some say it was the fault of a jealous boyfriend, but whatever the reason Manns was kicked out of college entirely and her parents are fighting to get her back in. This is far worse than anything Britney Spears has done, but given the buzz on this, she may start later on.

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I've got to wonder why it is that the woman of focus is always white and blonde? Why? I mean it's not as if there aren't Black women out there shakin it for the camera, right? But the ones that are always mentioned are blonde. That's weird. It can be this or some teacher-sex scandal, but the one constant is the woman is a hot blonde.

I don't think that's the fault of hot blondes, but rather a kind of racial and sexual discrmination commonly practiced. But what seems to make this just fine with the people in charge is how many women-of-color are going to step-up and claim equal time with horny white chicks?

I am waiting for the one who does. It could happen with the right backing. Meanwhile, Ms. Manns should consider the sex industry.